Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

Summary: Microsoft's Silverlight 5 hit the Release Candidate milestone on September 1. The final delivery of the latest version of the technology is still set for later this year.


Microsoft rolled out to developers a near-final Release Candidate (RC) of Silverlight 5 on September 1.

The RC is a developer-only release with no go-live license. The final version of Silverlight 5 is still due out later this year.

Silverlight is Microsoft's free web-browser plug-in that enables interactive media experiences, line of business applications and Windows Phone development.

In December 2010, Microsoft execs said Silverlight 5 would include 40 new features, the bulk of which are focused around making Silverlight a development platform for rich media and business applications. Microsoft delivered a beta of Silverlight 5 in April 2011.

Features new to the Silverlight 5 RC since the beta release include:

  • P/Invoke support for calling native functions
  • 64 bit support
  • Vector (Postscript) Printing
  • Remote Control and Media Command Support
  • DataContextChanged event
  • In-Browser Trusted Applications
  • PivotViewer Control
  • Power awareness for media apps

Microsoft is expected to say more about the future of Silverlight at the Build conference in mid-September in Anaheim. For those whose Silverlight sales and deployments have been hurt by Microsoft's reluctance to be clear about Silverlight's role in Windows 8 and other products/services, Build can come none too soon.

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  • Silverlight and Flash are the walking dead

    Put your time, development and money in HTML5
    • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

      @keel As a web technology maybe but for UI design on WP7 and Windows 8 it will be essential.
    • HTML5 doesnt support protected video content which is an EPIC FAIL for many

      media scenarios. And js is a crap language for large sw projects. There are still things that SL is absolutely GREAT for. Flash, not so much.
      Johnny Vegas
    • HTML5 is best for one page APP

      ... AKA worthless junk.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

    App that needs a plugin like SL are going to eat lot of money for small businesses. HTML5/JavaScript are the safest bet. They will only evolve and are not vendor dependent.
    • Low-level technology. Good but require lot's of work.

      @sandeep.splash For example what if you needed to run a GPU intensive game or app from the browser. The amount of GPU coding required would be a hindrance. SL supports that sort of thing. Vector based printing not available without serious coding. SL provides that. SL provides higher-level functionality to make a web developer's life easier.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

    What does this mean, if anything, for Windows Phone?
  • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

    SL is much much powerful compared to HTML5 or JS or what ever. Html5 is no match for silverlight when it comes to media rich applications. I have no idea how html5/js could replace SL for app development in Win8.

    Can't wait for what is revealed at Build conference.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

    Is you want to see a real serious SL media manager go to It uses SL thru and thru to cloud store your photos, documents, video and music in a rich UI interface. They even give you 10 GB free. It's awesome
  • Who uses Silverlight, anyway?

    Silverlight is NOT cross-platform compatible. Which means, it can't be used on Mac OS X or Linux. Who would want to use a technology like Silverlight, that is shutting out people from viewing content? I know countless people that have avoided Silverlight, because of this reason alone.
    • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

      @apexwm My company doesn't use Mac or Linux. We have a much simpler evironment and can choose between SL and HTML5 because of that. No need to worry about an application being able to be run on all of our computers because of different OS platforms. Bigger things to worry about.
    • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5


      EPIC FAIL. Get a clue, guy. Silverlight is available on Mac OS X, and has been for a long time. Moonlight is available for Linux.

      These "countless people" that you know that have avoided Silverlight for that reason don't have any idea what they are talking about, and neither do you.
    • Depends on who you talk to.

      @apexwm <br><br>SL has been available on MAC OS X for quite a while now.<br><br>And people who hate MS or SL, or who are madly in love with HTML5, will undoubtedly mention to you that "no one uses SL". To the contrary, there are a number of businesses that use it for LOB apps. <br><br>In my case, a year ago, a colleague and I designed and released two apps for a client: one in SL and another was a desktop app. Seemed like every month the client would ask for new features for the SL app we wrote. Last month after everything was said and done, they wanted to know what would it take to rewrite the desktop app in SL. <br><br>Speaking of SL's future, I'm hoping to hear good things from this //BUILD convention that's coming up [can't go, apparently this sucker was sold out before I finished typing in the URL to the site :( ]. I keep reading "rumors" that the core of what makes up SL and WPF will be part of Windows 8. But like I said, they're rumors and we'll have to wait until //BUILD.
  • Silverlight on Mac Os X Works Great Too...

    hey "apexwm" you should do a bit of research first, silverlight work great on Mac os X. check the system reqs at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
    • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

      @csharperhd Is there a Linux version of Silverlight that was developed by Novell.
      • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

        @rmark@... yeah, it exists. i have tried it but have not done very much testing with it. All of are uses are running PC and Mac Os.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers near-final test version of Silverlight 5

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