Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

Summary: Microsoft is readying a first public beta of a new Web server, known as IIS Express, which combines the use of the Microsoft ASP.Net Web Server with the full power of IIS, according to a Microsoft Corporate Vice President.


Microsoft is readying a first public beta of a new Web server, known as IIS Express.

The IIS Express release "combines the use of the Microsoft ASP.Net Web Server with the full power of IIS," which is integrated into Windows, according to a June 28 blog post by Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the .Net Developer platform Scott Guthrie.

Guthrie said the first public beta of IIS Express was very close, but didn't provide an exact delivery date. He also didn't provide a final delivery target. If IIS Express is like Microsoft's other Express products, it should be free.

Guthrie did say to expect the IIS Express product to be lightweight (less than 10 MB download) and "super quick" to install. He said the new IIS relealse won't require an administrator account to run/debug applications from Visual Studio. The product will include a "full web-server feature set," Guthrie said, including SSL, URL Rewrite, Media Support and "all other IIS 7.X modules." It will be able to be installed side-by-side with the full IIS Web server and the ASP.Net Development Server.

The new SKU will work on Windows XP and other flavors of Windows relealsed since then. The product will be able to be used within Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, Guthrie said. Microsoft is planning to release a patch for Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express later this year that will enable developers to automatically launch and use IIS Express in place of the built-in ASP.Net Developer Server, Guthrie said. The gameplan is for future Visual Studio releases to ship with this functionality built in, Guthrie added.

Independent consultant and software development expert Ted Neward tweeted that the Express version of IIS was "Tomcat.Net." (Tomcat is a popular Java Web server from the Apache Foundation.) "The fact that (Microsoft) are answering their developers and bridging the gap to allow developers to have an instant setup IIS installation is cause for excitement indeed," blogged Doug Rathbone, a Web application consultant. "Most developers i know that have hit a wall working with the built in Visual Studio web server and its limitations have had to use an alternative such as (the ASP.Net Web server) Cassini."

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  • Hooray!

    FINALLY! Testing a Web application on multiple versions of IIS has been a royal pain up until now, since it meant testing on multiple operating systems.
    • This is so funny

      Enterprise ready;-)
      Richard Flude
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

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    • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

      @npiaseck <br><br>Yeah, and many other 3rd party products... Just Microsoft introducing yet another thing someone else saw the need for 10-20 years ago and long since implemented, selling it off like they just thought of it yesterday <a href="">grand prix</a> <a href="">eski araba</a>
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server


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  • No power in .NET or IIS

    Just garbage like everything from Microsoft.
    • Actually no thats just FUD. IIS7x is both the most secure/fastest webserver

      and perf is better than any java web app platform.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Yes, IIS and .NET are the best... NOT!!!

        @Johnny Vegas <br><br>With the exception of Microsoft itself there's not a single big Internet player that uses Microsoft. Not a single one.

        That's very telling, don't you agree?
        OS Reload
      • @OS Pantload. Unfortunately thats just more weak FUD, its not true.

        There are lots of other "big internet" sites that use IIS. Like ebay. And MySpace. And btw MS sites account for a huge chunk of all internet traffic so running those is impressive. Did you know that hotmail has more than twice and many users as gmail?
        Johnny Vegas
      • Yes, you're loaded. Congratulations!

        @Johnny Vegas <br><br>I love your 'arguments' (warning: I love twisted humor.)<br><br>MySpace and ebay? Really??<br><br>Is anything wrong with Facebook and Google, or Amazon?
        OS Reload
      • Hey Microsoft Boiz stop flagging me, you're abusing the system

        @Johnny Vegas <br><br>and showing both your weakness and lack of fair play too.
        OS Reload
    • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

      Quit trolling.
      • Why didn't you try to refute his point?

        @bmonsterman <br><br>It would have been more constructive.
        OS Reload
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

        @OS Reload,
        What point? That everything that Microsoft makes is garbage? That certainly isn't a prelude to any kind of meaningful dialog. It's trolling. I think my response was appropriate.
      • If I was trying to refute your (implicit) point I would have written:


        All the Internet Big Players (and I mean <b style="font-size="150%">BIG</b>, not <span style="font-size:80%">big</span>) use Linux/Unix systems. I suppose they do it for a reason.

        P.S. Microsoft is Big and is the exception but they have their own reasons for that.
        OS Reload
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

        @OS Reload
        Why does he has to refute his point? As soon as he gives the reason or post information regarding why IIS is garbage, then you can refute or discuss the points.
        BTW, from what I know, MS is the only big company using IIS for it's web infrastructure. But you know how big it is? Hotmail, Skydrive, BPOS, XBox Live, Bing. Here are some information about those services,

        1080p movies for XBox Live

        2m Concurrent XBox Live Users

        Hotmail Stats,

        IIS and Winter Olympics

        Do you think that a garbage web server is capable of that?
      • @dvm: In absolute terms Microsoft's tech is not garbage

        It only looks like garbage when you put it against superior tech. If you remove Linux/Unix from the game then Microsoft is the best tech around.

        As they say, It's all relative.
        OS Reload
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

        @OS Reload,<br>Your statement that IIS is garbage because Google, Facebook...whatever doesn't use it just doesn't resonate with me. Give me something REAL. What is it that you don't like about IIS? What experience have you had using it? It seems like this is a case of contempt prior to investigation.
      • IIS is a potential startup killer

        @bmonsterman <br><br>The only reason it does not fulfill it's potential is because most startups are not suicide inclined.<br><br>IIS does not scale financially. Only the suicide inclined will pick it.

        P.S. The London Stock Exchange is not a startup but they are also not suicide inclined. They were forced to dump the IIS .Net system because that system performed only one single transaction while their competitors Linux/Unix systems performed <b>30</b>!!!
        OS Reload
      • RE: Microsoft readies new Express version of its IIS Web server

        @OS Reload,
        LSE, LSE, LSE...give it a rest. It's a custom web application, which probably was poorly coded. Corelation is not causation. Give me a technical reason why you think IIS can't scale. Draw from your extensive experience with it.