The Zune is now Vista-compatible

The Zune is now Vista-compatible

Summary: A little more than a month after launching its Zune MP3 player, Microsoft has rolled out an update that allows it to work with Windows Vista.

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Since I dinged Microsoft for its lack of Windows Vista compatibility when the company launched its Zune MP3 player on November 14, it's only fair that I note that the Zune is officially Vista-compatible, as of today.

It doesn't sound like Microsoft is making things easy on Zune customers, however. Microsoft has released both updated Zune software for PCs and updated Zune firmware. From early reports, it sounds like the firmware update is not so smooth.

And if you were holding your breath in anticipation of Microsoft to release any new features (like Wifi video sharing) via the updates, you can exhale. THe updates released on December 19 are all about plumbing only.

Topic: Windows


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  • Finally!

    My Zune (even if it was free) makes a much better music player than a paperweight :)
  • No problem at all

    There has been only one report of any problem with the update. Other than that there has been no problem at all. The update has been smooth and without any proble. I always thought this Vista update issue was a stupid one. Vista was not comercially available till 30 Jan so it did not make sense at all. Any way all MS bashing people gad an opertunity and they jumped on it.
  • Smooth sailing

    1.1 to 1.2 took about 45 seconds on my machine, worked like a charm. The Vista intall on Home Premium also worked without a hitch.

    Curious what could cause one machine to work fine and another to falter? Out of spec USB drivers in the machine? Funky firewall that thinks the traffic is evil? Updating from inside a VM?
  • RE: The Zune is now Vista-compatible