New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

Summary: Next week could mark the delivery of new test builds of both Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1 and Windows Server 2008, if signs this week are any indication.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft

Next week could mark the delivery of new test builds of both Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1 and Windows Server 2008, if signs this week are any indication.

WinBeta discovered Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate (RC) 0 page (which is still available via Google cache). And one Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is reporting that Microsoft released that RC 0 buid to Technology Adoption Program (TAP) partners this week, making next week look like a probable target for a broader release of the near-final build of Windows Server 2008 RC 0.

Meanwhile, given that Microsoft officials said on August 29 to expect Microsoft to release to 10,000 to 15,000 testers a beta build of Vista SP1 "in two weeks," next week might also be the due date for Vista SP1, if Redmond sticks to schedule.

Microsoft announced at the end of August that the final version of Vista SP1 should be ready to ship in the first quarter of 2008, as would Windows Server 2008. Until recently, testers had been expecting the final versions of both of these releases in November 2007. But given Microsoft's efforts to more tightly sync Windows client and server, going forward, the simultaneous delays of the two products isn't a huge surprise.

Speaking of Vista SP1, Gartner Inc. has issued a research note advising companies against waiting for SP1 to commence their deployment plans. Gartner is echoing Microsoft's sentiment that service packs are less important than they once were. Gartner's latest recommendations:

  • "Organizations that expect to be running any XP in mid-2010 should plan to test and deploy SP3 (due in the first half of 2008). It should be significantly less work than testing and deploying SP2.
  • "Organizations should integrate SP1 into their testing, piloting and deployment plans, but they should not significantly delay Windows Vista deployment on new PCs by waiting forSP1. If shifting a PC deployment a few weeks would allow deployment of Vista, do it, but don't bring in new PCs on Windows XP instead — it will be easier to upgrade a Vista PC to SP1 than an XP PC to Vista.
  • "If shifting a PC deployment a few weeks would allow deployment of SP1, do it. "

Topics: Windows, Microsoft


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  • *Yawn*...SP1..Who Cares

    I'm going back to XP or maybe going Ubuntu with XP on Virtual Box...I don't want to be monitored by an OS that I OWN.
  • RE: New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

    This is the big moment for Microsoft to save face on Windows Vista - lets hope that they don't let down customers who have kept with them through thick and thin.
    • Agreed...Vista SP1 better be phenomenal...

      I've never seen anything so pokey slow since the days of Windows ME. The constant pop-ups, drivers not working right, applications hanging, etc are just too much to handle. Windows XP was never THIS bad. My wireless works great under XP...but I continually have to manually connect under Vista. This is a step-backwards in productivity.

      Vista may bring less blue-screens, but I constantly find myself less productive in it's interface. I really can't understand the decision to leave bitlocker out of the business edition (I guess the only people that need drive encryption...are pirates and child pornographers? It's certainly not businesses according to Microsoft). The networking has now been prioritized for media...making Vista's use in business slower than XP (whoever made that decision should be immediately flogged). In fact, I really can't understand much of any of the touted features of Vista.

      There's absolutely nothing I can't do in XP already...and for less money...and faster. Vista SP1, unfortunately...won't change that.
      • RE: Agreed...Vista SP1 better be phenomenal...

        For me, I'm rather OS agnostic; I don't care for the politics of Microsoft vs. the universe; for me, its about whether I can get my work done with minimum fuss and bother.

        This laptop came preloaded with Windows Vista Business, I upgraded from 1gig to 2gigs, and it still ran lousey; this isn't a slouch, its a 1.83Ghz Core 2 Duo with all the latest bells and whistles.

        I've since moved to OpenSolaris B70 - its shocking to see how hamstrung my computer was when running Windows Vista, moving to another operating system is like a breath of fresh air, like I had bought a whole new computer.

        I think what also angers people is this simple fact; a company with thousands and billions in the bank make such a flawed product confuses many bloggers and followers. Sure, small company, cut them a little slack but this is a multi-billion dollar corporation - these things should not happen to the same degree as it has happened with Microsoft.
  • RE: New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

    Well, I'm one of those 10-15,000 contacted by MS to Beta test SP1, and will, but still am not deploying Vista any time soon...with or without SP1. I am an IT Manager at a major East coast university, and our University wide IT folks haven't approved Vista yet, due to ongoing compatibility issues with proprietary software. No word yet what their plans are for SP1 Testing.
    • RE: RE: New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

      Sounds like my university; no one there can honestly legitimise the expense that it will take with moving to Windows Vista - and thats just the licence cost alone. That doesn't include the mountain of applications that will need upgrading and retraining.

      The issue I guess isn't so much the cost of moving but the lack of productivity improvements to offset the costs of migrating.
    • Issues with proprietary apps

      I'm curious if your proprietary apps work properly on Windows XP/2000 when running as a limited user? The biggest change in Vista that impacts app compatibility is that users (even administrators) don't have administrative rights by default. In most cases, the apps in question never worked on XP/2000 either when running as a limited user.

      I'm not saying that's what your particular issue is, but it's quite likely.
  • Proprietary Products

    The term Proprietary Software or Products can be misleading. Almost any database is probably proprietary. Take the IBM Unidata Database, add in a kind of CRM or Custom User interface for the Database, then add in connection software to download FAFSA data, add in a custom Scheduling for Rooms interface, Custom IDCARD interface, custom Library Database Interface, connection to download ACT Scores. You get the idea?

    Now a lot of these things may work and may not work. However, take the database; even thought we use standard Excel and ODBC connection, IBM may not have the next version of Drivers working for us to access the views for reports. So each interface would have to be evaluated. The biggest problem with vista is the quirkiness with their Networking. That affects database queries and reports that need speed and connectivity to keep working.

    Everything must be certified before a move is made.
  • Don't wait for SP1 - deploy Vista now

    You can all now cancel your Gartner subscriptions if you are expecting true research
    results. This is obviously not a neutral research company. Anything they put out
    from this point forward might as well be labeled " Microsoft Advertisement".
    Ania Levy


  • RE: New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?

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