Ilium will soon offer another text input option

Ilium will soon offer another text input option

Summary: Ilium Software is beta testing a new text input method called InScribe that should soon launch for UMPC and Tablet PC devices. InScribe is a full QWERTY keyboard that appears transparent over the display.

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iliumlogo.gifI mentioned a couple of alternative text input methods for my Samsung Q1 UMPC back in June and I just read about another new method that should be launched at the end of this month. Ilium Software posted that they were looking for beta testers on their company blog and they stated the beta test would be short and sweet. I then just read on jkOnTheRun about the upcoming product called InScribe and now I am kicking myself for not sending in an email requesting to be a part of the program. InScribe is apparently designed for stylus use, but since it takes up a lot of the display I wonder if one could use their fingers to enter text like a virtual keyboard? Did any readers get in on the beta test?

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • InScribe Beta

    Thanks for talking about InScribe! By maximizing the keyboard, it fills the screen and makes an excellent touch entry option. In fact, I'll often use it to type right onscreen like a normal keyboard.

    And if you drop us an email Matt, I imagine we can squeeze you into the beta! :)