Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta due imminently

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta due imminently

Summary: Microsoft is preparing to field a private beta of the 2.0 version of its security-backup subscription service, Windows Live OneCare.


Microsoft is preparing to field a private beta of a new version of Windows Live OneCare, dubbed Windows Live OneCare 2.0

Windows Live OneCare is Microsoft's all-in-one antivirus, antispyware, firewall, backup, maintenance subscription service that Microsoft launched in 2006. In January 2007, Microsoft released OneCare 1.5. Users have enountered various problems with that release, including e-mail deletion problems. Microsoft issued in March a patch for OneCare 1.5 to remedy some of those issues.

The 2.0 release of Windows Live OneCare, according to an e-mail message Microsoft sent to prospective testers (posted by LiveSide.Net), will include a number of new features, such as:

  • Multi PC management - designate a hub PC and then add additional PCs to your OneCare circle using a common Windows Live ID. You can then see the status of the other PCs within the group.
  • Printer Sharing - share your printer with all the PCs in your OneCare circle
  • OneCare Online Photo Backup - paid storage is available online for photo backups (LiveSide says it's hearing 10GB but that could change by the end of the beta)
  • Securing wireless networks - if your router is supported OneCare 2.0 will allow you to secure your wireless network.
  • X64 support

Those interested in testing the new OneCare service can apply online.

OneCare customers: Anything else you'd like to see in the next release of this service?

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  • Registry Check

    I would like to see something similar to TuneUp Utilities 2007 built in that would scan the registry etc for errors.
  • You mean the $50 boxed version will be due out?

    Most of their 'official' gold software is beta in quality, so why bother with such terms anymore?
  • Almost any 3rd party software is better

    This is yet one more piece of questionable software that MS has come out with to enrich it's coffers. If MS had any scruples or common sense, they would have offered OneCare as one of Vista Ultimate's Extra as nobody seems to know if or when Microsoft will be putting anything out for the Extras it was boasting about. If anyone has gone into OneCare's Forum they would find that OneCare is easy to install and a nightmare to get rid of. Why would anyone want to get rid of it ? Well, suffice to say the reasons are long and varied but to wrap it up in a one word nutshell, CHAOS as in big time but hey if you have doubts and think I'm just another MS basher, take a look in OneCare's Forum and read as many posts as you like but be warned there are a lot
    of them. I strongly advise you not to buy, install or download anything that is remotely connect to OneCare or you'll be needing a lot of care that OneCare won't be able to provide.
  • Pretty soon..............

    You will be able to buy a program that
    will fix the program that you bought to
    fix the Microsoft system that you all
    paid for.

    Oh, and you will be able to "license"
    a "Live" on-line version of it all for a
    low low low monthly premium, and the
    price is guaranteed to creep up ever so

    Meanwhile, already, you can buy new and
    exciting extras from Microsoft.
    Ole Man
    • Live Care or.........

      Between Live Care and all the virus & spyware addons that will still be needed, plus the value of the time, etc., spent on assessing and using all this, sounds like more than the differential cost of a MAC...
      • Will Live Care be able to revive?

        Windows Deadcare?

        Only time will tell. We shall see.

        Microsoft : The Fall From Grace,289142,sid39_gci1245710,00.html
        Ole Man
  • What about the Core Functionality?

    Improved Antivirus, Antispyware? Is this version going to get a better ranking than 17 out of 20 in comparison tests?
    MS has a lot of work to do...
  • RE: Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta due imminently

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