Microsoft already working on fixes for Bing for the iPhone

Microsoft already working on fixes for Bing for the iPhone

Summary: Two days after the release of Bing for the iPhone via Apple's app store, Microsoft already is working on several fixes for it. According to a December 17 post on the Bing Community blog, fixes are in the works in three areas.


Two days after the release of Bing for the iPhone via Apple's app store, Microsoft already is working on several fixes for it.

According to a December 17 post on the Bing Community blog, Microsoft is developing fixes and planning to extend support for its search app in three areas:

  • No search results found outside the U.S. Bing is currently fully supported only on iPhones for the U.S. "At this time international availability has been suspended," according to the blog post. Support and availability of Bing on the iPhone will be coming for other regions in "future versions" of Bing for the iPhone, Microsoft said, but isn't offering a timetable. In the interim, Microsoft is advising international users to change their region format to 'United States' if they want to use Bing on their iPhones now.
  • Voice search not working outside the U.S. Currently, using voice search anywhere but in the U.S. crashes Bing on the iPhone as a result of the region the phone is set to. Microsoft is working on a fix and plans to update the Bing iPhone app in the next few days with it. "People will get the update automatically – you won’t have to update or reinstall the app," according to the Bing blog post. "If you are encountering this issue you can temporarily work around it by going to Settings > General > International and change your Region Format to 'United States,' the team is advising.
  • No official support for first-generation iPod Touch. The Bing app currently supports second-generation iPod Touch devices, but Microsoft is in the midst of testing first=generation ones now and plans to announce support "as soon as testing is complete."

If you want to see what Bing on the iPhone looks like, you can check out this screen shot gallery from my blogging colleague Ryan Naraine.

I've seen some tweets and heard from some Windows Mobile users that they consider Bing on the iPhone to be better than Bing on Windows Mobile phones. If you're one of these users, have any specifics to share about what you'd like Microsoft to fix/add to the WinMo version to make it comparable to the iPhone app?

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  • Bing is offering incomplete search results

    While the user interface of Bing is pretty nice, its search results leave a
    lot to be desired. This includes the usage of its maps.
    I've tried numerous searches for Chicago related information and
    compared it to the google app results and the google maps on the
    Iphone and Bing consistently is incomplete.
    Here is just one example: Search for McHenry Harley Davidson on both
    google and Bing. Only Google returns a hit. Bing: nada.

    Maybe it will improve over time, but for me, the results are what matters.
    I'm sticking with Google for the time being.
  • Maps and searches by AAA, Google, and MapQuest are much better than Bing.

    On my 3GS, Bing map redraws were quite slow. Move the map
    nothing happens move it again it now jumps way off the
    page. Google maps scroll much more smoothly.

    Searches stay in a list. When you want to recall that location that list is
    a good thing however, I haven't found any way to clear the list.

    On many searches it couldn't find an address but, when
    you just gave it a street it found the street. Now, if the
    street is quite long you're going to have difficulty finding
    the business.

    Bing has potential however, at this time I've removed it
    from my iPhone. YMMV.
  • RE: Microsoft already working on fixes for Bing for the iPhone

    I have only one question to push - why the hell did they release this "US Only" crap already?
  • Wow, pathetic...

    Way to try to win Apple fans over!
    • Nope.. its the way to go

      If they want to gain market share on search.. that's way to go.. they will have to build their search app on all mobile platform.. not just win mobile.. i won't be surprised to see an Bing app on Android/webos/symbian in future
      • I meant...

        it's pathetic that they released an evidently broken App.

        I'm all for them releasing a Bing App, but it should not crash the freaking platform right out of the gate when you use a native feature of said platform (voice search)!

        That's no way to gain fans, especially on a platform that's rife with rabid fans of the competition...
  • Leave it RFTOT Microsoft

    That's Right First Time On Time.

    Oh, wait, what's wrong with me, it's an iPhone problem
    caused by the whole Apple programming environment.

    Ooops, silly me.
  • MS really needs to work on the voice part.

    It is really bad in comparison to Google's offering.

    The Maps look very promising, are more up-to-date in my
    area (AZ) and route really well. However, the font selection is
    bad and things look a bit blurry. Touch navigation needs
    work when routing between directions is used.

    Images. Google could learn lots by looking at this. Google's
    mobile image site is simply embarrassing.