Get your blog into mobile format

Get your blog into mobile format

Summary: A new free service allows you to share your blog in a format for the small screen. If you have a blog get it into mobile format so smartphone enthusiasts and the rest of the world can enjoy it on their phones.

TOPICS: Mobility

Do you have a blog? If so, do you have a mobile formatted version for those of us with smartphones and mobile devices to enjoy? I have mobile formats of my blogs, including this ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer blog thanks to a cool free WordPress plug-in. If you don't use WordPress with your blog, there is another free way to get your blog formatted for the small screen.

With Hubdog's Blogger Program you will be able to create mobile versions of your blogs using a connection to your RSS feed. While the website focuses on allowing Windows Mobile devices to view these pages, the format created by Hubdog should work on any mobile device, including Symbian and Palm operating system units. The Hubdog Blogger Program also provides you with the ability to track subscription usage and is designed to help market your blog to the mobile enthusiast market who consume content on mobile devices.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Not to bust your bubble...

    but properly formatted HTML doesn't need any "fixes" when CSS isn't being used.

    Sorry, I was gonna be said by somebody. Peace.
  • samsung

    Well it is good point for good user during SMS we change text format and send SMS in good format.