IE 7 is done. Nobody panic.

IE 7 is done. Nobody panic.

Summary: Microsoft has released to manufacturing the final Internet Explorer (IE) 7 bits for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. But that doesn't mean you and/or your organization will actually have them pushed to you via Automatic Update any time soon.

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Microsoft has released to manufacturing the final Internet Explorer (IE) 7 bits for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. But that doesn't mean you and/or your organization will actually have them pushed to you via Automatic Update any time soon.

This is the rollout schedule, according to Gary Schare, director of IE product management:

* As of today, October 18, at 8 p.m. EST, users who really want the final build can download the gold IE7 bits from Microsoft's Web site (or from Yahoo's, if you want Yahoo's customized IE 7 variant)

* Automatic update releases of IE 7 will start in November. Microsoft is advising businesses who don't want it pushed to users' desktops to get Microsoft's IE 7 blocker toolkit (which has been available since July) and install it by November 1

* Individuals who have been beta testing IE 7 will be first in line to have IE 7 pushed to them via Automatic Update. After that, users can expect to get a notice from Microsoft anytime over the next three months, alerting them of availability of IE 7.

By the way, you can just say no to having the IE 7 update pushed to you.

If you want to see what the final IE 7 looks like, here are some IE 7 screen shots.

Topic: Browser


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  • no options to remove IE addons sucks!!

    IE has new options called add-on which are like Firefox extensions. Only issue I have with IE 7 is you can only disable them from IE 7 manage add on option found under tools.

    Why is there no option to uninstall them like Firefox? I downloaded a couple add ons I thought looked cool but didn't after I installed them. Only way to get rid of them was to delted the program from program files.

    However they show up as still being disable in manage add ons section. Toolbars are showed Grey out when you click toolbars menu. Which is found under Tools in IE 7.
    Randall Lind
    • You can remove them.....

      Unless they are trusted ones that come with that 'Windows Certification' so that IE7 knows that they are legit.

      I have deleted some that I have downloaded from DriverAgent, and they removed just fine. It's only trusted ones or ones like Sun Java that you cannot uninstall, and even some of them you can uninstall.
  • Yawn.

    Woa, tabbed browsing! That's amazing! It's so, so, nineties!
    • Yawn


      Remember Bill Gates said Microsoft invented tabbed browsing but, thought no one would like it and decided not to use it?

      That was a funny statement he said that when he announce IE 7 was coming soon. He even talked about putting tabs in to MS Office. ROFL
      Randall Lind
  • ActiveX ?

    It's still there. Back to the drawing board Microsoft.
    • Only what is essential to web browsing is left

      Over 90% of the ActiveX components have been disabled by default. The remaining ActiveX controls are too critical for too many people. IE6 users don't want an IE7 that's been completely ActiveX cripled and it doesn't really matter to you since you're probably using Firefox anyways. The bottom line is that IE7 is a very nice upgrade to IE6.
  • IE 7

    I have been using this new format for several weeks now and I like it very much. So far I have had no problems with it. Better organization with it.
    • IE 7

      I, too, have been using IE7 for several weeks through at least 2 Betas and RC1. I like the tabbed windows and the access to RSS Feeds built into the browser. The only problem I have had is when closing the program with multiple tabs open. The program apparently crashes but does not otherwise affect my systems overall. The final release seems to have eliminated even this problem.
  • IE 7 is Overdone!!!!!

    I just got done installing IE7 within the past hour and after taking a look at it, I am Underwhelmed!!!!
    Compared to Firefox that I use now, there is no competition. Ease of use will keep me operating with Firefox. I can't believe that any Firefox users will revert to IE7. It kind of looks like a "band-aid" job.
    • Hey, IE 7...

      just isn't for everyone.

      There are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many people in this world that some say tamoto while others say tomato.

      You prefer the simplicity of FireFox - hey more power to you. Glad you are happy with it! Many people use it.

      Me? Well, I prefer IE6/IE7. I've used other browsers, including FireFox, and only IE has rendered web pages correctly at ALL sites I visit. Since we're obviously different, I hope you realize that FireFox is not the ?be all, end all? for ALL users. Just like IE, it?s NOT for everyone!

      Isn't it great that we have choices so we can find what suits each of us for what WE do?! :)
      • Dumbing everything down for a few broken pages

        [i] only IE has rendered web pages correctly at ALL sites I visit[/i]

        Well technically that's because the web sites are broken in the same way as IE6 is. You can't expect people to break FireFox to match.

        Whatever. If something looks wrong I just right-click and select "view tab using IE" - there's no need to dumb down my whole browsing experience just because of a few broken web pages.
    • I switched back!

      Well honestly I never left. I use both FireFox and IE7 on a daily basis. I use IE7 for applications that FireFox does not support, and FireFox for most of my casual browsing. For me IE7 is a welcome upgrade, and is very easy to use and intuitive. A Band Aide job? Well speaking from the perspective of someone who actually uses it, rather than a diehard FireFox Zealot that come over to look for problems, the enhancements are significant and useful. IE 7 is really a big step up from IE6.
  • Spyware on Download?

    When i clicked the [download] button on microsoft's page (using IE7 beta), good old SpyBot Search & Destroy popped up and said that an attempt to load "Avenue A" (a known threat cookie) was happening. I told it to block it, and then the IE7 download proceeded happily...

    • Avenue A Spy Ware?

      The Avenue A cookie simply tracks which ads have been shown to you so that you don'y get the same ad over and over. SpyWare? well maybe, with loose interpritation it could maybe fit. A serious threat? No. But you can't really expect Microsoft to block it's own Ad Agency. Avenue A has been representing Microsoft for many years.
  • Just You Wait And See

    7 Come 11, Down In The Boy's Geee..uym
    Charlie Broooooowne
    He's a cloooooown
    He's gonna get caught
    Jus you wait an seeeee
    Ole Man
    • Message has been deleted.

    • I know, I know...

      We humans often act like dogs.

      We gather and hunt in packs, not physically but mentally with our posting of comments on the Internet and the Media doesn?t help ? if often starts the problem in the first place and then continually reports on it.

      The Media is no friend to anything larger than itself because it views itself as [b]David[/b], who is there to strike down [b]Goliath[/b]. And right now Microsoft is the main target of these human dogs. Microsoft has been at the top for so long that many human dogs think [b]they[/b] may prove their superiority by ganging up on Microsoft. If these folks were intelligent humans, their logical minds would not permit them such cheap and easy behavior. They would at least offer facts rather than just report that this or that sucks!

      They?re DOGS, I tell ya! :)
      • Don't Be So Quick

        To include yourself in "we humans". You may NOT be.
        You are barking up your own tree.
        Here's a coupla "facts" for you. Microsoft is sneaky, greedy, unethical scalawags.
        If you can't see that, you are just optically challenged.
        Ole Man
        • But some many here display the behavior they claim to hate

          I've read enough posts here to determine that many here display many of the behaviors they claim to despise in Microsoft:

          Greedy: Define greedy. Prices are set at what the market will bare. When was the last time you turned down a raise, or left to seek other employement as you thought you were worth more then the person paying did?

          Arrogant. To think that one's own choice is so inherently superiour that it gives one the right to insult someone over their opinion, or choice. I would think it arrogant that someone running a little 2 PC home network actually believe they're so smart as to comment about the stupidity of an IT dept in a multibillion dollar comapny for using a particular vendor's software.

          Unethical? Is it unethical to download a music file from a P2P site as you don't like the price? many do while labeling someone who supports the RIAA rules not becuase they want to, but becuase it's the legal thing to do.

          Sneaky? I seriously doubt anyone here doesn't do anything sneaky in the course of their lives.

          Give Microsoft credit: At least they don't try to hide the fact that they are a for proffit business.

          What's everyone else's excuse...
          John Zern
          • Check Out Your Mirror Once, Eh?

            You'll see a bigger a$$ than anyone else here (unless maybe it's some of your comrade shills).
            I have seldom seen arrogance equal to yours.
            It's nunya business how many computers I run, or anybody else runs for that matter, seein as how you didn't pay for them and nobody asked your pemission.
            Just because you like Microsoft's hand in your pants doesn't mean everybody does.
            I didn't say anything about an "IT dept in a multibillion dollar comapny", but if the shoe of stupidity fits you, by all means wear it.
            Who said anything about "download a music file from a P2P site"? Oh, I see! It was YOU. Got a guilty conscience maybe?
            "Give Microsoft credit"? Oh, I do, I do. For every sneaky thing they do.
            A nice dose of modesty mixed with a generous helping of humility would do you a world of good.
            Ole Man