Microsoft Server and Tools marketing chief to leave the company

Microsoft Server and Tools marketing chief to leave the company

Summary: Microsoft veteran Robert Wahbe is leaving his post as head of Server and Tools Marketing next month.

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Corporate Vice President Robert Wahbe, a 16-year Microsoft veteran who has been leading marketing for the Server and Tools group at the company, is leaving as of mid-February.

Microsoft announced Wahbe's impending departure internally on January 5 and updated his bio on the company's Web site to reflect his departure on January 7.

The new head of Server and Tools marketing will be Takeshi Numoto, another Microsoft veteran, who currently is the Corporate Vice President in charge of Office product management.

Wahbe has been with the Server and Tools business during his entire tenure at Microsoft, and has held both engineering and marketing roles. He is credited as having helped Microsoft create a simpler marketing story for its public and private cloud strategies. Wahbe joined Microsoft in 1996, when Microsoft bought his company, Colusa Software Inc..

Currently, Wahbe oversees product planning, pricing, packaging, branding and advertising, as well as developing sales integration and working with the partner ecosystem" for products including Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center, and Forefront, according to his corporate bio. Numoto takes over Wahbe's job on February 15.

Microsoft is set to announce its latest private cloud and management strategy via a Webcast on January 17.

In other Microsoft organizational changes news, Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM business, is leaving his current role. (No word whether Wilson is completely leaving Microsoft or not.)  Wilson will be transitioning his responsibilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM product management to a new executive, Dennis Michalis. Before joining Microsoft, Michalis was corporate senior vice president at Infor Global Solutions, where he was responsible for the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud business.

Topics: Microsoft, Servers


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  • RE: Microsoft Server and Tools marketing chief to leave the company

    Hopefully Takeshi Numoto can get HP to make the Mediasmart server again and actually market WHS.
  • RE: Microsoft Server and Tools marketing chief to leave the company

    Hope they fire the rest of the Marketing leads. Their Marketing sucks!