Microsoft delivers test build of Windows 7-based 'Quebec' Embedded OS

Microsoft delivers test build of Windows 7-based 'Quebec' Embedded OS

Summary: Microsoft made available for download on September 1 a public test build of the embedded version of its Windows 7 platform -- known officially as Windows Embedded Standard 2011 and codenamed "Quebec."


Microsoft made available for download on September 1 a public test build of the embedded version of its Windows 7 platform -- known officially as Windows Embedded Standard 2011 and codenamed "Quebec."

(The Community Technology Preview bits of Embedded Standard 2011 are available on Microsoft's Connect site.)

Windows Embedded Standard is targeted at OEMs and specialized device makers who want to build platforms and applications that use various Windows components. In other words, it is the componentized version of Windows 7.

Its sister product, Windows Embedded Compact, formerly known as Windows CE, is the core Windows-based embedded platform used by makers of smaller devices and phones, including Microsoft's own Windows Mobile and Zune groups. The next slated version of Windows Embedded Compact is codenamed "Chelan," and is slated to ship in late 2010. (An interim version of the Embedded Compact platform, codenamed "Cashmere," may or may not still be on the drawing board.)

Windows Embedded Standard 2011, when Microsoft first outlined its feature set, was described as the embedded version of the Vista platform. But more recently, the Softies have said it will be a subset of Windows 7, not Vista. Among the features in this Community Technology Preview build:

  • Support for Active Directory group policies and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Increasted interoperability with Microsoft Terminal Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Support for the Windows Aero user interface, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Touch, Windows Flip 3D navigation, Internet Explorer 8, Windows Media Player 12, Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 7.0 and Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • Support for 64-bit CPUs and smart power-management APIs for building apps that can improve CPU idle time and reduce power consumption

Microsoft didn't provide a final ship-date target for Windows Embedded Standard 2011, but I'd guess it's likely to hit sometime next year. is saying to expect Windows Embedded Standard 2011 to ship in the second half of 2010. (Thanks, EmilP !)

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  • Never heard of this product...

    I wonder what type of devices it will go on? I imagine this will go on all sort of multitouch devices
    • Sega Dreamcast?

      Anyone remember that video game console? I know it had a windows logo on the top of the device, I believe it was windows CE. Wikipedia also lists the console in the windows ce devices list see:

      So I believe either this device was running that software or it supported it. I'd be interested to look more into this....might be a fun modding project.
    • because it's supposed to be hidden...

      and you probably using them everyday.

      Windows Embedded is used in:
      1) Banking machines
      2) POS devices
      3) Thin Client terminals
      4) e-voting Machines (multitouch voting could be both interesting and ridiculous at the same time)

      They usually have lower memory footprint (and slower) and more secured because the whole system can set to read only after the initial deployment. Storage can either by using RAM drive or flash memory.

      Mind you though... It's more secured only because any changes made in memory can be reversed after reboot. If the system has known exploits it still require patching.
      • Not always small and slow

        I've worked on development of a scientific instrument running Windows XP Embedded. 2GB RAM, decent processor (dual core), 40GB hard drive, camera (for image analysis), spectrograph, UI (Windows form, maximized, with the whole window frame hidden), SQL Server, IIS, and a web interface for managing the device. It was certainly an interesting project!
        diane wilson
    • Such as

      teller machines...
      I Hate Malware
  • For cheap versions of MS Surface?

    I think it would be neat if MS pushed the embedded OS for manufacturers to create relatively low cost versions of MS Surface - minus the real world objects interactivity element. I think it could lead to the significant use of kiosks within businesses (for customer facing operations), and help with the widespread adoption of touch computing.
    P. Douglas
  • Codename 'Quebec'

    Interesting. I just heard recently that Quebec is the only walled city in North America. You don't suppose that has anything to do with this codename, do you? I mean, Microsoft don't like walling things off, do they?
    • Codename 'Quebec'

      Haha funny, Quebec is my hometown <3
      • hi mate haaa quebec

        St-jean street at night ...

        Place to eat place to drink
        the old town ,,,, the Fourmi Atomik ( if you are old enough to remember)

        Ashton after 3 am ....... ( souvenir souvenir)

        But that quite a same that MS take Quebec name that a same

        (ps Tu est partie longtemps )
    • Codename 'Quebec'

      Hmm, gee. Well Quebec is also the longest inhabited city in North America as well.

      Do you think that might have something to do with it too?

      Ohh, conspiracy theories. I bet it is some sort of slam on open source or Apple. Yes that's it.
    • OK, I'll Bite!!

      Must be something to do with separation. What are they going pull out of the core product to satisfy the regulators?
    • North America?

      I always thought it was a French province and town in Canada.
      I Hate Malware
    • Yummm

      I hear that any minor updates to "Quebec" the updates will be called poutine [french fries, with melted cheese and gravy - not good for the body but yummy!].
      Gis Bun
  • Misleading name, it should be called mobile.

    Just nit picking but when I think of embedded devices they are not user facing, they are used in automation (controling traffic lights, etc.)
    • Not always mobile...

      Some very static devices, like the afore-mentioned thin clients, have used embedded Windows OS.
  • RE: Microsoft delivers test build of Windows 7-based 'Quebec' Embedded OS

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