Hands-On: Hulu Plus

Hands-On: Hulu Plus

Summary: With the new Hulu Plus app, your TV viewing habits will forever change.


Yesterday Hulu announced that it would soon be offering a subscription-model version of its Hulu service for mobile devices.

While the subscription part is still locked up, the app became available on iTunes yesterday and I had a chance to test it out today.

The first thing I did was randomly try to play a show via WiFi. I picked Desperate Housewives since I knew the quality would be top notch. Surprisingly, the app played back the experience almost identically to the one that I enjoy from my desktop. I then shut off WiFi to see what the degraded experience would look like. It was definitely still watchable, but the quality took a major step down.

As for the interface, it's very intuitive and has a special area just for the free stuff known as "Free Gallery". Since the subscription portion is still invite-only, you can see the content available for a fee, but you can't actually view it.

The only drawback I found so far with the app is that it doesn't remember where you were if you exit. For example, I can play a show and then exit the app, but then when I open the app again, it will start playing the same show, but instead of playing at the point I had left off at, it starts the show over.

The above is a minor gripe, though, when you think of the experience being delivered for free to my mobile device.

I signed up and requested a preview invite, so I'll report back once I've had a chance to test the subscription piece. So far, though, I'm really impressed with the functionality of Hulu Plus and plan to install it on my iPad next.

I can definitely see this app being a disrupter. While $10 a month may seem pricey, if you think of that as an alternative to paying for your monthly cable, it's a small price to pay.

See more pics of the interface below:

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  • You're right...

    This WILL change my viewing habits! I will stop viewing HULU if I have to pay for it. I will not pay for HULU and that's the way it's going to be PERIOD.
  • RE: Hands-On: Hulu Plus

    If Hulu expects me to pay for it, they're going to have to offer a whole lot more than a handful of episodes of shows.
  • why would you buy the app?

    I cant figure out why anyone would buy the apps? well maybe iphone users who have such limited phones. Phones that play flash get hulu direct and feree and have and if you have a slingbox you get all your home cable on your phone already so really no use unless your on a very old phone or an apple hell even rim is adding flash so hulus web site will work free on blackberries
  • RE: Hands-On: Hulu Plus

    How much streaming will you be able to do if you're on an AT&T 2 GB plan? That goes for Hulu, Slingbox, etc....
  • Lacks Content

    Why would I pay for a service that only has shows from the Major Networks. I can get an HD antenna and get the same shows for free. If the content increases enough to warrant me dumping cable, maybe I would pay for it.
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  • RE: Hands-On: Hulu Plus

    I assume you were kidding when you said that Hulu Plus was an alternative to cable. I can just see your wife and kids gathering around you to watch the latest episode of Chuck.