What will Sun and Microsoft announce on September 12?

What will Sun and Microsoft announce on September 12?

Summary: Microsoft sent out late on September 11 an invite to a teleconference briefing tomorrow involving Sun and Microsoft. The pair are set to make some kind of announcement about an expansion of the existing agreement between the two companies. What do you think that entails? Here are my guesses.

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Microsoft sent out late on September 11 an invite to a teleconference briefing tomorrow involving Sun and Microsoft. Here's the wording:

"Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAVA) will hold a teleconference to discuss an expanded agreement between the two companies. John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems Group, Sun; and Andy Lees, corporate vice president, Server & Tools Marketing and Solutions Group, Microsoft, will host the call for press and analysts."

The pair made a sweeping partnership announcement in 2004, that included everything from legal settlements, to patent exchanges to pledges of interoperability.

So what will the September 12 Sun-Microsoft involve? I have no actual knowledge of what's on the agenda. But I do have a few random guesses:


I'm voting for the Solaris option. By supporting Sun's BrandZ virtualization initiative, Microsoft could kill a few birds with one stone.

Other guesses about what the dynamic Sun-Microsoft duo might announce before the final word comes down at 1 p.m. EST?

Update on September 12: Word is out. The Sun-Microsoft partnership is primarily about virtualization. Microsoft supporting Solaris with its virtualization products and Sun supporting Windows with its own virtualization wares.

Topics: Microsoft, Oracle


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  • Missing text.

    The first three guesses are incomplete.
    Anton Philidor
    • Missing Text Fixed

      Thanks, Anton.
      Mary Jo Foley
  • RE: What will Sun and Microsoft announce on September 12?

    It may be something to do with identity management. But given the date, virtualization is probably a good guess.
  • More money and server interoperbility

    My guess additional antitrust bribe, sorry "licensing" money, to defuse the bad news
    about to come from the EU.

    Might even have a Sun server operating as a full domain controller for windows
    desktops. The big news will be how many MS engineers worked over at MS to make
    up for MS's inability to document the protocols.
    Richard Flude
  • Microsoft to help with OpenOffice.org

    Microsoft felt bad that IBM was getting all the attention for helping the OpenOffice.org project, so they decided a little help couldn't hurt.
    Jeremy B
  • Some never learn

    That exposing their backside to Microsoft is a surefire invitation for a knife or a certain appendage. Microsoft will decide which.
    Ole Man
    • too true

      the only reason why sun make a deal with microsoft is if MS is willing to provide no sting attach compatibity with its files system , .doc.xls.ectectect nothing more nothing less ..... beside that stay the hell away of MS if you wanna stay alive and healty........

      I cant believe why a corps with 2 once of itelligence is willing to deal with the devil and surely belive that they will get out of this in on piece
      • playing the game...

        Sun is probably thinking they can get the inner details on the newer MS file formats to put into OpenOffice.org

        MS is probably thinking it could get some of the brains behind ZFS to work on the next MS-FS...

        and they probably are both planning on sliding a knife into the other... after all, Sun probably learned from microsoft how to do that :P
  • Microsoft to use ZFS...

    ...since they've been able to fix the ZFS boot issues.

    Just stirring the pot.;)
    Uber Dweeb
    • Nope, Sun is being sued for using ZFS.

      Hard to say how that will play out.
  • RE: What will Sun and Microsoft announce on September 12?

    Maybe the same deal for Sun Solaris that Novel got for Susie? Trying to spit in IBM's eye like IBM did to them with the open office announcement?
  • RE: What will Sun and Microsoft announce on September 12?

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