Microsoft's OEM chief defects to Lenovo

Microsoft's OEM chief defects to Lenovo

Summary: The Microsoft OEM Chief chair has been vacated yet again. Scott Di Valerio quietly left Microsoft at the very end of October and is slated to start at as President of the Americas Group at Lenovo on December 3.


While so many of us Microsoft watchers were preoccupied with the hasty departure of former Microsfot CIO Stuart Scott, the resignation of the company's OEM chief slipped right by most of us.

Microsoft’s OEM chief defects to LenovoScott Di Valerio quietly left Microsoft at the very end of October and has resurfaced at Lenovo. Redmond Channel Partner reported on Di Valerio's career moves in early November, but I missed their story.

Di Valerio is slated to start his new job on December 3 as Lenovo senior vice president and president of the Americas Group.

Since November 2005, Di Valerio was corporate vice president of Microsoft's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division. The head of the OEM division traditionally has been an important post at Microsoft -- and one with quite the revolving door since the mid-1990s.

The most (in)famous of Microsoft's OEM chiefs was Joachim Kempin, who left his post in 2000. Richard Roy, head of Microsoft Germany, stepped in to fill Kempin's shoes. Next, Richard Fade, the VP in charge of Microsoft's desktop applications division, headed the OEM unit for a couple of years, during the tough DOJ sanction-negotiation period. Then, in July of 2002, Rodrigo Costa took the OEM reins. In 2005, Di Valerio moved over from his job as Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Finance and Administration and chief accounting officer (CAO).

It can't have been much fun to be OEM chief at Microsoft for the past few years. Vista's constantly changing due date and feature set was followed by finger-pointing between Microsoft and its PC partners regarding hardware/driver incompatibilities. Microsoft ended up giving in to OEMs' requests to allow them to preload Windows XP for an additional few months in order to appease customers not ready to move to Vista.

Redmond Channel Partner said that James Pickney (whose previous title I had no luck finding) will serve as the interim leader of the Microsoft OEM Division, working with Bill Veghte, corporate vice president of the Windows Business Group, and COO Kevin Turner, to find a full-time replacement for Di Valerio.

Update:  A couple of readers pointed out that another former Softie, Microsoft's former Human Resources Chief Ken DiPietro (who left the company in a hurry in 2005 for publicly undisclosed reasons), is now the HR chief at Lenovo.

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  • How many chairs did Ballmer destroy this time?

    Wuahahaha!! I wonder how many chairs Ballmer threw this time, and did he threaten to "f***ing kill Lenovo" yet? :) :) :p
    • Why would he?

      Did your boss throw chairs after you quit (or did they throw a party)?

      Your post was quite odd.
      • Obviously you don't know Ballmer like we do . <NT>

        • So you two work at Microsoft?

          For a bunch of Microsoft employees, you guys sure aren't very loyal.

          BTW: Ballmer does get over excited, but he's sane.

          I would oust him out, but he's not crazy.
          • You are right , he's not crazy .

            He definitely is a child . When he gets angry , he begins to throw things around .
            Ballmer it's time to tone down your tantrums .
  • Bye-bye Bloatfarm

    Who needs to work in an obviously disfunctional organization for an obviously "distracted" individual like Ballmer who is obviously incapable of leadership except through tantrums.

    Look at all of his recent successes: Vista, WM6, Xbox, etc. (Oops, none of these work right; branch to replace top management replacement routine...) MSFT is a good short sell.

    I suppose it is good for Ethan Allen when it can sell another set of office furniture...
    Jeremy W
    • LOL!

      My guess is that you either were fired from Miocrosoft (as you where just not good enough), or you did not even get the first interview.

      Am I close? Do not answer that, as I do not expect an honest answer.
      • I think I saw you the other night

        Yes, it musta been you. A light guiding a
        group of poor lost souls into the sea of
        despair, commonly known as Microsoft.

        What a legacy you aspire to. The destruction
        of your own freedom (as well as your fellow
        human beings).
        Ole Man
        • Well that was interesting

          A couple of posters make comments about the article, and another insult the posters.
          tracy anne
          • An insult is an insult only if it is true

            If it is truly an insult, it must be true.

            Otherwise it is insignificant, and to be
            scoffed at.

            Wear the shoe if it fits, or scoff at it.
            Who cares?
            Ole Man
  • A cowardly act

    He doesn't want to be around when the
    stinky stuff hits the proverbial fan,
    when Microsoft no longer permits the
    sale of XP.

    Which brings up a question of
    importance. How will they determine
    if a copy of XP was purchased before
    the deadline when a previously
    purchased copy is activated (or at
    least attempted to activate)?

    Now they will have to add another
    layer of confusion to the already
    over-burdened, failing WGA nightmare,
    by requiring it to determine a
    non-existant time/date stamp.

    Another wonderful feature for you
    Windows users to look forward to.
    Only Scotty won't be there any longer
    to take credit for it.
    Ole Man
  • Umm, Mary is supposed to be *NEW*

    ...not six weeks old

    "Redmond Channel Partner reported on Di Valerio???s
    career moves in early November, but I missed their

    good to know your unblinking eye rarely sleeps and
    gets your info from such unbiased sources!!!
  • RE: Microsoft's OEM chief defects to Lenovo