Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 to launch on March 7

Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 to launch on March 7

Summary: Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 database will launch on March 7.


The launch date for SQL Server 2012 is out of the bag: It's March 7.

On the SQL Server 2012 Launch site, Microsoft is featuring the agenda of the Webcast timed to coincide with launch.

(Launch, as Microsoft historians know, may or may not equate to general availability. RTM, or release to manufacturing, also may precede or follow product launches at Microsoft these days. In the case of SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft's release to manufacturing (RTM) of the product preceded by about a month the date on which most customers could actually get the bits.)

Microsoft Server and Tools chief Satya Nadella revealed last fall that SQL Server 2012 (codenamed "Denali") would launch in the early part of 2012. Microsoft delivered the final public test build of SQL Server 2012 in November 2011.

The March 7 launch event topic list includes everything from big data, to StreamInsight complex event processing, to the new data-visualization and analysis tools that are part of the SQL Server 2012 release.

Microsoft already has revealed much of its SQL Server 2012 pricing and licensing plans, including availability of a new business-intelligence (BI) SKU.

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  • I would appreciate any information

    about whether there is anything useful under the marketing gobbledygook.

    Will the SQL standard "create assertion" statement be available? This is far more useful than most of the business intelligence stuff. If you haven't done your constraints properly then all you have is big bad data.
  • Off to a bad start

    The SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch event site allows users to register and earn badges and stuff. Creating my account today, and trying to edit my profile actually brought me to someone else's profile (Ike Singh), and I was able to edit info, send messages on his behalf, and post pictures from his account. Let's just hope SQL Server 2012 is not what's powering this site :)

  • XP

    But it doesn't run on Windows XP so no buy for many enterprises.
    • RE: Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 to launch on March 7


      Are you dumb? This is designed
      To be used on
      Operating systems.... So you wouldn't see
      It run on xp
  • RE: Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 to launch on March 7

    The success of SQL Server 2012 is very questionable now, once the company is laying off this week most of the best minds in that product team and many others in STB. This is a ridiculous witchhunt focused on removing all old-timers, especially those over 45 years old. This is the end of Microsoft as a DB platform, a pathetic cloud provider that goes nowhere, which will never provide the infra for any relevant cloud services other than O365 which is losing to Google on a 80/20 basisc. This company is doom due to the pathetic leadership of Steve Balmer and Kevin Turner who turned the company into the WalMart of the IT world.....

    I would strongly advise the Labor department to investigate what is happening this week...the company will fire people based simply on AGE....unfair practice...shame on you Microsof.t
  • Good

    Good Time ...