New Evernote and Android Market clients work well on the HTC Flyer

New Evernote and Android Market clients work well on the HTC Flyer

Summary: Even though the 7" form factor of the HTC Flyer is a bit unique, these two new Android tablet apps work well and make it an even more productive device.


I wrote about the new version of Evernote focused on Android tablets and thought my 7" HTC Flyer would be left behind. After installing it I discovered we get all the great tablet goodies too. I also found the .apk file for the new Android Market that brings better discoverability with books and videos to Android devices. You can check out some screenshots in my image gallery and a video walkthrough of both of these on the HTC Flyer below.

Image Gallery: Check out screenshots of the new Evernote and Android Market clients on the HTC Flyer. Image Gallery: New Evernote Image Gallery: New Android Market

Evernote for Android tablets

There are a number of new features in this version of Evernote for Android tablet owners and those with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer should see these when installed. Even though my HTC Flyer has some major Evernote integration you can still download and install the full Evernote client. I particularly like the larger Home screen widget and layout of my notes on the main display. I can easily see myself being really productive with Evernote and my 7" HTC Flyer.

New Android Market

There are now over 100,000 apps in the Android Market so finding candidates can be a daunting task. Thus, I was very happy to see Android announce a much better Android Market that will be rolling out to people over the next couple months. You can also visit AndroidCentral to get the download now and that is what I did successfully.

We now get books and movie rentals through the Market and it looks great on the HTC Flyer. I also love the new panes for finding apps for:

  • Top rentals
  • New releases
  • Categories
  • Featured
  • Top selling
  • Top free
  • New arrivals

The new UI is slick and much more modern looking than the current version of the Android Market, don't you agree?

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  • getting this next

    I bought a galaxy tab 7" a few months ago. I think when my other phone contract expires I will definitely get the HTC Flyer... It will be a perfect tool for life and work and everywhere else...
  • Great review

    I bought the Sprint Evo View 4G (Sprint's version of the Flyer) almost a month ago and am loving it more each day. Thanks to this review, I learned a few more things that make the Flyer even more useful and a joy to use.

    Btw, you have a lovely voice.
  • nejmheq 77 xse

    wgtcni,butvkcyd48, rskgr.