Microsoft updates SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

Microsoft updates SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

Summary: Microsoft is adding support for a new Windows 8 'fetch' feature, due to be part of the upcoming Release Preview, to its SkyDrive cloud-storage app.

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Microsoft is starting to push updates to the recently introduced preview versions of its local SkyDrive cloud-storage apps for Windows and Macs.

In a blog post on May 30, company officials said the coming updates will "appear automatically" in the next week or so on PCs and Macs of those who've downloaded the apps.

Among the fixes and updates:

  • SkyDrive for Windows desktop will power a new "fetch photos" feature in the coming Windows 8 Release Preview -- due out in the first week of June. "Right from the Photos app in Windows 8, you can fetch photos stored on your other PCs that have SkyDrive installed – no matter where you are or how many terabytes of photos you have stored on the PC you are accessing," explained post author and Principal Group Program Manager for SkyDrive Apps Mike Torres. He said Microsoft will have more to say about this feature "shortly."
  • SkyDrive for OS X Lion no longer shows an app icon in the dock when running.
  • The SkyDrive folder now updates more quickly and reliably when changes are made on other devices, including, Torres said.
  • The limit on the number of total files in the SkyDrive folder created by the apps has been raised from 150,000 to 10  million.
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes to improve overall reliability.

The build number for the latest SkyDrive apps is 16.4.4111.0525, but those running older builds (if the last four numbers are lower than 0525) don't need to do anything -- other than make sure SkyDrive is running -- to get these updates delivered to their machines, Torres said.

Microsoft made available for download on April 23 a preview version of SkyDrive for Windows, a local version of its SkyDrive client. This is the first step Microsoft is taking toward integrating SkyDrive with Live Mesh, the company’s synchronization service that’s similar to DropBox. The preview is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft made the preview version of SkyDrive for Mac OS X Lion available on April 23, as well.

The SkyDrive clients for all supported platforms are available on Microsoft's SkyDrive apps site.

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  • Fixes are welcomed

    Looking forward to it. Skydrive on my Mac isn't updating reliably although it pulled everything down on the first sync.
  • I think I'll pass

    Something about allowing Microsoft the right to install software on my hard drive, makes me just say "No". If you're comfortable giving them permission, I don't let anyone install software on my drive.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • So you create your own OS and apps

      methinks thou doth protest too much.
      Your Non Advocate
    • Yawn.

      And we care because... ???
      Hallowed are the Ori
  • Good!

    I was hoping the sync would become more snappy. It's hard to tell from behind a corporate firewall where the fault of the delays actually lies, but on the few occasions where I've needed a sync between devices to take place quickly, I've been frustrated. If that gets fixed, then this will be a fantastic extension to Windows and Skydrive that has been a --long-- time coming.