Flipboard revolutionizes the way you enjoy social networks on your iPad

Flipboard revolutionizes the way you enjoy social networks on your iPad

Summary: Are you tired of following lists of update feeds from your friends on Twitter and Facebook? If so, then download Flipboard for the iPad and enjoy your links in a whole new way.


I have been so engrossed in using a Windows Phone 7 device, my new Samsung Vibrant, and my HTC EVO 4G that my iPad has been sitting idly by. I then just read an article from Robert Scoble that caused me to pull out my iPad and immediately search the App Store for Flipboard. Flipboard is a completely new way to enjoy your social networking content and it is like nothing you have ever seen before. With Facebook still missing from the iPad, it seems that Flipboard steps up and hits it out of the park.

While you can currently download Flipboard, it seems like their popularity on Twitter and Facebook brought down the servers so I am unable to login to my Facebook or Twitter account from within the app. I have content coming in now and am enjoying this application very much. You have 9 blocks where you can add section and tapping on the + to add a section gives you links to various content. You can also search and find feeds from people you want to add as a section. I watched the video, embedded below, and am enjoying the free application. cannot wait until they get more servers online so I can enjoy the content my friends share with me. This looks to be an awesome way to always have fresh content to read and in a beautiful layout. I would love to see a tile for ZDNet that brings all of our content together since everything looks fantastic on Flipboard.

As you can see in Robert's interview, the founder of Flipboard sold his previous company, Tellme, to Microsoft and as I mentioned in my Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview article Tellme is the amazing voice recognition software used to control your WP7 device. If CEO Mike McCue can do as well with Flipboard as he did with Tellme, then we are in for a treat.

If you want to add me to your Twitter network, please feel free to check out my feeds and follow @palmsolo.

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  • RE: Flipboard revolutionizes the way you enjoy social networks on your iPad

    I first became aware of Flipboard after reading your article, Matthew. (Since then, I have noticed articles about this app on other web sites)
    However, I just downloaded this app and I agree with your assessment: Its a great social networking app that is off to a very impressive start.
    Thank you for posting this info.
  • RE: Flipboard revolutionizes the way you enjoy social networks on your iPad

    Interesting how he sold his company (which developed software for Windows Phone 7) to create a company to develop software for the iPad. Could be a sign... could be a trend... or just a smart guy sniffing that the money is elsewhere... LOL...
  • RE: Flipboard revolutionizes the way you enjoy social networks on your iPad

    Wow. Very cool - the magazine style layout is very interesting.
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