Microsoft schedules Windows Phone developer summit for June

Microsoft schedules Windows Phone developer summit for June

Summary: Microsoft is inviting Windows Phone developers to a developer conference in late June. Could both the Tango and Apollo operating systems be on the agenda?


Microsoft has begun sending "Save the Date" invitations for an upcoming developer summit to select Windows Phone programmers.

The two-day summit is slated for June 20 and 21 in San Francisco. I've asked Microsoft officials if and when they plan to open registration to interested developers who don't receive the "Save the Date" invitations. No word back so far.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "You should expect a formal registration process as with most events. Will have more details in the coming weeks."

The invitation doesn't specify the topics Microsoft plans to cover at the summit, but many devs expect Microsoft will begin formally disclosing more information about the Windows Phone OS 8, codenamed Apollo, at the event. (Maybe we'll hear more about Tango, too, which Microsoft hasn't said much about it since late February 2012, when Microsoft officials disclosed the Tango bits would be coming to lower-power phones, as well as to existing Windows Phone users some time in the coming months.)

Microsoft officials have shared a few early tidbits about the company's developer story for Windows Phone 8. They have said that existing Windows Phone apps will run on Windows Phone 8 devices, and that Microsoft will continue to allow developers to use XNA to write apps for Windows Phone 8. They've been vaguer about plans for Silverlight support for the new platform.

Company officials have continued to refuse to comment as to whether existing Windows Phone devices will be upgraded to the Windows Phone 8 operating system. I have heard from my contacts that no current Windows Phones, even more recently introduced models like the Nokia Lumia 900, will be getting Apollo.

Here's a list of features that are expected to be part of Apollo, based on various leaked information.

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  • Windows Phone 8 vs Windows Phone RT

    I think Microsoft should upgrade all Windows Phone 7.x users to Windows Phone 8. This could be a Tango (2) upgrade. In other words, a minor update which provides full compatibility between Windows Phone and Windows 8 PCs.

    After the upgrade of existing Windows Phone users, Microsoft may launch the "Windows Phone RT '. This could be Apollo version, in which the CE kernel is replaces with the NT kernel, and application compatibility with Windows 8/RT is made possible.

    This solution, I think, will make most existing users of Windows Phone satisfied, and not stranded on a phone with a discontinued OS. They will be upgraded to version 8. :-)
    • Dream much?

      " which the CE kernel is replaces with the NT kernel, and application compatibility with Windows 8/RT is made possible."

      Changing kernels is a non-trivial task that many are overlooking. It would be more attainable if Microsoft had created API's that would smooth the transition, but those API's have yet to materialize. We'll see what happens in June.
      • Moon landing

        Yes, you're absolutely right. It is no easy task. It is a moon landing. (The Apollo program.)

        But remember that all applications under Windows Phone is running within a managed environment. (Except a few special applications.)

        I think Microsoft has planned such a change for a long time. We won't get an answer about what they will do before late June, I'm afraid.
  • Sandwiched between the big boys

    I find it rather daring to organize this event, daring and bold, I thik Microsoft makes a statement and picks a pretty damn good date for this event

    already had a reply from Mary that the event public status will be published as soon as it's known, I will come to this event, really looking forward to it
    • At which Starbucks will it be held? Nt

      Richard Flude
  • Expect WP8 news

    If MS has plans to release WP8 this holiday season, then they will reveal all that is required for the apps to be ready when the devices are launched this year end. Bit nervous time for developers.
    • That should really boost sales of...

      The current products. Tell your potential customers they'll be stranded on a phone with a discontinued OS.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • You mean like

        just about every other product in the known universe? New model year cars, toasters, iPhones, Android phones, computers, refrigerators, televisions, etc. ad infinitum?

        As much as it discounts your anti-MS rant ... the VAST majority of consumers buy for current need/abilities ... not for future upgrades. If the opposite was the case neither Android nor Apple would sell much ....
      • regardless of what your agenda is...

        Telling your customers they're going to be stranded in 6 months is not a smart move.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • RE: That should really boost sales of...

        I'm not sure why you got so rated down. What you said is right on the Money.

        However, there is a big if attached to your point, and that is [i]if[/i] MS is not planning on upgrading current phones to 8. Since WP8 will undoubtedly have lower minimum requirements than WP7 did (7.5 sp1, aka Tango already does, and I bet the goal is to drive specs even lower), there should be no technical reason why current owners can't get it. Thus, us gen-1 owners may, in fact, be pleasantly surprised in June, and would-be adopters made even more ready to hop on board.
        x I'm tc
      • So they are stranded?

        I didn't know they had said anything to that tune officially.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • x I'm tc

        It' because the paid Microsoft astroturfers don't want anyone to know the truth...Microsoft has recently (within the last 6 months) unofficially, recommended it'semployees go online and "defend the company". So while what I typed was not offensive, and is mearly what all the tech reporters are saying. I somehow have drawn the attention of the Paid Microsoft astroturfers.

        Michael Alan Goff
        Microosoft is refusing to say that these "Hero devices" (including the Lumia 900) will be upgradeable. If they were, you'd figure Microsoft would say they will, as not to stagnate sales. But to date Microsoft has not said that these phones will be OS upgradable.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • I would hope so

        "Microosoft is refusing to say that these "Hero devices" (including the Lumia 900) will be upgradeable. If they were, you'd figure Microsoft would say they will, as not to stagnate sales. But to date Microsoft has not said that these phones will be OS upgradable."

        Actually, if I were Microsoft? I'd do what they're doing. Windows 8 likely isn't complete, neither is WP8. If they promise it now, and then realize something later on that stops 1st gen phones from upgrading, that's worse than them not saying now.

        Though I would hold off until June if I were people, their conference may shed some light.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • June is going to be a busy month for mobile developers.

    WWDC is the 11th-15th, WP Dev Summit is the 20th & 21st, and Google I/0 is 27th-29th, all in SF. The out-of-towners should just rent an apartment for the month. Clearly smartphones are good for the The San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  • === I believe I know what MS is going to do, Give out 2500 developer Phones

    I believe I know what MS is going to do give out 2500 Phones to developers.

    How do I know this? Because I work for a company that makes stickers, and we have an order from Microsoft for 2500 stickers....The stickers say "" Developer Prototype Hardware intended to be used for testing purposes only""

    No Ship !!
  • Windows Phone Developer Conference

    Has anyone seen a public announcement of this conference yet?
    • no but..

      we need to know soon! it kind of makes it hard to plan a trip out there at this point.