Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

Summary: Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTM'd) the Windows Phone OS 7.0, company officials announced on September 1.


Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTM'd) the Windows Phone OS 7.0, company officials announced on September 1.

"While the final integration of Windows Phone 7 with our partners’ hardware, software, and networks is underway, the work of our internal engineering team is largely complete," blogged Terry Myerson, the Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Engineering.

One new feature Microsoft has added in the past couple of months is the option to filter your contacts based on their sources -- "e.g., you don’t have to see all of your Facebook contacts if you don’t want to," as my blogging colleague Matthew Miller noted.

Microsoft is expected to hold some kind of Windows Phone 7 launch event in October. Company officials have said the first wave of Windows Phone 7s will be available to customers in Europe in October and the U.S. in November of this year.

I asked Microsoft officials for comment as to whether they've moved to the Windows Embedded Compact 7 core before RTM'ing the new phone OS. (Last we heard, Microsoft was using the Windows Embedded Compact 6.0 R3 core in the first generation of Windows Phone 7 devices. No word back yet on that. I do know that Embedded Compact 7 still has not RTM'd (it's still on schedule to RTM in the fourth quarter of 2010, officials reconfirmed today).

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  • Great news for Apple!

    Apple has finished copying all the work that MS did with Windows Mobile and, based on today's Apple event, has obviously run out of things to do. This is a market that desperately needs some innovation and from what I've seen of WP7, it is a market that is about to get some. This is great news for Apple because they, once again, have someone else's work that they can steal from. That is so much easier than coming up with stuff themselves. *cough* Ping *cough*
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

      Quite predictable silly response from NonZealot.

      By the way, I've rarely read posts with such anti-Apple zealotry as yours - is the name ironic? (But then Yanks aren't supposed to 'get' irony.)
      Ian Wright
      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

        @Ian Wright Intellisense negates the majority of copy'n'paste<br>Multi-language input support IS in there<br>Multitasking IS in there<br>There is no built-in timer app but 3rd party apps already exist<br>Scheduler? do you mean a calendar? yep thats there as well.

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      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

        @Ian Wright

        The same advertisers that brought us Seinfeld (lets play footsie and wiggle our shorts Bill), Laptop Hunters (that got all sorts of bad press for lies (incorrect pricing and customer never actually went into an Apple store) and portraying windows as "cheep"), And Windows 7 was Macs idea (where a college kid who can't get laid and get kicked out of his dorm room (by his Mac roommate) has to watch TV in the hall because he doesn't even have a friend whom he could visit).

        I bet Kinect will<a href="" title="cinsel sohbet" target="_blank">cinsel sohbet</a> not be magical either.
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      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

        @Ian Wright Linux server growth has already slowed into the single digits. Microsoft server sales are already greater than Office sales. Linux servers replace only Unix servers, and Microsoft server sales will surpass those for the combination of Linux and Unix soon enough.<br><br>Microsoft has obtained the expertise and assistance of SuSE in creating the migration tools that will ease the Linux to Windows transition. The path was already marked out.<br><br>Linux to Windows will soon be far easier than Unix to Windows has ever been. And companies can't wait for their chance to leap into the future.<br><br>So curb your impatience. Linux and the rest of op-en source peaked awhile ago. They'll recede soon enough. Not everything has to happen in internet time frames. <a href="">ben 10 oyunlari</a> <a href="">giydirme oyunlari</a>
    • Thank you for reminding us that...

      @NonZealot, Thank you for reminding us that Apple copied the Zune when they built the iPod.
      Basic Logic
      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

        @Basic Logic yes really thanks to the remind that and also i saying its very great found. <a href="">ged Programs</a>
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done


      Yep another great day for Apple.

      First they copied the crowded desktop UI and now they have something better to reverse engineer.

      No Apple didn't copy ZUNE, Apple repackaged a generic MP3 player, MS did some research and produced Zune. Zune has led to WP7, so I expect Apple to be crowing about their brave new UI in around 8-9 months - as soon as they can clone it.

      But it is ironic to be so wrong and called Wright - Aussies do understand irony ;-)
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

      @NonZealot I'm not sure - it's possible that there are issues around performance, cost, or both, or that MS is just new to this area. I know that it's unusually complex to write software to run on any of these clusters, so I'd guess that factors like the expertise of those writing the software, compatibility with existing apps, and similar might be involved. <a href="">yapboz oyunlari</a> <a href="">kayu oyunlari</a> <a href="">3d oyunlar</a>
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  • "Just announced": Joe Belfiore will deliver WP7 keynote@Windows Connections

    I received the email around noon today that Joe Belfiore will deliver the keynote at the Windows Connections conference in November:

    "Join us November 1 - 4, 2010 at Windows Connections in Las Vegas for a just-announced keynote presented by Joe Belfiore. Joe will be sharing the latest and greatest information about the next version of the Windows Phone operating system coming out this year - Windows Phone 7. Hear about the new addition to the Microsoft phone portfolio straight from the VP himself!"

    Not sure who was previously scheduled to give the keynote (if anyone was scheduled?), but that would suck to get bumped. Anyhow, maybe that's the US launch event?
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

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      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

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  • I started writing apps for WP7...

    And stopped when I realized that it...<br>- has no copy & paste<br>- has no multi-language input support<br>- has no multitasking<br>- has no timer/scheduler<br><br>Does anyone know if any of this stuff has been addressed? You can't even write a friggin' calendar app on this thing!

    I swear, if they keep alienating developers like this, they're not going to have a healthy app market.
    • There is already a calander app


      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done


      Intellisense negates the majority of copy'n'paste
      Multi-language input support IS in there
      Multitasking IS in there
      There is no built-in timer app but 3rd party apps already exist
      Scheduler? do you mean a calendar? yep thats there as well
    • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done


      Sorry you aren't used to modern development systems. Not really surprising with inux in your name ;-)

      Please tell me of any other company on the planet that produces anything like Visual Studio and its frameworks.
      • RE: Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 operating system is done

        @tonymcs@...<br><br>You people CAN'T be serious.<br><br>I'm saying there's no copy & paste on the *phone!* No duh there's c&p in Visual Studio. I use it every day.<br><br>Wow. You people are incredibly slow.<br><br>@MyBlueRex<br><br>Last time I checked, there was no Asian input support. Glad if that's been changed.<br><br>Multitasking is limited to certain applications that Microsoft supports; other applications are given a very short window of time to close gracefully once they're minimized.<br><br>No, a calendar is not a scheduler. A calendar implements a scheduler. There are plenty of other uses for scheduler API that the built-in calendar surely will not address.<br><br>I'm hardly anti-MS (I chose this name because my real name is Rei, and I thought reinux is sort of catchy), but you people need to learn to accept the fact when they screw up.
  • Android is crushing any Windows mobile phone

    Windows mobile is dead.
    • That remains to be seen


      But judging by how much went into this, expect Microsoft to heavily promote this.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion