It's payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy ...

It's payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy ...

Summary: I bet some Softies are wishing Microsoft would take the low road and capitalize on Apple's buggy Leopard release. Not just via an occasional pot shot in a blog post, but in a holiday ad campaign or Superbowl commercial. Think of the potential ad slogans ...


Apple advocates are doing the unthinkable: They're complaining publicly about a new Apple product release.

It’s payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy …Even typically staunch Mac backers are admitting that Apple's new Leopard operating system is not perfect. It might even be as problem-prone (if not more so) as Windows Vista. Could Leopard go so far as to drive some switchers into Vista's arms? Sounds crazy, but who knows....

If you're Microsoft -- especially a member of the Vista team -- there's no way you can help but gloat. Very few Softies or their loyal followers are gloating publicly. But there's no way they aren't enjoying this turning of the tables.

I bet some Softies are wishing Microsoft would take the low road and capitalize on Apple's buggy Leopard release. Not just via an occasional pot shot in a blog post, but in a holiday ad campaign or Superbowl commercial.

There are so many sloagans Microsoft could use to lash out publicly at Leopard (but won't, for fear of being criticized as the Goliath pounding David). But over a few pints of Manny's in Redmond, you can bet there have been some secret celebrations over the fact that Apple is just as mortal as Microsoft. Perhaps a fantasy ad slogan has been conjured up, too.


* A definition of SIOOMA can be found here, for you non-Fake-Steve-Jobs readers.

Other write-in candidates?

("I'm a Mac. We're the PCs." Image by Long Zheng. CC 3.0)

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  • They should do nothing of the sort

    They should concentrate on fixing their own problems and not try to market themselves by childishly pointing their finger at the competition. Perhaps if Apple had focussed more on delivering a sturdy OS and were less obsessed with Vista, then Leopard would be a little less buggy.
    • yes, instead of spending all that $ on those PC-mocking commercials...

      they should have hired better QA people. Hmm, those commercials would seem even more funnier now. I wonder why no beta testers discovered these problems?
      • Twice Dell's market cap

        I'd say the ads we're a small fee for such a handsome return.
        • Apple apologists are HILARIOUS!!!

          [i]I'd say the ads we're a small fee for such a handsome return.[/i]

          So you will happily accept data losses, 26 hour backup times, BSOD, failed upgrades, failed restores, incompatible software, illegible menus, etc. as long as Apple stockholders are rich?



          • Sorry, but nothing remotely like it is happening

            Except in your delusional mind.
          • Face reality

            You have been nothing but smug in your derision of Vista and have trolled a lot of nonsense on the Windows threads.

            Ever heard of karma?
          • You know Carson Daily too?

            (my name is earl reference).
          • Wow...

            Those would all be terrible things if they were as bad as has been reported. But of
            course they aren't so I guess we can go back to gloating about how bad Vista really is.

            Let's see...
            Upgraded 5 of my own computers, 6 friends. No BSOD, no long backups, all software
            works fine, menus are fine, etc. If you only get your Apple news from CNet and Paul
            Thurrot you are only going to hear negative Apple stories.
    • And that's why . . .

      . . . you never commit to a delivery date. Because then you commit yourself to
      hitting it. And that's been the biggest problem Vista and Leopard have both faced.
      It's not like end users, in either case, would have been bothered by another 6-12
      months delay.

      I don't think Vista obsession was the real reason why there are issues - Mac sales
      have risen since the release of Vista, without a new version of OS X. The real
      reason, I suspect, is internal distraction - i.e. the iPhone, AppleTV, new (non-
      touch) iPod firmware all needed development and QA - and you can't just hire more
      and throw them at it at the END of a project.

      (Hence it's not a case of putting more resources into development than marketing
      or hardware design. Or rather that the decision needed to be made 2 years ago,
      when someone underestimated the amount of work).

      Mary, for what it's worth, it's always been possible to find Mac users with
      complaints about OS X, and OS X upgrades - they were certainly there with Tiger.

      There's definitely more issues and snagging bugs this time, but I didn't think that
      was the issue people have with Vista?

      The negative statements I've seen have all related to it's resource requirements and
      features like UAC, rather than it being a mass of bugs. (A shame really as the 'under
      the hood' improvements in security are probably a worthwhile upgrade for most
      Windows users, but people don't 'get' paying for non-visual features - hence the
      daft 3D dock in Leopard).
  • Is crime increasing? Is the planet getting warmer?

    Like so many important questions, 'Is a new major release of
    Mac OS X buggy?', has now come to the attention of many
    who have never paid Apple any attention before.

    For those of us who've used Mac OS X since 2001, bugs are
    nothing new. But for those who place Apple in the heavens,
    just so they can see it crash, this a rare event.

    The voyeurs' interest will be short-lived, and Mac users will
    continue posting bug reports and sharing work-arounds.

    I'll wager that Leopard will be fixed faster than Vista.
    • vista is all ready fixed for the most part

      vista is all ready fixed for the most part.

      and just like the mac fans are saying it's the software the hacks your just pushing the new os to hard.

      any os has bugs when it comes out and windows has a lot harder row to hoe. it have to be about to run on any computer. osx only has to run on one pc a mac.

      and that being so it's easier to roll out fixes for it because it runs in a closed world.

      but we ail know if osx had to run on any pc it would have the same issues windows has.

      the drivers are fixed now software has been updated to work with vista.

      and i have to say i really like the os like i said any new release has bugs it's just a fact of life.

      i think whats really funny is all the crow mac fan-boys are eating right now.

      but they brought it on there selfs
      SO.CAL Guy
      • [i]" is all ready fixed for the most part..."[/i]

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      • Vista isn't fixed and MS doesn't have it easier.

        Have you used Vista? It's sluggish and crash prone (I'm running it on a Core 2 Duo
        2.16 Ghz laptop with 3 GB of RAM and with the most recent updates).

        That being said, Apple actually has it tougher with this particular upgrade. They're not
        only supporting different hardware, they're supporting two different chip
        architectures, Power PC and X86. That's a massive undertaking especially since they're
        not using any sort of virtualization, they're supporting the OS natively on both
        platforms. MS isn't doing anything nearly ad tough with Vista.
        • Vista was never broken,

          Least, not as broken as the leopard upgrade is turning out to be.
          • You're joking...right?

            Windows Vista still continues to have just as many, if not more bugs than Leopard. Vista has been out for...what, like almost a year now?!

            Sure, Leopard has some rather interesting bugs, but ones that Apple will likely fix before Microsoft can get off their ass to release Vista SP1.

            Windows Vista is plagued with issues that made Windows Me famous. While it is nowhere near as unstable as Windows Me. Windows Vista isn't exactly stable or fast or run well on a pre-loaded $600 laptop from "Worst Buy" that all the Moms and Dads want to buy their kids this year because they can't afford something with 4GB of RAM, a Core 2 processor, and a high-end video card from ATI or NVIDIA.

            I'm willing to bet we see a 10.5.1 release with most (if not all) of the major bugs in Leopard fixed before we see Vista SP1. For those who think all of the issues in Vista are fixed...think again. Most of these fixes are waiting in developer versions of Vista SP1 and are not yet available to home users. So, tell grandma that she's gonna have to wait a while for a patch to her BSOD issue on her $499 Acer.
          • sadly, I'm guessing you're not joking.

            10.5 - public alpha
            10.5.1 - public beta
            10.5.2 - public RC
            10.5.3 - release
            10.5.4 - beta sp1
            10.5.5 - release sp1

            Apple's x.0 releases are amongst the lowest quality in the market.
        • 2 TIPS for sluggish 'Vista'

          1.)download and run Windows Upgrade Advisor 1.0 (it will scan your computer and let you know of any incompatability issues)

          2.)uninstall your current AV and try Windows Live One Care (it will AUTO: tune, scan, de-frag and back up) at your whim. (free 90 day trial)

          I wake up every morning to a 'freshly tuned' speed demon, I hope this helps you.

          • Wait...

            Isn't One Care the AV software that ranks last in it's ability to actually detect virii?

            I feel so much safer now!
        • crashes used it since February...must be the user

          Let's see Apple support hundreds of video cards hard drives, memory, software (check 1000's of software) LAN cards, etc. You can dream on all you want, but I'm running on a 2.1 AMD dual core and have no problems. me thinks it's the user.
        • Why blame the software

          When it sounds to me like your laptop that is the problem.

          I have installed vista on three machines now.

          The first was an AMD 2600, AGP 9800 Pro, 1Gb Memory, Abit Mobo

          The second was an AMD 3700+, PCI-E 7600GT, 1Gb Memory, Asus Mobo

          The third is an AMD X2 4800+, PCI-E 8800GT, 2Gb, Abit mobo.

          There is one piece of software that is temperamental, but that was the same on XP.

          Other than that I have never had a problems that were not my own doing. I have never had Vista crash on me. And nothing as serious as a blue screen - Ever.

          I used to believe all the BS about Vista crashing all the time when it RTM'd. But having installed it on three different hardware platforms, I have my doubts about some of these claims.

          And Vista has never been sluggish. I did notice the difference between 1Gb and 2Gb, but that goes without saying. Even XP appreciates the extra gig.

          I believe you have a cheap laptop or some of the components in it are sub standard. Or your just spreading FUD.