A peek inside Microsoft's HealthVault

A peek inside Microsoft's HealthVault

Summary: What's Microsoft new health-records software/service look like? Here are a few screen shots showing some of the HealthVault components and how Microsoft is positioning it.


Microsoft launched a public beta of HealthVault, its free, health-records Software+Service offering, on October 4. Here are a few screen shots showing some of the HealthVault elements and how Microsoft is positioning its consumer health solution.

A peek inside MicrosoftÂ’s HealthVaultMicrosoft is positioning the offering as a way for consumers to store and access their personal health information in a secure way from a Microsoft-hosted datacenter.

Expect a similar business-focused service, anchored by Microsoft's Azyxxi patient-information system, to debut some time in the future.

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  • Dig a Little Deeper

    Forget the fact that Microsoft has trust & security issues, a brief review of the SDK (Software Developers Kit)
    shows that even if developers decide to integrate with the EHR in the "vault" in order to "Go Live" you must partner with Microsoft by signing "legal agreements" (read non-compete) which includes several terms of service and "a few other items", then load your brilliant new code into [b]their[\b] environment. Sounds like giving away the keys to me.

    Third-Party software providers should be given the opportunity to openly use any standardized EHR that emerges in such a way that allows for protection of intellectual property and ingenuity of their creation as well as the privacy and security of the patient.

    I applaud Microsoft for the entry into an uncertain EHR market, especially staying proprietary and forcing all into their environment while the cry for open standards can be so loudly heard. It's a bold move....or maybe just to far invested to back up.

    In either case, frameworks and SDKs should promote proliferation, diversity and pure competition.

    IMHO this does none of that for anyone except Microsoft.

    (hmmm?.do I smell the Justice department again?)
  • RE: A peek inside Microsoft's HealthVault

    yjyfwl,good post!