When will Microsoft drop the other health-service shoe?

When will Microsoft drop the other health-service shoe?

Summary: While the Softies have yet to announce officially their business-focused healthcare service about which I've heard repeated rumors, I bet it's only a matter of time.


On the heels of its announcement of its consumer-focused HealthVault health-service strategy, Microsoft has acquired more business-side health technology.

When will Microsoft drop the other health-service shoe?While the Softies have yet to announce officially their business healthcare service about which I've heard repeated rumors, I bet it's only a matter of time.

On October 28, Microsoft said it planned to acquire for an undisclosed amount the software, intellectual property and other assets from Bangkok, Thailand-based Global Care Solutions. GCS develops "enterprise-class health information systems" that help multinational hospitals handle workflow and patient-safety information.

Microsoft bought another business-focused healthcare company, Azyxxi, in 2006. Azyxxi's software is designed to allow different patient-information record systems to interoperate.

While HealthVault is Microsoft's software+service offering for end users, there allegedly also is a Microsoft S+S solution in the works for physicians/hospitals. Maybe it will take the form of more of a Microsoft managed service -- something like a HealthVault Online (like Microsoft's recently rebranded SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, etc.?

In any case, Microsoft is continuing to expand its push into healthcare far faster than it is in any other vertical markets.

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  • Azxxi: Homebrew at best

    Comments taken from [url=http://www.ucsf.edu/its/listserv/emed-l/27688.html]here[/url]:

    [i]"...The Microsoft plan, analysts say, could be risky. The software Microsoft is purchasing ??? the price was not disclosed ??? is a homegrown system that has not been used outside a few hospitals. It has no installed base of customers, and there are already several established suppliers of clinical information technology systems, including Cerner, Epic, G.E., Eclypsis and others.
    Most of the big health care software suppliers, analysts point out, are also big customers for Microsoft operating systems, databases and programming tools. ???This puts Microsoft in the uncomfortable position of potentially competing against its major customers, said Dr. Thomas Handler, a health technology analyst at Gartner. ..."[/i]
    D T Schmitz
    • Care for any commentary?

      Just a quote and no commentary?

      Well by reading that quote, I don't think that's a really serious issue.

      Adobe and Apple were once good friends, but these days, you see Apple diving against Adobe, even though Adobe has always had this "thing" for OS X. Well Adobe is still pushing with OS X, although the relationship is starting to wane.

      There is a time when a company gets so big, it hurts it's consumers, but I don't think this is the right case.
      • EU scandle involving Microsoft Healthcare Software

        A report in one of the English rags a week or so ago questioned public sector use of Microsoft Health care software. By way of bacground...

        England is going through a crisis of health care right now owing to super virus infections one gets when visiting poorly maintained hospitals. Many have died. Administrator heads are rolling and there was an article implying impropriety involving how Microsoft software was purchased.

        Sorry, I can't provide a reference but the point is that Microsoft has to not only deal cleanly but also appear to deal cleanly.

        The product disparagement involving the VISTA medical records system, which US TAX payers paid for and won an award from Harvard, and the US congress had to protect with a law forbidding Microsoft from given its systems to medical practices already using VISTA, is enough for reasonable men to worry about the win-at-any-cost 100-percent market share ways of at least the old Microsoft.

        Microsoft's health-service shoe appears to involve influence peddling to medical professionals in the same why physicians are influence peddled by drug companies. Those are not the ways of this Web 2.0 YouTube EU-antitrust world nor of the US form of democracy. There is a time to view a transnational big business as legitimate and law abiding. That time has past for Microsoft. Lets see some healing. Lets see a reorganization of the health services division at Microsoft and a concentration on ethics.
      • Why did ZDNet delete the MS moto: "Screw them all?" Is it a secret moto?

        The original message was like that:

        [i]Care for any commentary?[/i]

        It's probably because he tryed to describe the MS moto: "Screw them all"


        The fear of the truth? Truth should not be exposed? Or this was MS proprietary
        information or a business secrert?
  • Big Brother is watching yew

    And all your ass-ets belong to him.

    Resistance is futile. Everything will be
    assimilated, except your ass-ets. Yew will
    become part of the smoke seen in the
    Ole Man
    • Nice poetry

      You know, nobody has to use Microsoft's offerings if they don't want to.

      But the thing is, is that several healthcare providers really do want a large company they can depend on to help make programs manage tasks, and make healthcare much easier than it is now.

      So sorry, it's a choice, not MS pushing you.
      • several healthcare providers really do want

        This is the Monkey-wrench in the works.

        Healthcare providers want.........
        Hospitals want.......
        Doctors want..........
        Microsoft wants.........
        Software providers want......
        Medical Companies want........
        Drug Companies Want..........
        Insurance Companies..........
        The Government wants........

        And who is paying for it all? Answer.....
        the "patient".

        When will somebody think about what
        the "patient" wants? Answer..... never!

        Thanks for the compliment, though (I think).
        Ole Man
        • The poetry you use is nice, but...

          I like how your comments are usually sing-songy. Like poetic, kind of.

          And I think patients pay the doctors for their service, and doctors help run the hospital and you some of that income to spend on many things. Including software.

          A more unified healthcare system is needed in the US, and a major company that can make it easy enough to work would probably be Microsoft.

          I've seen the way some hospitals and clinics use software, and there's a lot of differences, and techniques, and it can be rather confusing.

          Healthcare experts are excited at any chance where software can be easier to use, and more unified. That's what Microsoft's most likely trying to do. That's what healthcare wants.
          • I aint no poet

            And you should knowit.

            Otherwise you are right, except for one
            thing. If you think Microsoft can be trusted
            to implement anything, you just haven't been
            paying attention to how they deal with the

            You mean you want to put the Fox in charge
            of your henhouse security? You just might
            wind up with all Fox and no chickens (or
            eggs either).
            Ole Man
  • RE: When will Microsoft drop the other health-service shoe?

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