Microsoft delivers another app on Android

Microsoft delivers another app on Android

Summary: Microsoft rolled out OneNote for Android phones, adding to its growing cross-platform app stable.


As Microsoft officials promised late last year, the company is releasing more of its formerly Windows-centric apps on other platforms, and Android in particular.

The newest addition to the cross-platform stable is OneNote, Microsoft's electronic note-taking product, on Android.

As of February 7, OneNote is now available for Android phone users on the Android Market app store. So now OneNote is available on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android (and Windows, of course).

OneNote Mobile for Android includes the following features, according to Microsoft's blog post:

  • Text formatting, images, and bulleted lists
  • To-do lists with clickable checkboxes
  • Quick photo capture with your phone's camera
  • Quick access to recent notes
  • Store and access multiple OneNote notebooks
  • Sync to your free SkyDrive account for access anywhere
  • Offline access to your notes
  • Option to sync notebooks only over a WiFi connection
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Support for external hyperlinks
  • Table editing

OneNote Mobile for Android is free to download and use for up to 500 notes. After that point, it's $4.99 (U.S.) for unlimited use.

"If you choose not to upgrade to the unlimited version, you can still view, sync, and delete any of your existing notes even after you've reached the 500 notes limit. However, you will no longer be able to edit your notes or create new ones on your Android phone," the post said.

Microsoft announced yesterday that it will make available in Q2 2012 mobile versions of its Dynamics CRM app for Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Update: For those wondering if you can run OneNote on your Android tablet, not just your Android phone, here's the official Microsoft statement via a spokesperson: "OneNote for Android can be installed on Android tablets, but it has not been tested or optimized for tablet use."

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  • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

    They know a winner when they see one! I bet we see Office go cross platform as well.
    • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

      @Peter Perry - I imagine we'll see a cut-down version of Office made available for non-Microsoft platforms, but the high-octaine version will require Windows.
      Sgt. Colon
      • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

        @Sgt. Colon- I think (and hope) you're right. I've tried other platforms because I wasn't ready to spend big money on Micosoft Office, and quickly realized why MS Office is worth the extra cost. MS Office has become one of Microsoft's crown jewels for good reason and I firmly believe that it is a mistake for any company to share its best with competitors; if your competition can beat you on merit, fine, but why GIVE your competitors the ammo needed to take you down (even a little)? Let the others spend the kind of money Microsoft does (average $8 billion a year) if they want Microsoft's share of the market.
    • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

      1)I think they are being smart and heading off any EU investigation of them for locking their product to their own eco-system, as I can see that will be the next battle going forward. Google will be looking for anyway to stop Microsoft from gaining more traction in the mobile space once windows 8 hits for PC, Phone etc. And that means whining to the EU and every chance they get.
      2)And overall we have to remember they are a software company first and foremost, Hence get your main products out the door and bring home cash for your core biz.
      • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

        @bates40 That is wrong because Apple makes many products that are MAC only. It is NOT right to fault one company for doing something that another gets a pass.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

    Thank you! Just uninstalled Nevernote, that is pale in features compared to OneNote!
  • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

    this onenote sucks big time. No ink, no audio files. All one can do is type a text note, insert a photo, and insert a video. All the advanced organization and editing can only be done on a PC.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

    Most of my notes are done on my work, home lab, or personal PCs. Using this app, I can now view all of them from my phone. I feel like a school girl with a brand new doll. I've been longing for this app. Yesterday was just awesome.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers another app on Android

    Mobile version does not support encrypted/password protected sections. Will stick with Evernote until it does. Good start though.