Microsoft goes internal for new Business Solutions chief

Microsoft goes internal for new Business Solutions chief

Summary: Since Microsoft appointed Satya Nadella the head of its combined Live Search/adCenter business in March, the company had been searching for a new head of its Dynamics ERP/CRM business. On June 30, officials announced the search was over.

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Microsoft is moving Kirill Tatarinov, currently the head of its Management and Solutions unit, to lead the Microsoft Business Solutions business.

The MBS team, which oversees the Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM family of products, had been searching for a new chief since March, when Microsoft moved Satya Nadella from MBS to head up the newly combined Live Search/adCenter business.

Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) is part of Microsoft's larger Microsoft Business Division, which encompass Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server and Microsoft's unified-communications products.

Tatarinov is a five year Microsoft veteran. Before Microsoft, Tatarinov was Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for BMC software.

No word yet on who will replace Tatarinov on Microsoft's systems-management side of the business; a search is underway.

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