More on what's in store for Vista SP1

More on what's in store for Vista SP1

Summary: I ran a short list on July 8 of some of the fixes and enhanced functionality that my sources are telling me will be part of Vista Service Pack (SP) 1, a first beta of which is due to go to selected testers the week of July 16. But there are other fixes likely to make it into SP1.

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So what else will get fixed as part of the first service pack for Vista?

I ran a short list on July 8 of some of the fixes and enhanced functionality that my sources are telling me will be part of Vista SP 1, a first beta of which is due to go to selected testers the week of July 16.

But there are still more fixes likely to make it into SP1.

The AeroXPerience site has a supplementary list that includes other likely Vista SP1 additions, such as Windows Installer 4.1 and  Windows Recovery Environment driver loading enhancements.

Over on Microsoft Security Software Engineer Robert Hensing's blog, there's mention of another fix coming in Vista SP1: A patch designed to remedy a ReadyBoost flaw that causes sluggish Vista system resume/startup performance. (Perhaps this is the update designed to fix SP1 shutdown performance that I mentioned on the original Vista SP1 short list?)

Another previously noted update that was, at least at one time, on the Vista SP1 fix-it list was an update for an IIS 7 Manager overwrite bug.

And there's always the running tally maintained by the folks at TheHotFix.Net of patches (some of which Microsoft already has made available to customers) that could make it into Vista SP1.

I'm hearing SP1 won't introduce any significant changes to the Vista user interface. Supposedly, the included fixes and updates also will not have a negative impact application compatibility. (In other words, if an app runs on Vista, it also should run automatically on Vista SP1.) No word on whether anything in SP1 will remedy any apps that currently dont' work right with Vista.

Latest I hear is Microsoft is aiming to release the final version of Vista SP1 in November 2007.

Other Vista SP1 fixes you're expecting -- or for which you're praying?

Topics: Windows, Microsoft


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  • Hugley annoying bug for laptop users

    I use an external mouse with my ThinkPad and every time I plug it in, unplug it and replug it (several times a day) it will randomly change the amount of lines that scroll per wheel spin to 1.

    My job involves daily heavy reading. I've been changing my mouse wheel scroll setting every single day since I installed Vista.

    Hope you can get your contacts to work on that Mary.
  • How about reworking the UAC?

    I think that Ubuntu implements the UAC concept more intuitively. Maybe MS can license the philosophy so it is less intrusive?
    • How, might I ask?

      To make a system change, you need to escalate privileges.
      The 'concepts' seem the same...

      What I would like, on all systems (including OSX) is the ability to shut it off for X hours, then have it turn itself back on. It would make initial setup easier, and would not rely on the user going back and changing things
  • What about basic hardware support?

    I have an ATI Video Tuner card that is not able to function under Vista. As a matter of fact, any attempt to install it will completely crash the system to the point of having to run a recovery! Now if you ask Microsoft, they say that ATI is not supporting their OS. If you ask ATI, they scream that Microsoft is not releasing enough information for them to implement new drivers for Vista. Either way it is a poor example of two of the worlds largest companies in their respective fields not giving a crap about the end user. Don't even get me started on the amount of software that I have to jump through hoops to get running or that doesn't work at all on Vista. Oh well, I better get back in the herd with the rest of the sheep willing to pay more money for a not so improved OS that forces me to pay even more to double my previous hardware specs so that I can have a 4.9 experience rating. Yeah!!!
    • Be a goat, and leave the "sheep" behind

      Then don't take no more cap off nobody.
      Ole Man
  • RE: More on what's in store for Vista SP1

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