Hopefully Google uses Quickoffice purchase to improve Google Docs for mobile

Hopefully Google uses Quickoffice purchase to improve Google Docs for mobile

Summary: Quickoffice is my favorite iPad and Android Office application and now that Google purchased them I hope they use the client to improve or replace Google Docs.


If you have ever read my iPad Office apps showdown articles then you know I am a huge fan of Quickoffice HD on the iPad. I also use Quickoffice on Android devices and have used it for years on Symbian smartphones too. As Larry just posted Google acquired Quickoffice, likely to come up with a better product than Google Docs for Android devices so they can compete with Windows 8 and Office on the iPad.

Quickoffice is my preferred client on Android and the iPad, thanks in large part to its extensive support for cloud storage services and powerful Office capability. I am not sold that a full Office client is needed on mobile devices and Quickoffice does an excellent job of filling in for mobile usage. I rarely use Google Docs, can't really stand the interface and there is no real mobile client, so I think this Quickoffice purchase makes perfect sense.

Since Google does a good job of providing solid iOS applications, I don't think we will see Quickoffice for the iPad go away anytime soon either.

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  • Google good at iOS? Ha.

    [quote]Since Google does a good job of providing solid iOS applications[/quote]

    Really? Google's does a good job on its iOS Apps? Has anyone used GMail for iOS? It was a POS for the longest time, and even now can hardly hold a candle to it's Android counterpart.

    On the contrary, Google has yet to put it's A-Team on iOS. Look, I love Android, but I happen to have an iPad that works really well for my business needs, and it just sucks that I'm stuck in the middle of an ugly spat between Google and Apple, which leads to Google intentionally hobbling its iOS apps. I'd admire Google all the more if I found they produced top quality stuff everywhere.
  • I don't get it

    QuickOffice already has Google functionality. How would owning QuickOffice improve a product that already supports them?
    Your Non Advocate
  • You know

    I am not a fan of this move... they should have worked With the kingsoft group on their office suite it is simply the better interface.
  • Google is just clearing out the competition