Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

Summary: Microsoft is readying the Mac client version of its Lync unified communications product. The Lync Mac client RTM'd on September 8 and will be on price lists next month.


Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTM'd) its Lync unified communications client for the Mac, company officials said on September 9.

Lync for Mac will be on Microsoft's price lists starting October 1, company officials said. Lync for Mac will be included with every purchased copy of Office for Mac Standard 2011 through volume licensing.

The Lync for Mac client will work in conjunction with both Lync Server and Microsoft's Lync Online service (which is available standalone and as part of Office 365). Lync is the successor to Office Communications Server and includes enterprise instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, support for presence and voice-over-IP (VOIP).

Microsoft is working on Lync clients for a variety of other platforms, including all the leading smartphone platforms. Officials have said that they will deliver Lync for iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Phones before the end of this calendar year.

Microsoft launched its on-premises Lync Server in November 2010 and the accompanying Windows client in December 2010. Update: There's also a Web-based Lync app out there, as well.

Microsoft is planning to integrate Skype with Lync and make that integration available to users in some way/ways in the coming months.

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  • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

    Lync client for variety of platforms including Android, Symbian, WP7, iOS is really interesting to see. I think Microsoft is going to utilize their Skype investment there.
    Ram U
    • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

      @Rama.NET ... I can't wait to see what Skype-esque improvements come in the next version, if any, but frankly aside from federation so that customers can talk to Skype users, I don't expect too much since Skype is a less interesting solution by comparison of what Lync already features.
    • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

      @Rama.NET A lot of people have their head wrapped around Skype. There was a video leak from TechEd in New Zealand a few weeks back where the Microsoft Rep specifically said "we have someone else doing that for us". [And that video was promptly removed from Youtube within 12 hrs]. This was with respect to Android, iOS, and Symbian. <br><br>There's a company called Damaka that does "mobile UCC" and they have a solution for Lync called Xync (crossplatform Lync). It's on both the iTunes store (for iPhone and XyncHD for iPad) and in the Android Marketplace. You download their app and punch in your Lync credentials. There are a few notable blog reviews from UCC experts. I would pay attention to this company/startup.
  • Choice

    Brought to you by Microsoft.
    Your Non Advocate
    • Is there a direct competitor?

      @facebook@... What is this products closest competitor?
  • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

    Please, why would I ever sully my Microsoft free Mac environment with cheap MS warez? Go find another sucker Microsoft!
    The Danger is Microsoft
    • Because Office for Mac is great software

      @The Danger is Microsoft
    • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

      @The Danger is Microsoft
      Because you're a closed-minded Troll?

      If the tool is good, and it does what's needed, then you have reasons to use it. If not - don't. It's that simple.
  • RE: Microsoft's Lync communications client for Mac goes gold

    mary joe -
    Please be careful about how you phrase things - "theres also a web based Lync app..." is not actually correct - the Lync web app is for meetings only
    try sticking to the facts ( youll earn more cred that way) and no just assuming you know what things mean by looking at the titles of articles