It is time to stop the spread of Vista SP1 misinformation!

It is time to stop the spread of Vista SP1 misinformation!

Summary: Microsoft wants you to be informed about the current state of the Windows Vista SP1 beta. (Not really, but they are pretending they do....) Here's the latest missive from Microsoft headquarters on what's going on with the awaited update for Vista.

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Microsoft wants you to be informed about the current state of the Windows Vista SP1 beta.

(Not really, but they are pretending they do....)

Here is the latest official missive on Vista SP1 from Microsoft headquarters:

"There will be a Windows Vista service pack and our current expectation is that a beta will be made available sometime this year. Service packs are part of the traditional software lifecycle — they’re something we do for all Microsoft products as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and providing early test builds is a standard practice that helps us incorporate customer feedback and improve the overall quality of the product.

"Service packs are just one example of the work we do to constantly improve the Windows experience. We also deliver improvements to Windows via Windows Update, which is an excellent channel for providing our customers with the most significant updates as they happen. And, since Windows Vista launched, we have continued working with partners to improve overall device coverage and application compatibility. There are now more than 2.1 million supported devices and more than 2,000 logoed applications for Windows Vista. We think customers will have a great experience using Windows Vista today.

"Spread the word to stop misinformation."

I agree. It is time to stop the misinformation, the bulk of which is coming from Microsoft right now.

Who said there would be a public beta of Vista SP1 this week? I've been saying Microsoft would extend a beta of Vista SP1 to a selected group of testers in mid-July, most likely this week. (Microsoft has got testers so panicked now about being fingered as sources of leaks that even if and when they do get the SP1 code, I'm doubtful anyone will dare say anything.)

Here's a little more of an update, courtesy of the site:

"So the only release (of Vista SP1) that's occurring is a limited Beta to a very small, very select group of advance customers. A public version of the Beta is not being released this week, nor next, nor in July, nor anytime in the immediate future."

(Update: Looks like the powers-that-be at Microsoft got to Bink. This part of the statement has been removed. Oh well.)

Yeah, I've had no luck in getting Microsoft to provide a date for if or when there will be a public beta of SP1, either. Nothing but no comments. All I know is Microsoft has told some testers they are shooting to get SP1 out by November. Maybe they meant a public beta of SP1...not sure.

If Microsoft is going to such great lengths to keep the status and feature set of a service pack secret, what will they do when it's finally time to start talking about Windows Seven? Will wiretaps be involved? Scouring employees' phone records for calls to unapproved numbers? Logging people's private IM sessions? I better get out my long blond wig and heels (again)....

Just remember folks: It's just a service pack. Something that should be seen as good news for the many businesses and individuals that still prefer to wait for a fix pack from Microsoft before rolling out a new product.

Topics: Microsoft, Windows


Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Maybe they will take a page from Apple's book

    and start suing bloggers and the very fans that keep them in business.

    The difference, of course, is that the MS userbase won't be gushing over with forgiveness like the Apple crowd was...
    • Maybe they will take a page from Apple's book

      Taking a page from Apple's book would mean charging us the full price of an OS, just for a service pack update.
      • Full Price??

        Well, maybe Microsoft will charge full price for a Service Pack. It really wouldn't come as a surprise to me after the gouging they have already given us on this (don't laugh) "Vista Upgrade."

        I look at the Vista Ultimate Case with it's $245.44 price sticker on it (from Sam's Club), and I say to myself, "Why did I do it. I certainly didn't get what I paid for! I should have listened to my own advice and WAITED."

        Are you reminded of drug dealers giving away or charging modest prices for their merchandise until they have you hooked? Maybe I watch too much TV. (I'd be better off sitting in front of the tube than waisting so much time looking for updated drivers that may never come from greedy vendors wanting to sell me a new scanner or printer! I did shell out for Partition Magic and a half terabyte drive to dual boot from.)
      • That's a new OS there, fanboy

        Quit lying. Updates are free on Mac, always have been. Only a new OS is charged
        for. And, it's great to GET a new OS every year if you want it. You don't HAVE to
        upgrade, but then again, much older models still work when you compare to the
        Microsoft alternative.

        Face these facts:

        1. MS can't manage to get a new OS out in even 5 years, and definitely not with
        the features they announced originally.

        2. MS is rushing out with something, anything they can call SP1 since everyone
        from IT to gamers are saying to hold off until SP or altogether.

        3. It was beta tested thoroughly and they found most of the technical issues at
        that point. There's not that much more they can do that hasn't been done (in a
        microsoft view of the project, it's been fully copied/implemented).

        4. The problem with Vista is that a lot of vendors are not supporting it.

        5. Unless you want to consider that very few users are going to pay the exorbitant
        retail price for Vista. (As if anyone ever bought any versoin of Vista at reatail. I
        mean, it would be cheaper just to get an ultra cheap computer that had it than
        buying the box off the shelf, right?

        6. MS can't do anything else unless they start over wtih a new OS idea. (This
        would be a first for them, BTW.)
        • comp_indiana can you name a vendor thats not supporting it. i can't

          comp_indiana can you name a vendor thats not supporting it. i can't. every windows vendor has updated there software for windows vista all though you have to pay some vendors for the upgrade. but i would really like you to show me one vendor that is not supporting vista.

          and you said "Updates are free on Mac, always have been. Only a new OS is charged
          for. And, it's great to GET a new OS every year if you want it. You don't HAVE to upgrade, but then again, much older models still work when you compare to the Microsoft alternative"

          i know people that still use win3.1 and up. why i don't know but they do. you don't have to upgrade. but just like any os it's just not supported any more.
          SO.CAL Guy
          • Not a business major obviously...

            Okay, you obviously don't understand the dynamic that exists between hardware and software OEMs. It's not up to the hardware manufacturers to "support" vista, it's a matter of a legal agreement reached between them and MS. If they want to sell a computer with an OS pre-installed they can only go to either MS (with a bulk deal which gives them incredibly inexpensive rights for bulk distribution) or a *nix based system which either don't have the 3rd party software/hardware support or require specialized hardware to run. So what are they going to do? They are going to take M$'s offer and agree to the TAC of the deal presented them which includes that when MS releases a new OS, they have to bundle THAT with their systems.

            They don't have a choice in the matter and in fact the #1 PC retailer in the country (Dell) is selling it's computers with your CHOICE of XP or Vista on many models because so many people want to stick w/ XP... Do you honestly think Gateway, Sony or Toshiba has the same amount of leverage in order to make this happen? If so, you're delusional and should seek professional help.
          • You forgot one!

            Dell also sells new computers with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. They started offering XP again, when sales proved sluggish for the new models with Vista installed. I'd say they are proving to M$ and anyone else paying attention, that they DO, in fact, have a choice.
          • Umm...

            If you mean a software vendor, here are just two off the top of my head.


        • What a joke.

          "Updates are free on Mac, always have been. Only a new OS is charged for. And, it's great to GET a new OS every year if you want it."

          That has got to be the silliest remark I have seen in weeks. Either your dumb as a stump or you think you can fool people.

          A new OS every year is simply the old OS with a service pack included. This isn't rocket since about the way Apple works, its just reality. Thats not to say that Apple has never come out with anything that qualified as a truly new OS, they certainly have from time to time. But cut the foolish crap about it being an actual new OS every year. Its almost always the old OS with a service pack.

          If your definition was anything close to correct then when Windows XP with SP1 or SP2 started selling they should be called a new OS as well as opposed to the old OS with the new SP included.

          Look, Apple makes a decent OS, if you like it and its the best choice for you, fine. Great, but please, give up the usual Apple Jack apologies for what short comings Apple does have. Apple is far from perfect as well and if the Apple apologists don't get a grip on reality some time soon Apple will just continue to toddle down its narrow path thinking that so long as they can pull the wool this completely over the eyes of its current users sooner or later it will find a way to reel in the rest of the world. It wont if it doesn't work on its shortcomings.
          • Honest and earnest answer

            Yes, absolutely I agree. Apple software, their operating system as well as Linux has issues, and their respective "B.S.O.D." problems. I run all three of the main operating systems on a good many brand new machines and rolls. Apple is just as bad, or just as good as anything else. But it isn't "better" than any other software and it might be the best fit for one, while putting on a left shoe with the right foot with the other.

            There are a metric ton of articles of Apple's FUD and a race to patch gaping holes. Linux has its issues too, and if Linux was the world's leader in OS there would be hundreds, thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of hackers working very intently to expose and exploit the operating system more so. Please think about that too the next time the Microsoft Bashers want to compare things.

            Apple makes a decent OS but far from perfect by any means, and Liniux is coming a long way, but has quite a ways to go.

            I definately will agree with all those that believe Microsoft is certainly greedy with Vista and the operating system costs too darn much for the box and to factor in the cost for software upgrades, software upgrades, well that's just too much for a good many people. Vista if and when it really fails will fail not because so much of the operating system itself, but of other issues, such as cost, consumerism, marketting, and the community support or lack there of.

            Vista is not Microsoft Me -- Thank god. But Apple is far from any silver lining in any dark cloud, and as for Linux, heck, it's only a canary breaking wind in a hurrican of reality in the consumer and business world.
          • has quite a ways to go

            Everybody has "quite a ways to go", but does
            anybody, other than Microsoft, install
            mandatory spyware on a computer to monitor
            and control it? And force the user to prove
            it is a "legal" (meaning Microsoft approved)
            system over and over and over and over.....?

            Once Microsoft has verified that a system
            is "legal", exactly how does it become
            NOT "legal"? Because someone else has
            activated a system using it's key? How is a
            user supposed to keep an unknown stranger
            from using his key? And why should a user be
            forced to pay for it if someone unknown to
            said user steal the key through no fault of
            said user? Sounds like Microsoft is forcing
            their customers to pay for the theft of any
            key instead of prosecuting the perpetrator,
            doesn't it? On top of the cost, Microsoft is
            insulting, bullying, and harassing their
            customers with all the spyware, which
            amounts to rootkits and Trojans, that they
            forcefully install on said customers
            computers, aren't they?

            It would appear that anybody in his right
            mind would refuse to agree to such Gestapo
            measures, even if Vista was reeeeeely good,
            (which it is not), wouldn't you say?

            You would be wrong (if you did say). It is
            nothing short of amazing, astounding,
            unbelievable, the number of people that will
            go along with such Mafia practices, I would
            Ole Man
        • uh?

          Apple tax is a yearly fee. Nice job. That would be for iLife would is like the best thing on a mac. Those updates AREN'T CHEAP. 130 a year if mind serves. People always want to wait for SP's for any OS. Including OS X. After the Tiger exploits fiasco, I have several apple using friends who say they are gonna give it at least 6 months. Just like with Windows.

          MOST Venders support Vista. Where did you get the idea they weren't?

          Vista came out before Leopard. Leopard has very few features Vista doesn't. All these mac fanboi's are like OMG I R LOVE TIMEMACHINE!! uh... Vista has an automatic back up. Even in the home premium version. The Ultra version actually makes shadow copies of EVERYTHING automatically. I can see you saying gadgets are stolen widgets. I could buy that. Except the code is completely different. Microsoft possibly took the idea. But they made it SOOO much easier for you to make your own gadgets than Apple did to make your own widgets.

          Um? new OS idea? Microsoft announced (before XP came out, mind you) that Windows 9 or 10 would be the final Windows. The post Windows OS from Microsoft is currently being called Microsoft OS by those who remember that it exists. It's supposed to based on WinFS (which is so much better than ZFS, kthx), but have a completely redesigned user interface. No start bar. No stupid dock. More like a classic windows interface that's streamlined and all.

          Vista is the same price as XP was when it started out. Also much cheaper than OS X. Tiger is 120 on Newegg. Vista Home premium is also 120. Unless you get a deal on it with a package, like many people do. For instance, I got Home premium, Norton 2007, some tax software, a3-in-1 printer, Microsoft OneCare and some pc clean up thing for 120. Circuit City sold that. Microsoft gave me a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional for beta testing it and going to a seminar. Microsoft does so much more for the customer. And they don't have to wear skin tight spandex-esque clothes to do it. They have better tech support, a fuller, less expensive and more compatible product than OS X or and Linux flavor. So just be quiet unless you don't plan on putting other systems down because you're computer won't run it.
          • So just be quiet

            Mighty strong language, beings how this is a
            remote isolated forum, eh?

            Probably be a bunch different iffen you wuz
            face to face with some of them big ole whale
            hunters, dontcha think?

            Brag all you like, but them whale hunters is
            gonna do the same, Bubba.
            Ole Man
  • Jo Just Wanting to be an insider?

    It's simple. This so-called professional journalist has been the source of a lot of deliberately biased misinformation and is attempting to pass the blame on MS for wanting to prevent that. Some of her sources are backing out or keepig mum due to MS watching them too close (and rightfully so). Maybe now she can find something else to write about. She is the only vendor specific blogger I know of on the web. She refuses (probably can't) to write about anything else but one vendor. MS has a lot going on, but to devote your entire blog history to them, nawwww! And yes, if wiretaps and firings and criminal charges are necessary to keep information or misinformation from getting to you for you to then spread as if you are an insider, yes, MS, make it happen. A leak of information which in turn is publically spread to others via any means is theft of information and shows a real lack of ethics. I am no MS lover, but I don't hate them so much that I dislike them for setting their own record straight.
    • It's a good thing for the public...

      that most reporters don't prescribe to your viewpoint on "theft of information". Investigative reporting is supposed to be about finding the details that the individual, the company or the government don't want you to know about. But then again, there are people who just want to blindly believe. They don't think that corporations or governments would ever dream of being dishonest. In fact, they get upset and complain about people who point out that these business and governments routinely withhold important information or outright lie to the public. I guess maybe they don't like having to think or make judgements on their own. Me, I like not having to rely on just one source of information.

      Now, as for the point that the largest and most influential software company in the world isn't worth at least one person keeping a full time eye on them, well that's just about the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.
      • Stealling is Stealing No matter how you Spin it!

        If information that should be confidential, it leaked, does it becomes less confidential because people want to know. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Momma taught you better than that! Stealing anything, weather is be information, wireless from your neighbor, a snickers bar, a TV - - its all Stealing. People who can't get their story straight try to find "sources". And yes its common place to have sources, it was also common place for priest to molest young kids - did that make it right!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo! So dont come at me about some lack-of-integrity method of getting stolen information. If you can't get it the right way, so be it. But we live in a world where people, such as yourself, sympathize with people who break the law.

        Lastly, an unblinking eye sees everything, not just the slanted and deliberately negative things.
        • Use a little logic dude

          No doubt, "stealing is stealing." No argument. But reporting facts and/or rumors that the company may not happen to like is not necessarily stealing, no how much company spin you put on it.

          Your "shill" status is exposed!
          • Shill/troll!!!

            None of those names bother me. Those are names some teenager created that men repeat cause they don't have any original thoughts of their own - I guess you joined that club too huh? lol
        • by now

          By now you've no doubt figured out we're reading this thread backwards (from end to beginning). What is this "unblinking eye" you keep harping on? Some mystical Eastern karma thing? Our neighbor's babushka used to tell kids she had a third eye. We've heard of people with an "evil eye". There's a popular television commercial where an oriental kid wins the staring contest with some kid in Thunder Bay (Canada) [hey, we had to pick somewhere didn't we?]. All in good fun. But it does not sound like you are having fun. We think you need to see more Apple commercials. They are great! And seem to be having a lot more fun.
          • Mary Jo is the so-called unblinking eye!

            Mary Joe said she has an unblinking eye on MS. That is her claim to fame. Apparently you are very late to this game. lol