Longhorn Server to be christened Windows Server 2008

Longhorn Server to be christened Windows Server 2008

Summary: To next to no one's surprise, Microsoft is going to christen Longhorn Server "Windows Server 2008." And it might do so as early as next week to coincide with the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Los Angeles. How can I be so sure?

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To next to no one's surprise, Microsoft is going to christen Longhorn Server "Windows Server 2008." And it might do so as early as next week to coincide with the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Los Angeles.

Windows Server 2008 How can I be so sure?

Microsoft posted the new name on its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHec) 2007 press site. Here is the link to the site.

If you look quickly (before anyone at Microsoft has a chance to undo this), you will see the new name, too. On the right hand column, the hotlink link for "Windows Server 2008 Reviewers Guide" takes you to Longhorn Server Beta 3 reviewer's guide. (I've included to the left a capture of the box from the Web page, justfor posterity.)

Microsoft's official response on the new name: "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation."

Microsoft's Longhorn Server team still is on track to release to manufacturing Windows Server 2008 before the end of calendar 2007, officials say. But the big launch of Windows Server 2008 sounds like it's being planned for the early part of 2008. Given that reality, a 2008 name for the product makes a lot more sense than a 2007 one.

"Windows Longhorn Server" would have been a much more fun name, but given that Windows Server is aimed at businesses, I guess the boring old "Windows Server 2008" makes more sense.

Topics: Servers, Windows


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  • Too late again!

    Mary Jo:

    As of 6:25pm CDT, Microsoft had already altered the web page to remove any references to "Server 2008".

    M.R. Kennedy
  • I agree. 2008 seems to make more sense than 2007.

    I'd rather have a much more stable build than a quick-to-release-to-manufacturing release of Windows Server Longhorn.

    I have a question. Is it possible to optimize the memory footprint to be less than 512MB, like 256MB? Plus, an optimized-used of a processor resources as I don't find the system requirements to be that practical when it comes to matching Vista's system requirements. Despite getting about 2GB of RAM stick for a low-end server, I plan to underclock a processor to try to keep the power consumption low (I have a 310w power supply). One of the good scenario is for having a web/file/DHCP/low-end database/media server.


    Once AMD releases the Barcelona processor, I'd like to see motherboard manufacturers develop a motherboard with a following specifications:

    ATX form factor
    Barcelona support
    >8GB memory support (for future expandability)
    On-board video chip (low-end)
    3 PCIe x8 slots
    4 PCI slots (for multi-ethernet adapters such as [url=http://www.grabcart.com/product/homegarden/furniture/1265167]this[/url] -- liked to use Windows' DHCP Server functionality and Network Access Protection)
    8 SATA II ports (for RAID5 array with 5 hot-swappable hard drives) + one main hard drive + DVD-ROM -- no PATA
    Adaquate number of fan headers (not planning to have a fan controller; thus, saving one drive bay)

    For a multipurpose server, I plan to [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811117106]use a 5U rack-mount server[/url] (great advantage for an [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816215001]iStarUSA BPU-350SATA Aluminum Black 3 to 5 Bay HDD Hot-Swappable SATAII Enclosure[/url]). if I oculd mod a server to cut a hole for an 80mm fan, I could use [url=http://www.xoxide.com/logisys-thermal-venting-kit-blue.html]Logisys Thermal Venting Kit[/url] to direct the heat quickly out of the server.

    Back on-topic:

    Note that I'm a die-hard Windows fan, so I'm addicted to having Windows in everywhere around a house, so Windows is my preferred OS of choice since I'm a programmer-freak, like programming an oven to let me know when the food is ready, having a Windows CE-powered home theater remote control that controls lights, HT entertainment receiver, etc. So with Windows Longhorn Server, this would be great for controlling almost all my devices/appliances from the Internet (with Server Core and virtualized GUI hosted in a server, although not available until after 180 days after Longhorn releases, but I can't wait despite keeping patience with Microsoft).
    Grayson Peddie
  • Enough said

    When is the mighty MS going to realize that we would rather have a product that is secure rather than one pushed out the door just because of it's way overdue?
    • Who says it's being pushed out the door?

      Longhorn Server is the server counterpart of Vista, meaning that it contains all the security improvements that Vista does. It's hardly being "pushed out the door" before it's ready--if they would've released it *with* Vista, that probably woudl've been true. Instead they decided they would give the server extra "bake time" and not release it until SP1 (since LH Server equals Vista SP1).
  • VistaBase got there first

    Although on VistaBase I didn't have any direct evidence to show people, I had news from the inside that it was to be called Windows Server 2008, as it was meant to be released in 2H of 2007, thus being closer to 2008 (and prolonging the lifespan). www.vistabase.co.uk - it's been "Windows Server 2008" for a good few months now... but no-body listened :-(
  • Details...

    It will be very interesting to see what Server 2008 feature list has over 2003.