Microsoft delivers new test build of SQL Server 2008

Microsoft delivers new test build of SQL Server 2008

Summary: On the last day of July, Microsoft made available to testers a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of its SQL Server 2008 database, code-named "Katmai." Here's what's new in the latest release.

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On the last day of July, Microsoft made available to testers a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of its SQL Server 2008 database, code-named "Katmai."

The July CTP build comes one month after the June CTP. Microsoft is expected to test SQL Server 2008 primarily, if not exclusively, via CTPs, which are not full-fledged beta builds, but more like interim updates.

Microsoft has been talking about SQL Server 2008 features by categorizing them in a handful of buckets: "Pervasive insight," "dynamic development," "enterprise data platform" and "beyond relational." On the Microsoft Connect site, there's a great slide listing specific SQL Server 2008 features that Microsoft introduced in the June CTP and what it added into the July CTP. What's new in the July CTP build?

  • Enterprise reporting engine
  • Analysis service time series
  • T-SQL improvements
  • Performance Data Collection
  • Extended Events
  • Database mirroring enhancements
  • ORDPATH hierarchical labeling scheme
  • Large user-defined types
  • DATE/TIME data type
  • Improved XML support

Microsoft is aiming to release to manufacturing the final SQL Server 2008 code in the second quarter of 2008. The company is going to launch officially the product before it RTMs -- on February 27, 2008 -- as part of the Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 mega-launch.

(Thanks to for the heads up on the new CTP.)

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  • another beta resoure hog

    There is no compellig reason to use M$SQL.
    MySql is far better, cheaper and leaner, and on top of it it runs on Linux.
    Linux Geek
    • Heads Up SQL Server 2008 may be Linux

      In a presentation made to Washington State IT workers by Novell and Microsoft, slides portrayed the fact that SUSE Linux is a part of SQL Server 2008. Hell froze over that day in November when Microsoft and Novell got married. I do not - of course - know if Linux is the kernel of SQL Server 2008. Eventually - because Linux is open source - this will be known. It makes sense that it would because the quality is built right in to take advantage of current and future innovations in hardware, like multi core multi processor.

      Microsoft most likely will abandon its criminal business model. I just see too many forces working to that end. But today, and as long as the company officers include Gates, Smith and other like minded individuals, we must consider the organization as Jackson has trained us to. 80,000 employees are working for a criminal organization. The can speed the transition to legitimacy if they are US citizens. You can not be fired for chatting to the press about your employer if you are a US citizen. This little known fact was clarified in court cases just last year. Posting here is chatting to the press. Lets get some scuttlebutt. 80,000 soles can not be all evil.

      Frank L. Mighetto
      • you are incoherent!

        I have a hard time following your post.
        On top of it, your assertion that "Linux is the kernel of SQL Server 2008" is heresy that would never happen.
        Could you please choose yor side: pro or against M$.
        That would add clarity to your posts!
        Linux Geek
        • I choose to use the right tool for the job

          So I guess that means I'm against people like you.
          • "Sides"

            The actual "sides" invold around here are the religious and the non-religious.

            The religious are busy fighting amongst themselves because they're just anti-Linux trolls or think that MS is somehow "evil" and therefore everything they produce is bad. My way or the highway. MS/Linux sucks. Etc. Etc. They're not really that bright, but quite entertaining. (Though no one here comes close to touching ol' Lewis "Cut'n'Paste" Mettler, Esq. from back in the 90s here on ZDnet! Great times!)

            The rest of us sit back and laugh at all of them. You don't think we come HERE for tech news, do you?
      • LOL!

        Thanks for the larf!
    • No compelling reason...

      unless you're a professional developer, in which case I can think of a biggie. It's everywhere. I see easily a dozen SQL Server installations to every one of anything else except for maybe Progress in the under $250 million revenue/year business demographic. While it can be argued that MySql is a better fit for some things, you're not going to tell your ERP vendor what database system you're going to use. They're going to tell you, or at best give you two or three options...none of which are likely to be MySql. You want MySql to become more pervasive, get companies like Infor (was MAPICS), Epicor, QAD, IFS and others to use it. You've got to figure that none of the Microsoft or Oracle owned platforms will never run on MySql. SAP is a slim possibility at best. I'd venture to say that the ERP market accounts for 90+% of the database installations worldwide if you don't count things like personal address books or little Access databases that seem to show up in the strangest of places. You know...the ones where you ask the person where the database is where they store whatever information it is they're asking you about and they give you a blank stare. Then you say "You know, the Access..." and as soon as the word Access comes out their eyes light up. They never know how it works or what table anything is in because some friend of theirs came in over a weekend and set it up for them. Anyway, I fail to see much of a compelling reason to use MySql, at least from the viewpoint of someone who likes to earn money for a living. Having said that, I do actually use it for some things personally because it's lightweight and it just works. For me, sometimes it's the right tool for the job. For my customers, it's hardly ever the right tool for the job. Sorry if that hurts anyones feelings, but my customer base is very close to 100% already invested in a database. They want to support what they've got as much as possible. Why throw another database server into the mix?
    • Sure there are

      Reasons to use Sql Server instead of MySql

      1. MySql doesn't have an OLAP engine
      2. MySql doesn't have an ETL Tool component
      3. MySql doesn't have an enterprise reporting framework.
      4. MySql doesn't have an integrated development environment with a stored procedure debugger.
      5. MySql only has table level security, where Sql Server has column level security.
      6. MySql security hasn't been certified by a third party.
      7. MySql doesn't have a checkpoint mechanism to ensure data integrity in the case of a power outage.

      There are a few...probably more if I gave it more thought.
      • How about one more...

        The percentage of commercial applications using MySql as opposed to any of the alternatives is pathetically low. Companies like to leverage existing resources where possible. Given the fact that a single database server can support dozens of applications at the same time, you're going to look silly walking into a company already running SQL Server databases and telling them "Hey, let's throw another database into the mix for you to support". If they've already got a database and staff in place to support it, why would you even consider adding more overhead?
      • all those features are useless

        the only ones you really need are in MySQL
        Linux Geek
        • 8-|...whatever

          Shut up, fool.
        • Useless features?

          If all those features are useless, then I'd have to put having a relational database engine ranks right up there with them. We could just go back to reading and writing text files. I can only guess that either you're joking or your brain doesn't work. I'd like to assume the former, but my gut tells me there's at least a bit of the latter in there.
    • Linix Geek Keeps surpising me

      Just when I though you couldnt make a dumber statment you post something new and spurise me again.
  • Choose Sides?

    Choose Sides? If your not with us your against us? Why can't we have the best of all worlds?

    Get real man..
    • Replied To Wrong Post ..

      .. Should have gone to Linux Geek
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