Microsoft releases February test build of SQL Server 2008

Microsoft releases February test build of SQL Server 2008

Summary: Microsoft is rolling out on February 19 a new "feature-complete" Community Technology Preview (CTP) test build of SQL Server 2008 to 100,000 testers.


Microsoft is rolling out on February 19 a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) test build of SQL Server 2008.

The new build, which Microsoft is labeling as "feature-complete," will be available for download by any of the 100,000 testers who are registered to participate in the CTP program, Microsoft said.

Microsoft recently announced SQL Server 2008 would ship in the third calendar quarter of 2008 instead of the second. In spite of the slip, Microsoft is still planning to officially launch its newest database release alongside Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 at its February 27 "Heroes Happen Here" event in Los Angeles. Customers just won't be able to get SQL Server 2008 until the latter part of this year.

The new build includes more data-compression, policy-based management and integrated full-text search capabilities, according to the company.

In order to speed up its SQL Server development process, Microsoft has been testing SQL Server 2008, code-named “Katmai,” via a series of CTPs, rather than more traditional betas.

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  • SQL Server 2008

    Of course Mary Jo, I commented earlier on the wonderful Enterprise Server 2008 and how I'm going to roll this into production. I am one of the (not so) few folks that has been testing this out, the SQL 2008 and I love everything about it.

    Now I am not a SQL guru that designs and develops in it daily, but I serve as an admin that works for a small company (of my own) and I develop SQL Server Development, Test, and Production boxes and I love this new version. In my humble opinion, with each new version of this product, there is something more I just find fascinating. Better UI, better wizardry and strong reliable diagnostics and tools.

    Anyone (those interested) can easily download it today and you don't have to be the selected few:
  • Let's hope atleast a half of the Testers are 9x Free to us!

    These are the best of times and the worst of times; what will ie be Guys? BTX Media with analog encoders and upgrades for SLi for a 64" Dual-HDMI Big Screen television. Paying you as a NEW Purchase subsciption until the office space is paid for. Then the $10 cards at retailers for eight hours of use for Directx 10 duality video games like Carbon Need for Speed? Or buy IBM Utilities on the Big Board and move to the South Pacific.

    D.) All of the above.
  • Visual Studio 2k8 compatibility issue.-

    Does anyone know if the compatibility issue between sql 2k8 and Visual Studio 2k8 still exists or if this is now a thing of the past??????
  • Microsoft having command line (CL) problems?

    I thought that was relegated to
    Linux, according to all the Microsoft

    Command line execution via MSTEST not
    working with 2K8's relative paths

    VS 2008 users: remember to download
    the SourceSafe CTP
    Ole Man
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