Vista SP1: The first reviews are in

Vista SP1: The first reviews are in

Summary: Build No. 6001.16549 of Vista Service Pack 1 -- which Microsoft now is confirming as one of the "early, pre-beta test builds that were made available to a select group of testers" -- has made its way onto torrents all over the Web over the past few days. The first reviews are starting to come in.

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Build No. 6001.16549 of Vista Service Pack 1 -- which Microsoft now is confirming as one of the "early, pre-beta test builds that were made available to a select group of testers" -- has made its way onto torrents all over the Web over the past few days.

If you're curious about what's in (and not) in the SP1 pre-beta, it's worth checking out APC Magazine's review. As Microsoft told selected SP1 testers, there are not any user-interface changes to write home about. But there are a few minor ones, according to reports.

Still no word on when the public Vista SP1 beta will hit, other than "shortly." And while a number of sites are reporting the final Vista SP1 will arrive in 2008, I'm still hearing that Microsoft is shooting for late 2007 for the final Vista SP1 code.

Topics: Windows, Microsoft


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  • Old story here , but where are the crucial facts ?

    I've read at other websites that Vista SP1 will fix over 960+ bugs in the Vista OS . Clearly this sends a signal that Vista has way more bugs than OS X , & that Vista was never ready to be placed on the market to begin with .
    • Re: Old store here

      A product can't be 100% or even 60% bug free in a world of only beta testing and developer testing. Testers can't find every bug in a system, it always ends up being hackers or customers finding bugs, which at some point Microsoft will fix, Vista isn't their only OS.

      As well, comparing Vista/Windows to OS X is just plain dumb. Apple's OS X, has what, 16% of the operating system market?

      The reason OS X has less "reported" bugs is tied to the fact it's not as easy to tweak an OSX, nor is it as easy to program software compared to a Windows machine. But a major point is the fact that hackers and people who try to find wholes in a system ALWAYS go for the system with the most users, why brag about finding a bug in an OS with only a few thousand users, not much glory or fame in that?
      • Re:Old Story Here

        I was referring to Windows Vista itself having over 960+ bugs . Let's see what Vista SP1 will fix ?
      • Not as easy to program?

        You've obviously never tried to code for a Mac. I'm a Windows developer by trade, and it's far easier to code for the Mac than Windows.
    • short memory?? XP had thousands of bugs...

      unless you mean 9600 +...

      and even with these bugs, XP still worked well enough to not have too many problems...
    • Vista SP1 will have ...

      ... all of the patches issued since RTM as well as any "enhancements" which have been made but which were not deemed important enough to include in Windows Update.

      SP1 will make it possible to release Vista media with with all of the patches developed since RTM already applied. This is why Services packes are of value -- even though if you have been usinging Windows Update since you first installed Vista RTM, Vista SP1 will not add much new.
      M Wagner
  • SP 1

    They can take their time churning this out on my account, I don't seem to need it on my three Vista machines, they are all working fine and we are doing everything we did on the previous XP machines.

    I rarely do updates but Service Packs I do when I get around to it. I bought Vista on a Compaq M laptop, an Acer AMD dual core and a Gateway dual core Pentium which goes to show the diversity MS has to deal with just in my house.

  • Vista SP1,

    Sp 1 verison to beta testers sometime in the near future.. Sorry but I tested the beta of vista, won't do that to any system I own again. Took me almost a month to get all of it off my hard drives, even to the point of buying partion magic to fix my hard drives partion back to normal after vista thrashed it to no end with it's indexing service that seems to run the hard drive constaintlly even when I wasn't useing the system and it was idle. No thanks, I'll wait on vista sp 1 to be out six months before I take the plunge and dish out serious $$$ for the ultamate verison...
  • SP1 in October - SP3 in November XP Second Edition in March

    I just made verification on the major?s manufacturer website for Desktop PC that could be deliver with Windows XP Pro, and HP, Dell, Acer, IBM Lenovo, also Toshiba in Laptop PC in some models offers the choice of Windows XP Pro. I don?t know if Microsoft knows the ratio of buyers orders between XP Pro and Vista versions but I could easily figure out that M$ now will align is move in a responsible way.

    Redmond don?t have the choice to issue a SP3 in late fall and a XP Pro Second Edition in the first quarter of 2008. This will bring the SP1 of Vista in October to meet the SP1 of Office 2007 and the sail of (Longhorn) Server 2008 with the Home Server 2008 also.

    With all the pressure that come from Linux Ubundu and Cie. And the new Os X version of Mac upcoming it will be a bad strategy from M$ to invest all his smokes in the same bag.

    We all know that actually the major problem concerning Vista is made in great part from the manufacturers that deliver there products with Vista on the street with hardware?s that don?t meet fully the Vista technology. Like microprocessors build from AMD and Intel especially according to Vista need. The same with the graphic cards and the motherboards that aren?t fully configure to work easily with Vista full implementation. And all this because the higher price that will hit the street buyers would be to expensive, already knowing also that Vista is expensive in his two versions business.
  • SP/1 is supposed to fix bugs

    The number is not as important as the fact
    that they are there to begin with.

    I did not purchase XP until over two years
    after it's release because of the activation
    feature. After I saw that no one (that I
    heard about) was having activation problems,
    I purchased it (and installed it for others)
    and had zero problems (no bugs, which could
    have been present, but if they were, I
    didn't encounter any) until Microsoft
    started their WGA extortion campaign and
    moved their support to India (or somewhere
    thereabouts), and sneaked DRM via their
    media player (SP/2) in. Since then, nothing
    but problems. I had been lulled into a false
    sense of security but Microsoft soon gave me
    a rude awakening.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice,
    shame on me. That is why I will not shame
    myself by purchasing Vista until Microsoft
    has proven that it is a worthwhile,
    functioning system free of harassment and
    Microsoft-serving spyware. I will not devote
    my time, energy, and money to serving
    Microsoft and the RIAA/MPAA, or proving that
    I did not steal what I just purchased from
    Ole Man
  • Tried SP1 - 5 BSOD's - will wait until Prod. release

    I downloaded and installed SP1 without a hitch, but I had 5 BSOD's with auto reboots in about 5-6 hours of use. Three BSOD's occurred in Medial Player, two in Firefox. Plus 2 playlists were corrupted in Media Player along with a sidebar gadget.

    No data lost and noapplications corrupted but they still didn't fix the UAC nags. Why not have a "do not ask me again" with a table (of permissions) like ZoneAlarm? If I say I trust something once, that should be enough. UAC will stay turned off until the nags stop.

    In the short time I used SP1 I noticed no observable deterioration of performance nor any increase. More RAM appeared to be used but not critical. Otherwise, everything worked as it should (except for the BSOD's).

    Uninstalled SP1 - also went smoothly and without a hitch. So far all is well again. I'll wait for the production SP1 and if that isn't a major improvement, I'm going back to XP.
  • RE: Vista SP1: The first reviews are in

    I dont know about the 15000 users to test SP1. It just downloaded its self onto my computer, and I did not even ask for it. Have not had any problems though.Now in the r/h corner it says Eveluation copy Build 6001.
  • Did I ask for it or not

    so, i guess it's back to 'we will install this in the background because now you can copy some files faster, just a little. I suppose I'll get SP3 for XP whether I want the damn thing or not, and I don't!!
  • RE: Vista SP1: The first reviews are in

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