Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad adds Evernote and social support

Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad adds Evernote and social support

Summary: Quickoffice Pro HD and Evernote are two of my favorite iPad apps and today they came together with the Quickoffice Pro HD version 3.0 update.


As I stated in my updated 2011 iPad Office showdown article Quickoffice Pro HD is one of my favorite applications. Today the folks at Quickoffice announced an updated version 3.0 available as a free update that integrates more cloud partners (they already had more than everyone else) and social networks.

You can now share documents to your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, SlideShare, Scribd, and Docstoc. Cloud support is provided for Box.net, Google Docs, Huddle, MobileMe, Dropbox, SugarSync, Evernote, and Catch. Regular readers already know I am a huge fan of Evernote and at first I was wondering why I would need Quickoffice Pro HD when I already have the full Evernote client on my iPad. This is the first 3rd party Office application to integrated Evernote's Premium features so that you can open and edit files stored in Evernote and then seamlessly save them back into Evernote. Since Quickoffice Pro HD has many more advanced editing features, this is just what I was looking for to make my iPad even more productive than it already is.

Quickoffice’s iPad app is currently available for promotional price of $19.99 in the Business category in Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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  • You still can't web clip with those apps, unless you use MemClip

    Evernote on the iPad could be a little better if you like web clipping. Check out MemClip.com, which is an iPad only web clipping app that clips right to Evernote. It also jumps back and forth from Safari fairly easily, so that you can still use Safari as your main browser. It was just added to Evernote Trunk, is currently #79 for iPad productivity apps, and is climbing the charts quickly. Web clipping is alive and well on the iPad!
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