RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

Summary: There is a lot of excitement for the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but don't forget to take a look at the BlackBerry PlayBook during this limited time price drop too.


Ricardo posted about the $199 RIM BlackBerry PlayBook limited time price drop and at this price it competes very well with the new Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. If I didn't have an HTC Flyer, I would likely buy myself the PlayBook over the Fire or Nook and it is something you may want to consider.

I had a BlackBerry PlayBook for a few months and enjoyed using the device, but as a non-BlackBerry smartphone user it bored me after a while. In February RIM is scheduled to release the major OS 2.0 update that will add native email and Android support so if you don't mind waiting then getting one at these low prices is a decent deal. You can now purchase the 16GB model for $199.99 andthe 32GB one for $299.99, which is a savings of $300 off the MSRP. I see on BestBuy.com that the 16GB model is sold out so if you want one of these you need to start searching quickly.

The PlayBook beats both the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet in terms of specifications and has an enjoyable user interface powered by the QNX-based operating system. You can use the Kobo application for reading ebooks and get access to Kindle books through the cloud viewer. While the number of applications for the PlayBook may be lacking, the web browser is extremely powerful and lets you do just about everything you want through a near desktop class browser.

I think the decision to pick one up at these low prices is easy for BlackBerry smartphone owners, but for those of us without a BB phone there are several options to choose from now in the $200 range. Are you going to pick up one of these PlayBooks at the discounted price?

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  • Already got one, it absolutely rocks!

    People at work with iPads are jealous of the form-factor, better hardware and workplace integration.<br><br>App selection is already quite good, and rapidly getting better.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    For an existing Blackberry smartphone user like me, it's definitely a golden opportunity for me to grab the Blackberry Playbook at the discounted price. I would rather term this as "once in a life time" opportunity :)
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Even if you do not have a Blackberry phone, I believe this is an amazing deal. Almost too good to be true. <br>True, it lacks native email client but that will be addressed in a few months with the OS 2.0 release. In fact, you can get the 2.0 developer release now (if you're willing to accept that it's not a full-production release and may have some bugs).<br>The form factor is perfect for anyone considering taking it on the road (to local coffee shop, bookstore, etc.). My iPad 2 is good, but too big to carry around and spends most of it's time on the coffee table. <br>Once the deal is over, I think RIM would be wise to not let the price go back to the original levels (their sales will stall once again). An increase of $50 for each unit will be enough to cover their costs, while at the same time offering a compelling price point on a product that can easily beat the Kindle Fire (performance/functionality wise), and go toe-to-toe with Android and iOS tablets (once OS 2.0 comes out).
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  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    I am returning my Kindle Fire to get this...its like a baby Touchpad in a way. QNX is similar to webOS and with my Touchpad I am used to having a lack of apps and I have done just fine. I can't imagine the playbooks is worse or the same. I do like the Kindle Fire, but for how much more I get with the playbook and what I will use it for, the playbook suits me better. And I do not have a Blackberry, I have a Pre 2.
  • 64 GB on its way!

    I ordered one of these babies just a few days ago! I'm so glad the price dropped because I've been wanting a PlayBook for a while now. People say that the PlayBook isn't any better than most tablets but I disagree. This tablet by RIM actually has a ton of potential! Come February, I'm positive that those who don't have a PlayBook, will be shaking their heads in regret. I've owned a BlackBerry for about a year now and ever since I turned my 9800 on and saw the BlackBerry logo pop onto the screen, I was converted into a blackberry addict. This PlayBook is amazing and I know everyone who owns one will surely like what RIM has done with QNX.
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199


      I bought the $199 16GB PlayBook, used it for 2 days, and then exchanged it for the $399 64GB model. I've had an iPad (v1 and v2) since day 1 of that product and am completely hooked on ot, but I have also been a corporate user of Blackberrys for years. If it weren't for the sale, I probably wouldn't have tried the PB, but once I did I was sold on the machine. I plan to make the PlayBook my multimedia tablet, especially for Video, but the audio is very impressive as well from the built-in speakers. Hey, at $199, the 16GB model could be a bedroom clock radio or a photo viewer.

      It was a no-brainer to see the benefits of extending my BB Torch to a larger form factor with BB Bridge, but what really got me was the quality of the device and it's inherent hardware and software features. It is by far the most remarkable device RIM have ever developed.

      I know, I know there are perhaps (?) some similarly impressive Android tablets out there, but all of those are struggling with competing with the iPad 2. If RIM had brought out the PlayBook sooner (with full function software), Apple would have had problems and the Kindle Fire et al would have been almost DOA.

      Ask yourself: If an extremely enthusiastic iPad owner unexpectedly gets his/her hands on a PlayBook and see its potential, why not buy one on sale right now and reap the benefits of significant software improvements in the future (now February)?

      And oh, about the apps. My iPad "could" run hundreds of thousands of apps, but guess how many I actually use on a regular basis. The answer is about 12. If any impressive hardware, from any company, offer the right 12 apps, then what good are the other 100,000 or 400,000? So far the PlayBook has 5 or 6 of the 12 for me, and I'm expecting to see the rest, or others with similar capability over time.
      • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

        @allan_Vancouver -i am an enthusiastic user of my wife's ipad but i snapped a PB up because of the price. i love the hardware. i can appreciate the advantage if the size in some ways. i knew there was a shortage of apps, but didnt realize quite how limited it is. so far, no netflix and cant watch on the browser despite a 'full internet' experience. my kids watch it on the ipad daily. no td banking app. no rbc app. no hp wireless printing app. cant shard photos from the photo gallery without leaving the app. no fitness builder app. no kindle app. no cbc app. no (fill in any number of toddler and kindergarten aged kids apps). cant find an email client app to pull in my gmail and hotmail boxes. no calendar app that can pull down my gmail. i know there are tons of crapp apps on the ipad store, but if theres an app for something, its also on there. everyone has an ipad app. very few have bothered to do a PB app it seems. i hope that the reduced prices got enough devices out there to make developers consider the PB platform in the future. the os is great and so is the browsser and hardware (except for the microscopic power button to wake it up. when your 12 most used apps arent available, then its a frustrating device.)
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

      Hi @LikeMe56,<br><br>Alex from RIM here. Glad to hear youre enjoying your Bold 9800 a nice compliment to the BlackBerry PlayBook you just ordered. With the BlackBerry Bridge app you can download to your smartphone, youll be able to access your email, calendar, contacts, memo pad, tasks and BBMall on the PlayBooks larger display. You can even access the web when youre outside of Wi-Fi coverage using your existing BlackBerry smartphones data connection (check with your wireless carrier for your individual options).<br> <br>Once your PlayBook arrives, this solid interactive guide (<a href="http://bbry.lv/fbcgeG" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://bbry.lv/fbcgeG</a>) will bring you up to speed in no time. Enjoy!<br><br>Cheers,<br>Alex, RIM Social Media Team
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Not a compelling choice...........Kindle and nook don't come close - the HD Cameras alone are worth the price! We picked up two 16gb's for the teenagers for xmas and we (mom and dad) both rock the 64gb.....of course we paid $699 for our 64GB! Don't worry about storage - box has a cloud app that gives you 50GB free cloud storage...........boom.......your 16gb is now 66GB!
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

      @saintnick76 What's Box??
      • It's a cloud storage app in app world

  • Ehhhh.......Me Too....

    I'll try it; it's returnable.
    My Gtablet with FlashBack 10.1 is no slouch.
    Got it on sale too.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Great tablet. Got a 32GB unit for $299, cannot beat the price for what you get.Kindle Fire 8GB, cloud storage, no thanks. Hotmail Gmail both on Playbook. As for apps, it has all that I need for work or play, Ipad do you really need 200 photo apps or 20,000 Games!
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

      Come now.........everyone needs 12,137 choices for a "To Do List"......which you would need to remind yourself to search thru all those apps! Even with the number of apps out now in App world I find I mainly just go thru the new releases and I'm sure I've missed alot but do I really need them
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Don't waste your money on Blackberry devices, they will soon wake up and realize that they lost the market by staying with their own hardware.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    We have a couple of these at work and they just aren't very good. Based on RIMs recent performance, I wouldn't buy a severely crippled product based on optimism about a future release that is already severely past due. RIM continues to drop the ball with the Playbook.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    I suppose anything could be said about any device out there. But seriously, at such a discounted price, it is no brainer; go get it if you are still out there weighing your options.
    A couple of months ago, I purchased the 64 Gig playbook at the MSRP price; had it for a week and returned it because it wasn't worth my $699.00 hard earned money. I went ahead an bought myself the new KOBO Vox e-reader at $199.00, which did nearly as much as the BB playbook. When this wave of discounts came out, I couldn't resist it; I just ordered myself the 32 Gig BB playbook.
    Having used the KOBO Vox, which is so similar to Kindle Fire in many aspects, and also having used playbook, BB playbook wins hands down. I am a BB phone user and therefore getting the playbook makes so much sense. With the playbook, I get bluetooth and the bridge; something that both KOBO and Kindle Fire do not have. Oh yes I know, I know...before you say it, yeah, KOBO Vox and Kindle Fire have WiFi, playbook ghas it too. And to boot it, playbook has access to Kobo books; so my KOBO Vox, goes my wife.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Finding some or all 3 Playbook models unavailable in Edmonton, Canada -- at Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, even Wally Mart, I went to Bell Canada`s website, where the 16 gig machine was offered, ordered it, and it arrives tomorrow, a week later. Bell is my BBerry cell supplier, so I may have had an advantage. Think smart. WalMart had the 2 higher memory PBooks, btw.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199

    Wow! 15 positive and 2 negative 'talkbacks' (as I write this).

    It's nice to see that many more people who didn't give the PlayBook a chance before, are getting a chance to see just how awesome this device really is!

    I paid full price about 2 weeks after its initial release. And I have not had a day when I haven't used the PlayBook for at least 90 minutes. Anywhere you go, the PlayBook is there to answer your every need.

    Now, if they do end up coming out with a portable iPad, with an intuitive swipe-based OS--I'll consider one.
  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook is a compelling choice at $199


    We had Playbook sales here in the UK too, around Christmas and up until last week... I bought three 16G books @ ??169ea (approx. $260)... one for me, one for my son and one for my dad! Great price considering the original release price here was ??399 followed by a reduced and current price of ??249.

    Having owned the original iPad when it was released and feeling like it was a completely pointless due to it's biggest failing, namely limited browser experience, I eventually sold it on ebay after only three weeks of ownership. To its credit, the UI was brilliant! That's what the Apple premium is about in my opinion.

    And then there was the Playbook, offering a pure and unadulterated web browsing experience. Fantastic! This on top of everything else! Couldn't let this opportunity slip by now could I? Roll on OS2.0!

    Blackberry is not hampered by being a desktop or laptop manufacturer so they should market the Playbook as a potential netbook/laptop killer. The likes of Apple have to restrict functionality of their tablets for fear of encroaching on their laptops!