29% of mobile web users intend to buy Apple iPad 3

29% of mobile web users intend to buy Apple iPad 3

Summary: This week much of the focus will be on Apple's iPad 3 announcement taking place on March 7th. A recent survey found that nearly 30% of mobile web users are planning to get a new iPad and as usual we can expect less supply than demand from Apple.


As Kevin and I discussed during MobileTechRoundup show #261 I am most likely going to buy a new iPad when Apple makes the announcement this Wednesday. The folks at InMobi, the largest independent mobile ad network, conducted a recent iPad-focused survey on the rumored new iPad and announced the results on Friday.

In addition to the headline result, 29% of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3, they gathered responses to several other questions that show some interesting results. As stated in the press release, key highlights from the study include:

  • 29% of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3. 54% of those who are planning to buy the iPad 3 do not already own a tablet.
  • 65% of those who intend to buy an iPad 3 would also consider buying an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price instead.
  • 50% of those surveyed who intend to buy the iPad 3 are willing to pay over $500. If the iPad 3 is over $599, however, 57% of those surveyed would opt for an older model instead.
  • 44% of respondents would not consider another tablet brand instead of the iPad. Amongst those who would consider other brands, however, the Samsung Galaxy took second place, with 27% of respondents saying they would consider buying it. 14% said they would consider a Kindle.
  • The features respondents are most looking forward to are faster processor speed (57%), followed by better battery life (47%), a higher-quality screen (46%), and 4G connectivity (43%).
  • 51% of respondents would purchase the iPad 3 for entertainment over business or education.

InMobi: Most Anticipated Features Among Mobile Web Users Intending to Purchase iPad 3


% of respondents who want this feature

Faster processor speed


Better battery life


Higher quality screen


4G connectivity


Better camera


Size & weight


If I would have taken the survey, my number one feature would be the higher resolution display. I have yet to find an issue with the current processor and have never questioned the battery life. I was surprised to see "better battery life" something people looked forward to as the 2nd highest factor and wonder if these folks don't own an iPad so maybe are not familiar with such outstanding battery life.

I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab brand took 2nd place and I would have to agree that the Tabs are the best high end tablets that offer comparable experiences to the iPad.

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  • Umm

    If you increase resolution by that much, you just might have an issue with the current CPU.

    As for me, I would want an IR Port (Not an add-on), USB Port, and Micro SD Card slot.
    • A small group of people ...

      ... probably less than 1%, welcomes you to their club.
  • It's the GPU that handles graphics NOT the CPU.. nt.

  • More beta testers

    So what your saying is the first round of public beta testers is set to purchase another $500 beta product.
    • 100 Million "beta testers" can't be wrong

      Harvey Lubin
    • More Beta Testers


      WOA is just around the corner...i'm waiting for a superior OS to carry my first tablet experience.
      • How so?

        How is a WOA tablet superior to an iPad? Capability-wise they're essentially the same. If you're talking Intel-based Win8 tablets, that's a different story, as they'll have access to "full" Windows 8. WOA, is essentially legacy-free. It only has the desktop kicking around to run Office 15.
  • I'm curious about the survey

    [i]InMobi conducted the on-device survey among 689 US mobile users[/i]

    Is this really representative of the smartphone population in general?

    How were the surveys' participents part of the survey? Did they send out 2000 invites, or did users request to participate? What prompted the people take it?
    William Farrel
    • So am I.

      689 mobile users out of the millions of mobile users in the USA? And by that, I mean that even if there are only 1 million mobile users in the USA (& that's probably [b]drastically[/b] underestimating the number), 689 would literally represent only [b]0.0689%[/b] of the population. Considering that most surveys are lucky to be considered "accurate" if they can get their margin of error below 4.00%, this sample is so small that it's not just statistically insignificant, it's [b]truly[/b] insignificant.

      Makes you wonder if they cherry-picked the sample responders...
      • I'm not saying your right but --

        I understand InMobi sampled, at random, persons pausing just outside Apple stores.
      • Clueless

        You clearly have no clue of the science behind doing a proper survey. The sample size here is plenty large enough to get reasonable accuracy - the important questions are how was the sample population chosen and what was the response rate.
    • ... Why is there air?

      ... What is the meaning of life?

      Harvey Lubin
  • "Surprise. Surprise. Surprise." (as Gomer Pyle used to say)

    Telepresence will be THE surprise 'killer app' for the iPad 3 and all subsequent Apple products.

    This will be the unexpected marketing genius move that Jobs/Apple leverages to out flank everyone. [Cisco may be part of the surprise].

    Apple will become the the easy connection/addressing solution for all young people, making texting 'so yesterday' over night as all want to talk, see, and interactively interact with each other real-time as if they were together.

    Jobs fully understood/intuited that this was the next big thing. Steve's last surprise is no Gomer thing ---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6_1Pw1xm9U

    Alan MacDonald
    Sanford, Maine
    • Telepresence?

      Seriously? That's been missing from IPads? I've had it for over a year on my Android tablet. I thought Apple was supposed to be innovators? How did they miss that?
    • Next big IDEA, sure... but reality not so much

      Yep... Telepresence SOUNDS like a killer app... until everyone realizes that, for the private/consumer sector, Verizon's data package that will support the required traffic will cost a small fortune every month... not to mention that it will require ALL parties interested in having a "presence" to have their own iPad (meaning parents will have to buy one for each of their kids, rather than owning one that they all share which seems to be the norm currently).

      And for corporate users, Telepresence looks cool, until the system administrators realize that iOS is so locked down they can't tailor their own security (or, really, any security at all) or use policies.

      I don't think iPad telepresence is ready for primetime. But, as with much of what Apple produces, perhaps the hype and promise of the idea is enough to sell massive amounts of product... even though the reality doesn't really live up to expectation.
    • This wouldn't happen to be you

      or did you steal this person's identity?


      Can you say "vested interest in lying?"
      William Farrel
  • 29%?

    You serious expect me to believe that 29% of all mobile users are going to buy an IPAD3? That doesn't even come close to correlating with my experiences in the real world.
    • I'm younger than that now

      What experience could you possibly have concerning something that is projected to occur in the future?
      Robert Hahn
  • WOA Looks Nice, Until Reality Kicks In

    1. Constant and annoying updates
    2. Nagging Norton Antivirus App
    3. Poor Battery Life
    4. Random Crashes
    5. Hard to understand, Hindu support Reps
    6. Heavy/Outdated and Cheap, Plastic Hardware

    Welcome to the 90s and the world of Microsoft.

    No thanks : )
    • keep drinking the kool-aid

      1) as opposed to late & no existant updates from Apple in response to known issues
      2) no anti-virus/malware for known issues
      3) because flash is blocked because Adobe did not kneel to Apple's demands
      4) Apple hardware does not crash/drop calls - only if you hold the phone "the right way"
      5) no, their product creators have to install nets on the building to stop the employees from jumping off of them
      6) overpriced hardware, paying for the logo

      Welcome to the Apple world of the 21st century