Microsoft's Project Barcelona (and other codenames worth watching)

Microsoft's Project Barcelona (and other codenames worth watching)

Summary: A new Microsoft metadata server, codenamed "Barcelona," is one of several new entries on this month's Codetracker. The latest free version is downloadable now.


There's a new Microsoft server coming to town.

Codenamed "Barcelona," the coming "metadata server" is akin to "a magical map of the enterprise data topology." It looks as if this new project is coming from the SQL Server team -- the folks who are working on "Denali," "Crescent," "Juneau" and a bunch of other new database-related deliverables.

Here's an architectural diagram for those of you (like me) who secretly love them:

Barcelona isn't the only new Microsoft codename that's on my radar screen. I've added a bunch of other new ones, plus a number of updates, to my April edition of my free Microsoft Codetracker.

The Codename Tracker PDF is the same chart I use myself to keep up with the codenames of products and technologies coming from Microsoft.

If you’ve already registered on ZDNet, you can just grab the latest version. If you haven’t, registration info will be requested before you download it. Whether you’re a Microsoft customer, partner, analyst, competitor (or even employee), you might find the Tracker useful.

If there’s a Microsoft codename missing from my chart that you’d like me to check out and ultimately add, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail. I’m working on fleshing out several new reader suggestions and hope to be adding them to the next update of the tracker. Just so you know: All e-mails I receive are treated as confidential — unless you want a mention/credit line, of course.

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  • RE: Microsoft's Project Barcelona (and other codenames worth watching)

    Interesting! Where does Barcelona feature in Microsoft's cloud roadmap? It could potentially speed up meta-metadata lookups for several applications for one, removing data access hotspots and providing a kind of global 'meta-metadata' namespace. Thoughts?
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