Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

Summary: AirPlay video has finally arrived. It allows you to stream video from your iOS device to your Apple TV, but isn't fully integrated with all of the iOS apps yet.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

One reason, which is arguably the main reason, that I bought the new Apple TV was its planned support for AirPlay. The idea of instantly viewing my photos and videos from my iPhone on my TV wirelessly was just too futuristic to not want to be a part of it.

Well, iOS 4.2 is now officially out and Apple has pushed an update out to its Apple TV. Thankfully, AirPlay was included in that update, but it's still not offering up exactly what was promised by Steve Jobs.

I had a chance to test out AirPlay video at my house yesterday. For my test I loaded up a movie on my iPhone and hit play. I was immediately greeted with an icon that when pushed gave me the choice of either playing it on my iPhone or streaming on my Apple TV.

Notice the icon

Select Apple TV

One click on Apple TV and regardless of where the Apple TV was in the menu system, the video started playing.

The above is exactly the way I had hoped AirPlay video would work. Simply click on the icon, select Apple TV and the streaming begins. Unfortunately, Apple has not yet implemented AirPlay Video where it counts. For example, you can stream your videos and even YouTube to the Apple TV (why would I stream YouTube if there's a YouTube player on Apple TV?) but you can't stream your photos or your own videos that you took with your iPhone's camera. Since these two features were mentioned and "sold" in the initial announcement of AirPlay, one can only assume they're coming soon--but when?

As I mentioned previously, the ability to stream my own homemade movies and photos to my TV via Apple TV was one of the main selling points. With that delayed, and with an unknown release date, I feel a class action suit coming on. I should clarify that I wouldn't be the one bringing it, but I know that there are people out there who can't wait to go after Apple on things like this.

In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy streaming my movies, and wait patiently for Apple to release another update to AirPlay and / or iOS 4.2.2 (since 4.2.1 was already in developer's hands).

One more thing: for a complete rundown of what works and doesn't work in AirPlay, check out my colleague Jason's post.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • agreed but not quite accurate

    While it is true, and shameful, that you cannot yet play your iPhone-made videos, we had no problem streaming our photos over airplay. It is also worth noting that you can't play those videos on appletv even directly from your mac.
    • RE: videos

      Yes, you can play still photos directly from your phone. But you also CAN play videos taken with the phone from a Mac when they've been transferred to the Mac. I used the Photo Transfer app to do that wirelessly. But it is a bummer that you can't do it directly from the iPhone. Let's hope that gets taken care of in 4.3.
      • DLNA works, Apple keeps lagging behind

        Apple should do a better job at keeping up to par with Android, day that goes by, the technological gap increases in detriment of Apple. They can't affored to fail, an have done so with the iphone 4, and lost market share and their smartphone lead. Now airplay stumbles.

        if AirPlay fails to deliver what Android has had for over nine months now DLNA, Apple stands to collapse a lot sooner than expected. This will be clearly show on sales for Q4. If Apple dips down to single digits compared to the competition, beware, you doing want to be left holding their stock.

        This is actually a very likely scenario, as many will be holding out for a Verizon Iphone. Unfortunately timing of all these events won't look good, and missing holiday sales will hurt Apple.

        Happy holidays to all!
      • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

        @Uralbas<br>As usual with your totally uninformed comments.<br>1) Apple has lost market share. Please name a single quarter in the past two years in which Apple has lost market share. In any product category. Just one.<br>2) Considering that there are DLNA apps for the iPhone, that give Android a lead how, exactly?<br>3) Please name a single smart phone with more sales. NewsFlash: iPhone has not lost their lead.<br><br>Your last comment is simply non-sensical. All those people waiting for a Verizon iPhone is going to hurt iPhone market share, how?!?
  • it works after syncing

    Hopefully for clarification, if an iPhone-made video has been synced to a Mac and copied into iTunes, it can be played within iTunes and directed from the Mac for display on the AppleTV, as well as played directly from the Apple TV menu system using Home Sharing. And if the video has been synced back to an iOS device for playing within the iPod app, it can be played directly from the device to an Apple TV.<br><br>It would be most helpful if users could play recorded videos directly from their iOS devices without having to sync, copy, sync into the iPod app first.
    • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked


      Its an interesting work-around which highly suggests that a direct iPhone to ATV media streaming capability is technically feasible.
  • The promised 4.2 update was vaporware!!

    They had to rush it out with a ton of missing features and a ton of bugs!

    But hey, let's all believe Apple when they say that 4.3 will be the best iOS version yet!!! :)
    • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked


      My AirPrint function works fine. Grin.

      Just out of curiosity, can your iPhone print to a Windows system? I suspect that it can print to any networked printer regardless of which OS is running that network. But I don't know.
      • I don't know. I don't care

        Steve Jobs promised me the end of print drivers with AirPlay. All I know is that when I go to print, my network printer doesn't show up. Steve Jobs is a liar and the 4.2 that he promised all of us is vaporware.
      • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

        @kenosha7777 <br>Nope. <br>I have an HP photosmart (1yr old) and a new Lexmark 605.<br>While my i4 and iPad can find them as a listed printer, neither can find them to actually print to and none of them can print via any of my Win7 systems.<br><br>I have been working on ways to get it to work including contacting the local Apple store to no avail.<br>Maybe once I jailbreak it some of the new selections there look like they can help (yes, I have a simless 3GS that is 4.1 jb)<br><br><img border="0" src="" alt="happy">
    • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

      @NonZealot<br>Ah, so you finally surface.<br>Please define vapourware, and then make a list of promised features that are not present.<br><br>You get more and more idiotic every day.
  • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

    Yes, i know iOS 4.2 is now officially out and Apple has pushed an update out to its Apple TV. At the same time, I upgrade my airplay and apple TV, However, My Airplay can snyc to picture and sound to my Apple tv, not video. What happend?
  • Some information posted on a related blog about AirPrint and Windows 7


    I don't think cyberslammer2 would mind too much if I quoted his recent experience. This might help you out.

    From cyberslammer2, "...I go to print, the printer shows up in my iPad, I select it and then it just sits there with the little rotating circle icon by the printer when I try to select it."

    He found his own solution.

    From cyberslammer2, "...Ha! Found's a firewall exception in Windows 7 (always the firewall exceptions LOL)...

    Works like a charm now!!!"

    I don't know if this helps or not. Hope it does.
    • There is no firewall

      My printer is a network printer. It has its own network card. It isn't hooked up to a computer. This way, I can print to it even if my desktop isn't on.

      So no, there is no firewall to get in the way. It doesn't surprise me though. Steve Jobs made it very clear that people with Samsung printers aren't worthy of AirPrint. Steve Jobs' solution? I should go buy a shiny new HP printer. Even though my Samsung works just fine. Um. No.

      [i]I don't know if this helps or not. Hope it does.[/i]

      Of all the people here in the talkbacks, I only believe this line coming from you. :)
      • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked


        Thanks .. Have a good Thanksgiving.
  • AirPlay integration with Apps

    Video Apps should be integrated with the this amazing AirPlay feature....for the latest on tech do visit
  • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

    When I get this information, "AirPlay is available in any content that uses the integrated media player, including embedded browser videos and stuff from the YouTube app."="you can stream your videos and even YouTube to the Apple TV ", and I have the same question with you, "Does that mean we don't need a YouTube Video Converter (I use iFunia all the time) any more? "
  • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

  • RE: Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

    W W W ( famalegoods ) c o m
  • Wow.. it's SO futuristic - NOT!!

    I've been able to do this with my 1-2 year old Samsung LCD TV and my 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S using DLNA.

    Oh, hang on... but I can also display photos and videos I've taken with the phone.

    You Mac guys should really get out more and have a look around... there's some really good stuff out there... now