Angry Birds are everywhere

Angry Birds are everywhere

Summary: Angry Birds are coming to Hollywood, consoles, toys, and more

TOPICS: Mobility

A while back a friend and I were looking at games on each other's iPhones. At that point I stumbled on Angry Birds, to which he replied, "that's a must buy!" I purchased it for 99 cents and then forgot about it. Fast forward to April when I randomly launched it and the rest is history.

If you're not familiar with Angry Birds, the goal is to use

"the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles."

You do this by using a sling shot and flying the Angry Birds into the pigs' castles, in hopes of eliminating the pigs.

As just about everyone who plays the game once will attest to, this game is addictive. So addictive in fact, that it's now sold more than 6.5 million copies, and has been downloaded more than 11 million times for free, according to, and that's just on the App Store.

What is it about Angry Birds that makes it such a success? No one knows for sure but it probably has to do with its great art, sound effects, and easy to figure out gameplay. That and the fact that it's priced right, and the developers are constantly releasing new levels.

As for pricing, according to AppShopper, the app itself has been available since December 10, 2009, and enjoyed a mere 10 days at $1.99, after which it promptly resumed its spot in the top 10 at 99 cents. Overseas it's a bit over $1, and there's also an iPad version that sells for $4.99. That version has sold more than 200,000 copies, according to

So, where do you go after you've conquered the App Store? How about Hollywood, toys, other mobile platforms, and even consoles? According to CEO of Rovio Mobile, that's exactly where the company is taking Angry Birds.

Angry Birds has already landed on Palm, the OVI Store, and now Android, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

The most amazing thing to me is how faithfully recreated the game is on each mobile platform. For example, I played the Android version on the Droid X yesterday, and you would have thought I was playing it on the iPhone.

If this article has you wondering how Angry Birds could ever be a movie, check out the company's movie trailer below. It's already been watched almost as many times as the company has sold copies of the game.

As for toys, some fans couldn't wait for the toys to start shipping and created their own. I can only imagine how excited my kids would be to have these figures available to play with.

Do you play Angry Birds? If so, on which platform?

Topic: Mobility

Joel Evans

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With more than 15 years of mobile, Internet and wireless experience, Joel specializes in taking existing brands and technologies into the mobile and wireless space. Joel is currently the VP of Strategy Integration for Mobiquity, an enterprise-class mobile solutions provider.

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  • Never underestimate simplicity!

    That's the reason so many old simple games have remained the most popular. Sure, the new generation of immersive 3D multi-player games can be fun, but sometimes you just want to while away some time without having to strategize every move!
    BTW---you left off part of your post in regards to the number of units sold according to Variety..."So addictive in fact, that it?s now sold more than 6.5 copies, according to, and that?s just on the App Store."
    How did they sell that half copy????
    • I have it on my iPad!

      I play this game on my iPad. I did hesitated to purchase and download the game for quite some time, and to my regret, I wish I had purchased it sooner since it is really a good and simple game to spend time with your kids or perhaps do something more fun than staring blankly inside the bus while stuck in a traffic jam or a way to reduce certain degree of risk to <a style="color: #252525;font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none!important; background:none!important; text-decoration:none;" href="">poor circulation</a>. Thankfully, I did realize the popularity of the game as soon as a lot of merchandize are being sold in stores like angry bird stuffed toys, mugs, shirts, and more, that made me think of purchasing the application.
      • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

        @yuss1 <a href="">data recovery</a>
        i heard this game from long time ago, but i haven't play this game..look interesting, maybe this is the time for me to try this game.
        miroslav janu
  • And, how much did the developers get?

    6.5 million copies sold at $0.99 per copy is 6.5 million dollars, give or take. Who is keeping all that dough? Oh, right.
    • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

      @aureolin Got an issue with Apple keeping a cut for creating the market and hosting it? The developer made over $4.5 million let alone opened doors to other markets. Do you really think they were hurt by Apple keeping 30%? Get a clue.
      • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

        @non-biased I agree there is big money in selling game application through Itunes. Even though they take there 30% cut they still provide all the resources.
    • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

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  • Just a New Platform

    The idea looks a much simpler version of BOOM BLOX for the Wii (
  • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

    Simple games are often the most addicting (Peggle, anyone)? I hope there's a version coming to Droid phones, otherwise I'll have to check it out on my wife's iPhone!
  • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

    Just watch. Angry Birds will go the way of Crazy Frog.
    • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

      @mejohnsn Geez let's hope they don't become as annoying as the crazy frog.......<h1><a href="">Wordpress Training</span></a></h1
  • Angry Bird Developers strategized carefully

    Rovio, the firm the developed Angry Birds, screened many proposals before zeroing in on this one. They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. They paid as much attention to marketing as to game development.<br><br>You can read MobileWebGo's transcript of the interview at<br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
  • I love Angry Birds!

    I play on my iPod Touch... It totally rocks. Now that it is on Android, I think my next Sprint Phone will be an Android!
    • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere

      @condelirios This app is everywhere.. Everyone I know is addicted to this game. Its crazy!
      <a href="">barska scopes</a>
  • Golly Gee!

    I'm going right out and buy a $500 Smartphone, just so I can play this wonderful game -- NOT!
    • RE: Angry Birds are everywhere


      $500 smartphone? Where are you spending $500 these days for a phone? I spent $199 and it's not just to play this game (which I have bought, it's awesome).