Microsoft releases two Vista hotfix packs via Windows Update

Microsoft releases two Vista hotfix packs via Windows Update

Summary: Microsoft quietly released two mega-hotfix packs for Windows Vista via Windows Update on August 28.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft

Microsoft quietly released two mega-hotfix packs for Windows Vista via Windows Update on August 28.

Microsoft made the two hotfixes -- the reliability/performance pack (KB 938194) and the compatibility and stability pack (KB 938979) -- available to interested parties via the Windows download site on August 7. At that time, the Softies said Microsoft would push the Vista hotfix packs out to customers via Windows Update at an unspecified "later date."

That date ended up being today. Both fix packs went out over Windows Update as "recommended" (not "important") updates.

The Vista Performance and Reliability Pack included a number of fixes, including potential corruption of AVI files, improved performance after resuming from hibernate, and improvements in speed in copyng/moving large files. The Compatibility and Reliability pack adds, among other features, "improved reliability for Internet Explorer when some third party toolbars are installed"; increased printer-driver compatibility and increased reliability and performance of Vista when entering and resuming from sleep mode.

A more complete list of the fixes in the two Vista hotfix packs is here.

Microsoft also released on August 28 a slew of other downloads and fixes for Vista and Windows XP. has a list of some of the new Windows fixes availablefor download.

Topics: Windows, Microsoft


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  • Well hey nothing is perfect....

    This is to be expected after all....hardly news.

    Pagan jim
    • RE: Well hey nothing is perfect....

      This is to be expected after all.... <u>from Micro$oft</u>... <strike>hardly</strike>BAD news.
      • Especially Linux and OS X

        Go away silly troll
        • Story was about MS...

          not Linux, not Apple. Go away troll.
          • Nice dodge, useless but still a nice effort

            now go away troll
          • Speaking Of Useless

            How have you been?

            How's the fake plane? The fake job? The company you claim to run that doesn't have a website?

            Kind of funny, it's 2007 and you claim all these things and your company doesn't even have a website..

            You could at least lie and make it more credible.

            What a loser.
          • Dodge?

            What was there do dodge? An idiot made a comment about something not related to the article or the conversation following the article. I just pointed it out. I'm so sorry that you had to be the idiot yet again. You should be getting used to it by old are you anyway?
        • Yes, But At Least The Linux People

          Didn't have to pay for their software.

          Run along moron.
          • Neither have windows users.

            they are paying for the license. linux users pay for the service....and the billions they've paid out of their paychekcs for decades.
          • Yes...

            what a magnanimous company Microsoft "GIVE AWAY" all that software...I wonder how Gates paid for that squalid little shack he has in Seattle...
          • Yes....

            I'm sure the powers behind open source, those running the FSF (although hopefully RMS is not a hypocrite and lives in a dirt floor shack with no running water, phone or any other modern convenience including no vehicle), those running Mozilla, those at Google aiding where they can to hurt MS but not go open source themselves, IBM ceo and top execs, Red hat, Novell, the members of the EU and other various government entities who are either anti-ms, anti American or both, are not doing too bad themselves.
          • Well...

            from your reply it's pretty obvious you don't survive on your wits alone.

            The FSF, etal, folks have a job, their's just, most likely, isn't for producing OSS. Do you have a job? Gates also has a job. You, and everyone else, like me, who licenses a copy of Microsoft software/services, pay him very very well.
      • Hardly, since Apple is the leader of the pack

        ... "this" year on patching. Seems to be more of an issue for the Apple core than the MS faithful, eh?

        (can't wait to see how this one gets spun!)
        Confused by religion
    • correct sir.

      when you are running a mega giant software company with a highly configurable OS that will run on many varied hardware using many varied configs, and many varied apps across the spectrum, the logistics alone are a technological feat and bumps are expected by any realistic person. Not a specific purpose OS locked into designed controlled by Microsoft. Heck they almost went w/o 3rd party support for 6 months and still pulled it off. <br>
      In the end, this is a great platform. I like it a lot and will be getting a vista ultimate machine when it will fit the budget. Apple must like it as well with all of the features mimiced in Leopard. I've not seen or heard of anything but minor issues(mostly no issues) like any other releases in the circle of users I know. I don't have any hardcore gamers or people with the expectations of their 10 year old machines running Vista perfectly either, so maybe that has something to do with it. <br>
      It's out sold linux and the Mac on the x86 platform, so I'd have to say that's a great start!
      • You had to do it...:P

        Here I am being reasonalbe and non partian completely not mentioning Mac or
        Linux and yet you were drawn to do it...snicker.

        The very reasons you admire MS Windows are the reasons I avoid it. The very
        reasons you avoid OSX are the reasons I like it. I know Windows history and it's
        accomplishments you are correct to marvel at MS's attempt to be all things for all
        people yet I am correct to be very leary of that very same thing and admire OSX
        and Apple for NOT trying to be or do that.

        I like the idea that when OSX is patched it is likely to benefit me more directly than
        when Windows is to her average user because since again MS is all things to all
        people fixes to her OS might only effect a percentage of her user population and
        flaws might effect yet another. It's hard to find problems cause of the wide variety
        of uses and it's hard to fix because a fix in one area might cause a problem in
        another that is why I like the "FOCUS" of OSX and Apple. Hand n Glove type
        operation. Can I expect to do every thing under the sun? No? Do I need
        Good then....:) The list can go on and on and on....

        Was Apple dropping OS9 inconveniant....yup. However was MS keeping
        compatablilitywith older version of Windows also a problem maker but in a
        different way ie security and holes....also true. Which was better? Depends on the
        user and I lean twards Apple's "fresh" start philosophy myself. Different strokes
        for different folks I suppose.

        Still there was no need to bring up Apple and OSX or Linux for I simply stated that
        no OS is perfect and patches/updates are normal enough hardly news worthy.

        Pagan jim
        • Logic is not possible

          For those whose brains are fried by Microsoft.
          Ole Man
        • well yes, but i opened the floodgate

          of Jim's subtle...i'm openminded but here is why OS X is the best thing possible and windows sucks, although i won't say sucks, i will point out things, many things that will infer sucks but nobody can claim i said sucks so it's all good heh heh. <br>
          All things to all people. hmmm. Nope, just a great Operating system. If you worked in IT and had the reason to tap into it for wide and varied reasons, you might then begin to assemble an appreciation. But alas, that is not so, so no sense going tit for tat, eh?
          I will leave you with the thought that Apple is trying to be all things to all people, whether you say they are or not. Did you ever consider why the move to x86? Better platform? Not what you and the Macer's were saying before the move. Ah yes, jimbo the x86 platform...for all those floaters to build their low margin PCs. They can't understand the beauty of the powerpc and all the glory it instills in our Macs. <br>
          Now whatcha saying about it? Apple is what?.....trying to be all things to all people....yep.
          They are trying to emulate every app microsoft has...haven't you noticed? trying to lure as many users as possible. Trying to move their browser onto windows....which was a fine demonstration of that "just better" coding you work with everyday. Maybe you understand why people love the pc if you just think about that. Apple can code for windows and their exploitable software has been left alone on OS X so far..that's marvy. But its' still bloated and insecure software.
          As long as you think it's better, i'm sure it is though, afterall you are a man about town, worldly and have that class that just says "nothing but he best will do"....
          heh hey.
          • Now why does all things to all people mean BAD?

            I just prefer another course but I can easily see where others might differ with me I
            don't care for the most part about other peoples choice I'm here to explain my
            own and sometimes defend but I never said it blanks. Each has it's postivies and
            negatives but the positives on OSX and Apple fall to my prefernences more than
            MS's and the negative of Apple's style of doing business do not offend me or
            wrangle me mearly as MS's does but again that is me. I can understand why you
            would choose differently and no i did not say blank or anything that pointed to MS
            being bad you just infered that. To highlight both have their good and bad sides
            it's just a matter of opinion as to the style you prefer and the hazards one is
            willing to face.

            Pagan jim
          • well

            "hazards one is willing to face". <br>
            Anyone understands what you are trying to say here. <br>
            I would put it like this, to be more inclusive of everyone. <br>
            depends on what level of expertise you are at and what functionality you can live without. <br>
            There, that is better,
          • Again "hazards" was meant for users of both OS's...

            You get different paths in those OS's different directions and different attempts.
            They both also provide a given user with different hazards in OSX's case it may not
            do everything under the sun and you may need something that Windows provides
            but OSX does not.

            Pagan jim