If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

Summary: Not too long ago Google reached out to best selling App developers for iPhone. The latest word is that they're at it again, with an offer to try a Nexus One.


I heard that Google was reaching out to iPhone App developers not too long ago, and now it appears that the company is at it again. After all, who could blame them? The App Store is a huge success and while Android is catching on, it still doesn't have the same penetration as the iPhone OS.

This latest round involves the developer of the Texts From Last Night app for the iPhone. According to David Pogue, the developer received an e-mail from Google's Android Advocacy Group asking if he would be interested in porting his app to Android. The rep from Google then offered to ship a free Nexus One for him to play around with.

The above sounds like a great offer, and if Google is successful in convincing some iPhone App developers to write their best selling apps for Android, then it's not only a win for Google but also for Android-based phone users.

I have a number of friends who swear by the DROID and DROID Eris on Verizon. I think if you don't get caught up in the iPhone hype, the latest Android offerings, including the Nexus One and HTC Incredible, are even better than the iPhone in some cases.

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  • app store example, puhlease

    Texts From Last Night
    If that is what's so special about iPhone's appstore, please keep it off of Android.
    • Its finally starting to become clear....

      After reading a flurry of reviews over the
      weekend I see that the app store app count has
      become something bloggers just say as a filler.
      Nobody lists these so called "quality apps" that
      can't be found on Android. And now it looks like
      what they really mean the majority of the time
      is games. I'll give them that. They do have some
      major games in their arsenal. I think this year
      will change that for Android however. The sales
      of these next gen phones will force game devs to
      pay attention.
  • As I've Been Sayiin'

    I think Google should be talking to iPhone developers, sure. They
    should help the better developers get interested in Android. But I
    think in particular they ought to go after the developers who get
    rejected by Apple. Even hold a "rejected apps on Android"
    contest. Do a whole synched ad campaign showing things you
    can't do on the iPhone.
  • RE: If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

    I am learning to write software and am also learning

    That is exactly what Google should be doing, going
    after Application designers who get rejected by Apple.
    If a person put weeks or months of work into an App
    only to have it rejected and unsellable I would think
    they would be very upset and ready to consider burning
    the bridge with Apple.

    I will not put myself in that position though, I plan
    to never write an App for Apple as long as they have
    this business model.
  • RE: If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

    if anyone wants their udid registered I can register your
    device for $10 and you can have 4.0 beta 2 installed and
    activated. email me at jonselectric@yahoo.com
  • Should be a no-brainer

    The Apple app store is so completely saturated that
    there are often several apps that do the same thing
    competing against one another. And If one is rated
    5 stars and the other 2, which do you think people
    will buy? This is an opportunity for the low stars to
    shine bright where there is no competition.
  • RE: If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

    From a developer's standpoint (and I am an iPhone
    developer) there is one huge disadvantage with the Android
    There are a whole bunch of kinds of them. A bunch of different phones, with different capabilities, and different
    screen sizes, and outdated versions of the OS that can't be
    upgraded. It makes it very difficult to code for that; especially for games that are resolution-dependent.

    The iPhone platform only has two screen resolutions:
    320x480, and 1024x768. All iPhones are OS upgradable,
    and most iPhone users do upgrade them.

    If we limit development just to the good ones (Nexus One
    and HTC) then we get a very small market.

    If Google would dictate hardware requirements to the
    phone manufacturers more, then it might be worthwhile.
    • ?All iPhones are OS upgradable?

      I thought OS4 was ONLY for the iPhone 3GS?
      • No

        you can upgrade your iPhone 3G to 4.0 but you don't get multi-tasking
        and some other features.
        Ram U
    • Not that hard to manage.

      This is not the big issue it is often made out
      to be. It's easy to code for Android in a
      resolution independent way. And differences in
      OS package support are easily managed.

      As others have noted iPhone OS is getting
      fragmented too. Difference screen res.
      Different DPI. Different aspect ratios.
      Different device capabilities. Different CPUs.
      Different heap sizes. Different OSs.

      BTW. I believe iPhone EDGE is not getting
      iPhone OS 4.
  • RE: If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

    > This is an opportunity for the low stars to
    > shine bright where there is no competition.

    There's a *REASON* why 1000s of people rate 1 app with 5-stars... and another with 1-star.

    So you *WANT* all the poorly written, buggy, low-rate apps to be more popular?


    Bad apps... *SHOULD* be rated badly.

  • Apples appstore contract explicitly prevents app devs from porting to

    those apps to other non apple platforms, or so I read. If apple sees your app in the android app store they're going to remove it from their app store. Not many will make this trade.

    That said if youre developing a porn app apple will be happy to see you offer it for the porn phone....
    Johnny Vegas
    • Yup

      Another Draconian measure by Apple. First, stop selling anything that competes with their own product and now this. It adds additional developer costs. Of course Apple would need to prove you used a cross compiler. Adobe released a cross compiler with their new Creative Suite 5. That was one reason as Apple is battling Adobe. Seems Apple is against everyone of late.
      Gis Bun
      • Thats a completely separate issue

        What I'm talking about is even if you wrote your app with apples crappy native tools once you put it in their app store you just contracted yourself not to offer that app in any other app stores for any other non apple mobile phones. That you would use different technology to build those does not matter. If you (or another company with overlapping ownership) offer an app that does the same thing for android or WP7, even with a different ui, expect to be sued by apple and return all the revenue youve made off that iphone app since the app store opened, plus legal fees, plus still be barred from releasing it.
        Johnny Vegas
    • Cue the anti-competition investigation

      It won't be long now. How Apple has managed to get this far without an investigation is utterly beyond me.
  • RE: If you develop for iPhone, Google may be calling you soon

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