Summary: Wonder if the term "OzzieSoft" -- a k a, the world of Microsoft, according to Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie -- is going to take off?


Wonder if the term "OzzieSoft" -- a k a, the world of Microsoft, according to Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie -- is going to take off?

ray-ozzie.jpgA couple of Microsoft bloggers, Steve Clayton and James Senior, have dropped OzzieSoft mentions into recent posts. Both attribute Microsoft's seeming desire to be more "Steve-Jobs-like" in not announcing products until they are ready to ship to Ozzie. (As Windows-Now.com blogger Robert McLaws notes, that policy can backfire if core developers and consituents aren't allowed to have input into the product-evolution process.)

If Ozzie does decide to take up the Jobs mantle, I am praying he won't go the black turtleneck route. And I'm hoping someone as clever as "Fake Steve" ends up penning the "Fake Ray" blog.

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  • Would being like Steve be so bad?

    I know this doesn't work for IBM, but then again, what really does work for IBM?

    Ray doesn't any more. I admire Ray, and perhaps with Ray in charge I can learn to admire Microsoft.

    I think as a whole, he has a much broader view of the world and knows the competition to some level.

    Microsoft needs a poster child that people can believe in and not some dancing monkey boy loudmouth who knocks on Linux every chance he gets.
    • Bill did ok with the "competition"

      I mean:
      Richest person in the world
      Helping people in underdeveloped countries
      Creating more millionaires than any other company in history
      Gives a reason for people like Steve to strive for greatness

      Well you get the idea. Ray will continue this and bring a broader view, allbeit from an expected perspective.
      • Monopoly, maybe?

  • Ozzie-Hazy

    He sure hasn't been very visible as the person taking on the mantle of the Bill. And we all know what the history has been of bringing in outsiders to the executive suite.

    Good man. Bad place. Huge job.
  • Bill G's Mom Was a Director of IBM

    I remember seeing this mentioend in a story on Haaretz.com several years ago and seeing it validated/confirmed several times since then. This image has been cultivated that MS was founded by this boy-genius with his own idea that became DOS and then Windows. Not surprisingly, the bit about Billy's mom being a director of IBM never seems to make it to the story. It does not diminish the signifigance of the company or Bill Gs achievement, but it is very interesting that this is never disclosed.

    While I have no real knowledge of Mr. Ozzie or his current vision, it just seems that MS is now squarely in that "old-school" mode of thinking. It does not seem as if MS is a haven for bright younf technologists - too much baggage and bureaucracy for young minds.

    --Doug Hettinger
    • Link Please

      Not that I don't buy what you say, but I would like for you to back it up so that I can have that sense of certainty of placing stock in what you say.
      • Check Wikipedia

        Bill Gs mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate Bank and the United Way, NOT on the IBM board.

        • Wikipedia is Pretty Cool...

          ...but the exclusion or omission of a fact from it does not mean anything.

          However, having said that, I did say that:

          "I remember seeing this mentioend in a story on Haaretz.com several years ago and seeing it validated/confirmed several times since then."

          I would have to research the topic to issue an authortitative opinion, but I have seen this discussion topic in several professional forums. The Haaretz forums was the last discussion with this reference to the alleged professional association of the parent. The times I'd seen it claimed, others seems to know that as well. I do remember the term director specifically used. However, that can mean upper level manager over a functional area or it can mean director on a board of directors. In any event, check into it as I've seen the reference many times over the years. Search the Haaretz forums for a thread about this - there is interesting stuff up there.

          --Doug Hettinger
  • " there is interesting stuff up there."

    But MORE interesting right here.

    Microsoft can't hide the fact that their
    business models are in a nose-dive and
    will soon crash unless emergency
    measures are taken, yet they refuse to
    remove the onerous customer abusive and
    partner/developer fatal practices from
    their products. Hiding their malpractice
    will not make a difference.

    Will they reform before it is too late?

    Can a leopard change his spots?

    Only time will tell, but if history is
    any indication, there is little to no
    chance of it.
    Ole Man
    • MS has committed its honor in the past...

      and only an extraordinary reversal in everything will change public opinion.

      Once a liar, always a liar.

      MS has no selconfidence, that is why it does not compete, it destroys competition, preferrably before it even is born. For example, it was afraid of DR-DOS, so it introduced FUD in Windows 3.1 trial version.

      In the mid-nineties, MS made an unavoidable, fatal decision: to violate rules of software engineering and produce the bloatware that became Windows 2000. The consequences of that decision are being strongly felt on Windows Vista.

      It is about time that the nature of the irreversible business model of MS goes full course and delete it or deeply change it for good. Such a change is possible with new authorities at the top.
  • RE: OzzieSoft?

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