Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

Summary: Microsoft officials announced August 23 said there have been 300,000-plus downloads of the beta of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools to date.


As Microsoft approaches its fall Windows Phone 7 launch, its evangelists are working overtime to try to build momentum for the platform.

Microsoft officials are announcing on August 23 that there have been 300,000-plus downloads of the beta of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools to date. They said the final version of the tools will be out September 16, but stressed that those interested in writing games and applications using the XNA Framework and Silverlight don't need to wait for the final.

"Of course, the final tools will have some minor breaking changes from the Beta tools, so developers may have to fix some bugs which arise," acknowledged Brandon Watson, a Director in Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business, in a new post to the Windows Phone Developer blog. "The final tools will also include several highly requested Silverlight controls which will make it even easier for developers to deliver high quality Windows Phone 7 experiences. Also in the September 16th final release, the panorama, pivot and Bing maps controls will all be available to drop into applications," Watson added.

The latest version of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools beta, released in July, included test builds of Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Windows Phone Emulator, Silverlight for Windows Phone, Expression Blend for Windows Phone and XNA Game Studio 4.0

Watson, for those who haven't bumped into him at various Microsoft shows and events, is the guy who heads up Windows Phone developer marketing and field and sales readiness for developer engagements. He formerly worked on the technical marketing team for Server and Tools, focusing on developer platforms for Windows Azure and .Net. (He's also founded a company that developed online-safety solutions for kids, and was a principal with Soros Private Equity Partners, in between his stints at Microsoft.)

"There are half a million Silverlight developers out there, and two million C# programmers," Watson told me during a meeting I had with him recently at a Microsoft event. "The message is write once, optimize anywhere."

He stressed that Windows Phone 7 and its ecosystem is "built by developers, for developers."

"We're listening to developers about what they want and are being very open and transparent about what we're delivering" in terms of tools, Marketplace policies and more, Watson said. With Microsoft, "you get discovered, you get rewarded," he quipped.

Another of those who is part of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 evangelism efforts is Anand Iyer, who has been working as a Microsoft evangelist in the not-usually-Microsoft-friendly Northern California area. Iyer has worked with Microsoft's Emerging Business Team and was a program manager for the Microsoft BizSpark program for startups. Currently, he is a Senior Product Manager focusing on Windows Phone 7's Application Developer experiences, targeting startups, students and hobbyist/indie developers in particular.

Iyer said there's a big focus with Windows Phone 7 on "long-tail developers," not just the big names. "We want to create rockstars," he said, to make sure that there will be some unique applications that are available only on Windows Phone 7.

"The goal is to help developers truly understand what they need to do to be successful," he said. That means finding ways to attract developers who have experience writing for other smartphone platforms, like the iPhone and Android, but also looking for those who are familiar with Microsoft's tools and development models who may not necessarily have mobile-development experience.

Microsoft recently announced 50 gaming titles that will be available on Windows Phone 7 at launch. The company also has been distributing Windows Phone 7 prototype phones to a small, selected pool of developers to help them finalize their offerings for launch. Microsoft execs have been sporting early prototype Windows Phone 7 devices at various conferences. And the team has been encouraging Microsoft employees to try their hand at developing Windows Phone 7 applications.

As many pundits, developers, competitors and potential customers have noted, Microsoft has a long road ahead of it on the smartphone front. Is there anything Microsoft isn't doing -- or should rethink -- that you feel would give Windows Phone 7 a better chance of success?

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Watson?!

    Funny, I thought Watson was the doctor that used to monitor crash bug reports in Windows...
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

      @GoodThings2Life So 300,000... Does that included failed downloades that had to be restarted??? Cus with Microsoft, that would only be 5 or 6 completed downloads... LOL

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      • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

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        tablet <a href="">iffet izle</a> computers knowing <a href="">kuzey guney dizisi</a> fully well Intel's next Atom chips will come out of door slaughtering everything
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        just <a href="">kuzey guney</a> fine with <a href="">kuzey guney izle</a> great power efficiency. It's funny people even think MSFT needs to port Windows to ARM.
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

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  • Wow, Microsoft is really starting to look desperate.

    The whole "numbers" game that Apple started back with iTunes downloads has really become a cliche. It's cheesy when Apple does it, but at least they invented it-so it's their own [i]schtick[/i]. When others do they look like wannabe cheesy. Now Microsoft is touting the number of dev kits downloaded which makes them look like aspiring to wannabe cheesy. Seriously, we know Microsoft is looking bad having admitted that Windows Mobile was a failure, and that Kin was a failure [b]and[/b] an embarrassment, but really, crowing the number of potential developers your platform [i]might[/i] have is kind of pathetic.

    Microsoft should stop trying to play Apple's games, and go back to playing its own. You know, the ones that worked so well in the 90s that they scared an entire industry into submission.
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

      you sound too cheesy to reply to
      • And yet you replied...

        @peterpulmonary <br><br>So 300,000... Does that included failed downloades that had to be restarted??? Cus with Microsoft, that would only be 5 or 6 completed downloads... LOL
      • i8thecat: We're not talking Linux or Firefox here

        where the same people download the software 10-15 times trying to create a disk or an uncorrupted install file.
        John Zern
      • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

        @i8thecat - how pathetic. you have to stoop to making stuff up? you do remember that they deliver updates and downloads successfully of hundreds of millions of systems globally? no other company distributes software on that scale except maybe Adobe with Flash.
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

      Nothing better than seeing mac/linux users running windows on their machines. I can understand linux guys but mac? That costs money people!!! But hey, Apple will have a solution for you soon, ... a little white slick looking accessory with Windows on it, you plug it into your $3K mac and it works.
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

      M$ will fail even with its fudged numbers.
      Linux Geek
      • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

        @Linux Geek Look at you, Mr. Cool! You used a '$' instead of a S. That is SO CLEVER!

        1998 called, it wants its joke back.
      • Loverock Davidson & Mike Cox say your full of HOY air

        <img border="0" src="" alt="happy">
        Over and Out
  • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

    One of the things I would recommend to Microsoft is to have system updates in the pipeline soon after launch. In the first year, I probably would aim for 3 updates.
    • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

      If it is anything like their desktop OS, there will be a lot of them .. you can bet on that !! lol
      • That would be 2 more than Roid has to offer...


        With a Roid phone you only get 1 update a year... So Microsoft would be beating them by 2, which is way better than 1... LOL
      • pjamison, you totally forgot and left out....

        any facts. Apple has released so many MEGA and SUPER patches that since 1/1/2007 they have sent out more fixes than MS by a margin of 20:1. <br><br>Vista and Windows 7 simply don't have many patches. <br><br>And of course, Linux systems, like Ubuntu, normally have patches waiting to be installed daily. <br><br>But yet you and your ilk are still out there proving your ignorance.
      • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

        @xuniL_z your arguments are flawed The reason that Linux and Apple have so many patches is they use BSD/Unix/Linux kernel there easy to load patches with no side-effects unlike MS bloated Kernels..........Look how bad SP2 slowed down XP ....
      • YTJay, your logic is, well, illogical

        So you are saying the reason that XNU and Linux need patched so often, due to bugs, many of which and esp. with OS X are flaws that allow remote exploits (should someone want to exploit it. Exploitable code is exploitable code..period), is because they are easy to patch? That is why they write such sloppy code in the first place?
        That's the funniest reasoning I've ever heard.
  • RE: Microsoft touts 300,000 Windows Phone 7 dev-tool downloads

    Microsoft is always late to the party. But they stay until they've eaten all the cake and end up cleaning up. The mobile phone will be no different. They dabbled, they failed. They regrouped and now will make every effort to push and succeed. And having XBox live on their phones - well, that alone will be a coup others can only hope to emulate. <br><br>The other point is that phones are like fashion, people change them out every 12 months or so. In contrast to the the PC/Mac feud, where once you choose a side you generally stick to it, a Palm user may next try a Blackberry and then an iPhone and then an Android and then a... The point being that in two or three years can you predict what phone YOU will be using? I can't. And then 2 years after that? Microsoft knows this and can grow into dominance by leveraging every aspect of their immense dominion. <br><br>Leximize your word!