Look who has joined Microsoft's IE team

Look who has joined Microsoft's IE team

Summary: OK, so she's only a "contractor" and not a Red-Pill-popping full-timer. But standards maven Molly Holzschlag is now working on the Web Platform and Tools team (of which Internet Explorer is part).

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OK, so she's only a "contractor" and not a Red-Pill-popping full-timer. But standards maven Molly Holzschlag is now working on the Web Platform and Tools team (of which Internet Explorer is part).

IE has not been -- as even Microsoft officials have conceded -- the most standards-compliant browser out there. IE 7.0 made strides toward improving in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) department. But IE 8.0 and 9.0 have nowhere to go but up.

Molly Holzschlag Holzschlag is the outgoing group lead for the Web Standards Project (WaSP) and was instrumental in helping create the WaSP/Microsoft task force. She also has served as an invited W3C expert.

In her new role, Holzschlag will help create resources for Web designers and developers, including folks working at Microsoft "as they work toward a more standards-oriented goal - no matter which tools and technologies are being used," Holzschlag blogged on the IE Team Blog. She also will be working with Microsoft, "as well as all browser and tools vendors," she said. "

It is my desire that persistence coupled with diplomacy will assist us all in moving to a time where interoperability becomes the heart of the Web again," Holzschlag added.

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  • Web-Standards Complaint for Internet Explorer

    I am hoping to see improvements for Internet Explorer; however, I didn't run into problems with any websites that don't seem to render well with Internet Explorer 7.0.
    Grayson Peddie
    • ZDNet Crashes

      I have been using IE7 since Beta-1. Only problem I have had with it is if I get too many ZDNet tabs open at once it sometimes crashes. Doesn't do it unless they are ZDNet, and more than about 8-10 open tabs. Weird?
  • WA State Has Banned IE7

    Confirmed this morning that IE7 has been banned from all computers operated by Washington State employees, this owing to the joint SAP/Microsoft implemented payroll system. (of course I do not have anything in print - this is so outragous). I can't believe that the SAP payroll module has a problem in IE7. My home system is running IE7 flawlessly now and Vista has been lauched. IE7 is part of Vista. W2s have been printed. Argh.

    In anycase, there are obviously movements at Microsoft to address IT industry standardization. Its do so or be left behind in my opinion. But not all at Microsoft agree, I suspect. It could well be that Ballmer knows not how to make money without the power of a monopoly. His yes men probably are the same.
  • 'Standards' are just a way of helping your rivals

    Why would any company want to do that?, Microsoft set the stanadrds (for good or bad), if you want to use non-microsoft standards get more copies of your product out there
    • Standards protect consumers; Digital Goverment demands it.

  • Welcome Aboard, Molly

    Sit back and buckle up......get ready for a
    ride on the train wreck.
    Just don't forget to watch your caboose!


    Ole Man