Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

Summary: Will Apple come clean about the antenna issue now that Consumer Reports has passed on recommending the iPhone 4?


Earlier today Consumer Reports announced that while it loves the iPhone 4, it cannot recommend it.

We previously speculated that Apple was covering up the real antenna problem, and now it appears that Consumer Reports has verified the issue. Not only that, but the company went so far as to show how to rectify the issue, with something as simple as duct tape.

I have to say that the news that Consumer Reports can't recommend the iPhone 4 has me thinking that Apple will definitely be forced to come forward with a response. This time the response will have to address the antenna issue, and Apple won't be able to blame misreporting of bars or AT&T.

I've been on the fence about an iPhone for a while now, and have to say that even though one arrived and I'm currently charging it, I'm still debating if it will be my primary phone. Like the findings from Consumer Reports, I love the idea of the better camera, video camera, display, FaceTime, and more, but if it's going to hang up on callers the majority of the time, especially when held in the left hand--I'm a lefty--I'm just not sure if it can be my primary phone.

My colleagues have been weighing in on this whole issue, and in particular mentioning how now the mainstream media is picking it up, and as a result, the average consumer will now have to think twice about picking up the iPhone 4. The crazy thing is that the average consumer was already debating, according to my unscientific surveying. In a post on Facebook that a non-techie friend of mine put up, she wrote that she was thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 4. A number of non-techs then responded saying that they had heard there were antenna issues and that the phone will hang up on people sometimes. In fact, out of about 20 replies, only one said that the iPhone 4 was worth getting; the other 19 recommended that she wait a bit or try some other phone.

Of course, millions of people are now walking around with the iPhone 4, so it's now up to Apple to decide what its next move will be. Will the company issue free cases, come up with some other "band" that wraps around the phone, or just ignore the whole situation? It will definitely be interesting to watch and see how Apple decides to react now that Consumer Reports has issued a "don't buy" recommendation.

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  • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

    I cannot agree more with this article, the end of my 2 year contract with the 3G is up and am definately sitting on the fence with this one. What is most irritating is apple's reponse to the issue so far and there attempts to strong arm the consumer. Just because i have paid for 50 or so apps is not a good enough reason for me to buy an iPhone.
    • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4


      I totally agree. I've had the iPhone since the 2G and To be honest I was a geek and couldn't find a fault with it, even with the dropped called, constant battery problems or the the random locks. It was apple and I had an apple Phone. I've moved from the 2G to the 3G then the 3GS. I'm going to admit I have sent back around 12 Phones all with different problems. Yes I said 12. The 3GS being the most problematic. I've looked at the iPhone4 and even went to the store to have a play. Yes it was sleek and I liked the design but the same thought ran through my head. Will it last more than a day with my usage (which is moderate) and will I have problems with dropped calls, locks and a push email which isn't really what you'd expect.
      I agree that we shouldn't be strong armed to purchase this even though on our current phones we may have 50 or more paid apps. If the phone was cheaper and didn't have the Antenna problems then I may have gone for this. But even as an upgrade I don't want to pay the ?150 minimum charge my Cell company wanted. I certainly wouldn't spend ?499 on purchasing the phone as an off the shelf item. Most apple products are made very well, but whether they work properly or not is another issue completely.
  • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

    I hope Apple has to offer some solution. Their actions up to this point have been insulting. They release a defective product and then want to charge a ridiculous $30 for the solution. I think Apple should provide a free bumper to every person that has bought an Iphone 4. Further, they should include a warning about how holding the phone can reduce reception and offer a voucher for a free bumper in the box for future shipments of Iphone 4. Those that need the bumper can get it and the ignorant Apple fans can decide not to use the free voucher and pay the $30 to support their church of Steve.
  • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

    A lefty holds the phone in their right hand so they can do things with there left hand. A righty ussually hold phone in the left hand.
    • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

      @temp2112 Good point! ;-)
    • RE: Consumer Reports passes on iPhone 4

      @temp2112 nah not really if you actually THINK about it.