Windows Home Server patch is out

Windows Home Server patch is out

Summary: Hewlett Packard now has its hands on the Windows Home Server (WHS) update for which it decided to delay its MediaSmart Home Server, according to Watch for more information from Microsoft next week on the post-RTM WHS update.


Hewlett Packard now has its hands on the Windows Home Server (WHS) update for which it decided to delay its MediaSmart Home Server. got Microsoft to confirm that HP now has the WHS patch. The Windows enthusiast site also is reporting that Microsoft is planning an announcement on Tuesday, September 25, about the availability of the WHS update.

At the end of August, Microsoft officials acknowledged they were working on a post-RTM (release-to-manufacturing) WHS update would make the platform more appealing to developers. Microsoft said at that time that it planned to make the update available in a couple of weeks.

HP admitted in late August that it planned to delay its initial WHS shipments in order to incorporate the Microsoft WHS update -- leading some to question exactly what was in the update and why it seemed to impact HP more than other WHS vendors. HP's new official due date for its MediaSmart Server: Holiday season 2007. (Originally, HP was expected to be first out of the WHS gate, shipping MediaSmart Server on September 15.)

Philip Churchill, a Microsoft beta tester and principal with the independent Microsoft Windows Home Server Web site, posted earlier this month a chart listing tentative WHS due dates from various Microsoft partners. Churchill's chart came from a recent Microsoft presentation at the recent IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin.

Based on this new data, the only WHS vendor which seems to have pushed back substantially its WHS release as a result of Microsoft's WHS update is HP. (Note: It's not clear whether these dates are specific to Europe or not.) The WHS availabilty list:

Medion: October 2007 MaxData: October 2007 Chili Green: October 2007 Fujitsu Siemens: November 2007 Lacie: November 2007 Leo: November 2007 HP: January 2008

I asked HP about the alleged January 2008 date. A spokesperson sent the following statement:

"We have said that the (MediaSmart) server will be available through HP's U.S. channel partners in time for the holidays. It's generally true that products are available first in the U.S. and then in the rest of the World."

I wonder whether the other WHS vendors decided against including the Microsoft WHS update in their initial releases and, instead, expect customers to download WHS patches themselves. Perhaps Microsoft will share more specifics next week....

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • Mary Joe, why nothing about Office 03 SP3?

    Did I steal your thunder?
  • WHS is great!!

    Great info Mary Jo, been beta testing it and I think it's awesome. Any more news on the Vista SP1?
    • But Linux Home Server is cheaper and more secure

      and a doddle to set up.

      So the question remains, why would anyone buy Windows Home Server when there's Linux, which is Cheaper, more secure, has everything that an Enterprise implementation has, available for anyone who wants that stuff, and is easy to set up, and will run on older hardware that won't run Vista
      tracy anne
      • To tell you the truth...

        Nobody wants Linux! If you love Linux so much, why don't you marry it?

        It's amazing the amount of FUD that Linux users spread around, to get more people to adopt Linux.

        Give me one reason why I should pick Linux over Windows Vista? Windows Vista works great for me, ever since I got it a month ago.

        Windows Home Server adds to the experience.

        So why don't you try Windows Home Server and Vista, before throwing a bucket of bias on it?

        Shame on you Linux users.
        • So why don't you try Windows Home Server and Vista

          I already have, that's part of my Job description.

          Up until 5 years ago I was a full time Windows desktop user and Server admin. I changed to Linux for personal use because it is more stable, more secure, and cheaper. I'm pleased for you that you are happy with what you get, I guess my expectations are higher than yours.
          tracy anne
      • Use whatever works for you.

        I disagree, if you think windows works best for you use it. Remember Linux is just a kernel.

        Software is only there to assist a user. Use whatever works for you.

        Obviously most GNU/Linux distros are inherently more secure(selinux,iptables, kernel design etc) but behind a firewall on your own private non-mission critical home network, it will be secure enough. Windows is still a product actively being developed and like all software, good ideas are often canabalized and integrated to provide better security/features.

        Microsoft does a really good job at providing an easy user experience which works well most of the time, a lot better than most GNU/Linux distros in my opinion. The problem I have with the company is that support for most of their products is pretty sub standard if something unexpected happens, not to mention documentation in general(api's and product docs). Ultimately though Windows will not be the major player in the field if they continue with the same software development model.
      • Really?

        So which Linux application supports incremental clustered backups, selectively redundant across hot-swappable drives, with full restore of Windows computers (from a complete drive failure) and the ability to bring clients out of standby for backups?

        Seriously, I've looked. It doesn't exist. Like every other diehard Linux fanboy (or girl), you're spouting off things that you haven't actually verified.
  • WHS - MCE = Doorstop

    There was great potential for WHS, but without Media Center I don't see any reason to get one.
  • WHS Blackout. Better than Bluescreen, I guess.

    Two weeks later and still utter silence from HP....
    Perfume Factory