Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

Summary: Amazon's Kindle lineup is doing very well this holiday season with over 1 million sold each week for the last three weeks. The Kindle Fire leads the pack of four new generation Kindle models.


As I wrote in my review of the Kindle Fire I thought it was going to be a hot seller for Amazon this holiday season and today Amazon posted a press release stating that consumers are purchasing the Kindle Fire more than any other Kindle. Amazon doesn't usually report sales figures, but stated that they sold over 1 million Kindles per week for the third week in a row. Keep in mind that this includes the $79 Kindle all the way up to the $199 Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks now and Amazon is building millions more to keep up with demand. In addition to the seamless access to Amazon products and services, you can use the Kindle Fire as an Android tablet with Office document support through 3rd party apps. If I didn't have an HTC Flyer then I would have kept the Kindle Fire and eventually may end up going back to one since the media consumption experience is so easy with Amazon Video, Amazon Cloud Player, and more.

As you know, I am a firm believer in eInk devices for the absolute best ebook reading experience and the $79 Kindle is perfect for gifts this Christmas. I am partial to the new generation of touch screen eInk devices and the Kindle Touch and Touch 3G are available at a reasonable $99 and $149 too.

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  • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

    Grabbed 2 of them myself and I maintain that these little tablets will dent the tablet sales of All parties including Apple (likely Apple the most seeing they have the most to lose).
  • My new eInk Kindle is a fantastic product

    I couldn't be happier with it.

    Not interested in the Kindle Fire although in all fairness, I already have an iPad and don't see the point of owning both.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

    Just bought a Kindle a few months ago, and I am finding that our family may need another one already. Between the kids and my wife (I have an iphone), there is serious competition for it.
  • I got a Kindle last month and am completely satisfied with it.

    I also think eInk is definitely the way to go for reading, inside and outside. I'm also holding off on the Fire as I already have the BlackBerry Playbook (running 2.0 QNX beta with Android support).

    Oh, just for fun and giggles: Google [b]youtube playbook gingerbread honeycomb ice cream[/b] and witness the real power and flexibility of QNX!

    In addition where I live they give you a Samsung Galaxy Tab for signing up (2) mobile phone plans... So I'm off to a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (for my kid), since I already have a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE.

    Ahh the need for speed...

    Back to topic:
    I'd highly recommend true eReaders with eInk even to those who already have generic tablets. Especially if you're a bookworm.

    There are no comparisons possible between LCD and eInk. For serious reading, the eInk difference is as striking as night and day.

    Anybody who claim they read eBooks on any LCD tablet satisfactorily, are obviously only deluding themselves.

    And at the more than reasonable prices for real eBook reader tablets using eInk display technology, I might consider buying some more just as gifts...

    Tis the festive season after all!

    The best things in life are free... It's the worst things that are expensive...
    {Think Different!}[/i]
    • The iPad a truly a horrific eReader

      Far too heavy, far too glossy, far too many fingerprints, and impossible to read in even moderate sunshine. In fact, I wouldn't even get a touch screen eInk reader because of the fingerprints.

      I would also not want to use my $600 iPad at the beach for fear of getting sand on it. My Kindle? I don't worry about it.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

    Cheap things work out to be very expensive, I bet it will be the case here too.
    • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

      @rhon@... <br>You bet. I've gone back to buy books again because of my Kindle.(K3 and DX1). That puts a serious dent in the old budget.<br><br>The Kindle, one of the two best purchases I've ever made. The other, a Keurig.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

    I Have 70+ books on my kindle, mostly reference. I study a lot (self directed , not Academic) and Kindle has really been the answer.
  • Kindle Fire is a lemon

    Known issues with Kindle Fire are that it runs hot to touch, video playback is jerky, touch screen is not responsive and it takes 2-3 touches to register, power button placement is very poor and is prone to accidental power off, all the hype of Silk browser is not true where the browsing is actually slower than on other Android tablets, Wi-Fi connection gives a lot of trouble to users on it, etc.
    Also, when Fire is activated it allows for 1-Click shopping through the account connected to the device, and such behavior cannot be turned off. Additionally the device asks for no confirmation password before validating the purchase, which means that if anyone gets hold of the device, he can purchase things at will. it is confirmed that Prime movies can't be downloaded, only streamed, making them impossible to watch without Wi-Fi on Kindle Fire. Also, on Fire when the Silk internet browser is pointed at the Android market, it reverts to the Amazon market with much more limited content. Amazon's own web site has hundreds of reviews (close to 1000 already) of Kindle Fire's new owners that gave it 1 or 2 star reviews because of choppy/laggy experience they got from this underpowered device.
    Nook Tablet is much better without a doubt, it's a class above Kindle Fire. All pro reviewers on the web clearly voiced that Nook Tablet is a much better device with superior performance compared to Kindle Fire. t's got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life (30% better than Fire), the best non-glare laminated screen (not lamination on Fire), double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies than on Fire, microSD slot and a microphone for Skype (not on Fire), physical volume controls on the side (not on Fire), very smooth video playback with excellent screen, and very fast apps load (unlike on Fire).
  • RE: Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

    Can???t wait to use my new Solar Kindle lighted cover for my holiday ski trip. Green power is awesome. Save earth!! Everyone.