RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10

Summary: RIM lifted the BB PlayBook embargo tonight and a flood of reviews hit the Internet with most reviewers rating the new tablet in the 7/10 range.


The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook will be available starting next Tuesday, 19 April, and I have my 32GB model on pre-order with Best Buy. RIM lifted the review embargo this evening and you can find a load of reviews online for the device. Nearly every reviewer seems to like the hardware, except for the power button, find the multi-tasking to be super fast, enjoy the full desktop-like web browser, dislike the lack of native organization and email apps and services, and find the device not yet on the level of the Apple iPad 2.

Unfortunately, RIM never sent me one to try out so you will have to take a look at other reviews until my own purchased unit arrives. Here is a list of the reviews I read so far:

For sites that rate devices, the PlayBook seems to be falling in the 3.5 out of 5 and 7/10 range. It has potential to gain favor with native PIM and email clients, more apps and services, and some other minor tweaks.

Anyone else planning to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook next week?

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  • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10

    As long as the operating system is fast, responsive, Plays good with others and has the right marketing (e'g Market as a productive workstation like the Blackbarry) then it may just be the next big thing But if they try to make it look like a gaming platform and basically a Tech Toy like the Samsung Tab or the Motorola Xoom then it will be another advertising fail. I don't understand that if the specs are better the UI is better why they (Advertisers) don't target the business aspect of these things they could be rather productive and way more productive then the Ipad. Right now all these Tablets are viewed as Tech toy's.
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10


      It's a bit hard to be productive with no email and no calendar until you tether it to a Blackberry.
      • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10

        The biggest reason I'll never buy one - I will never own a Blackberry smartphone. They step on their own foot.
  • nope

    with such a small screen, i dont even want to consider it. petty i know, but the small screen is barely bigger than my smart phone.
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10

      @tiderulz That's the whole idea [ mobility ]
      • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10


        I wonder how Netbook owners dealt with mobility all these years when many screens were larger than 7".

        Guess I never understood this argument about if it's above 7" it's not truly mobile. That's why I have my smart phone that fits in my pocket, my tablet should offer an experience totally different from my smart phone.
      • Supposedly "small" size still does not let PB enter jacket's pocket

        @puritanal: it turned out 0.5 inch too wide for that.
  • The real big next thing...

    The next big thing will be the eye doctor and/or pharmaceutical companies marketing headache drugs. All those terrible little screens, try working on it for a few hours. I bet that the reason that all suppliers have such smaller screens have nothing to do with mobility but everything with price and the unavailability of bigger screens.
    • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10


      Bingo. I heard there's this large company with a fruit for its name going around buying-up all the 9.7 -inch displays.
      • I don't get you

        @dave95. You guys who complain that 7" screens are too small to use on one hand and barely bigger than your smart phone on the other hand confuse me. Is your smart phone too small to use? Have you ever tried a 7" tablet? There's a good reason all the ereaders are 7" - I've never heard anyone complain about their Nook or Kindle being too small for extended use.
        I'm lying on my back on the couch typing this on my 7" rooted Nook Color in landscape mode with a thumb virtual keyboard. How long would I last with a 10" device? (And no, I don't hate Apple).
      • RE: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook reviews rate it a 7 out of 10


        7" is a great size for eReading, but that's eReading, everything else it's just too small for offering a true tablet experience.

        Take for instance browsing the web. I compared browsing the web on a 7" Tab and browsing on my iPad (NYTimes.com). On the Tab, I needed to do lots of pinching and zooming like on a phone just to be able to read the text comfortably. On the iPad, I am able to read the full webpage and text without feeling the need to pinch and zoom most the time. A larger screen offerers space to fit things like side columns in apps or contextual menu etc. Some of the best apps we see now were made specifically for the larger screen iPad (Twitter, epicurious...). Some apps offering a true pc-like experience even. Can't get that same experience on a smaller 7" eReader Nook or 7" BlackBerry Playbook I don't think.
  • You're all Wrong (LOL)

    Whether you like a 7" screen or hate it, it's not really the size that matters... it's all about the aspect ratio. It appears the Playbook is playing with a 16x9 (or similar) aspect ratio, which is perfect for watching videos and gaming. Generally, it's not the best for reading or most other tasks... especially when viewed on a small screen. <br><br>Evidently RIM didn't do their research like Apple did, or they would have opted for the 3x4 aspect ratio... which is close to what the iPad has. For several centuries (or more) this ratio is found universally appealing and finds it's way into paintings, paper, books, magazine, etc. etc.
  • you seem to be cherry picking the more positive reviews

    I noticed comparing your list from other sites that those you have like Crackberry are the ones mentioned in those sites are the 'positive' reviews. The negative reviews like New York Times, Wall street Journal etc are missing.<br><br>NYT : "Remember, the primary competition is an iPad the same price, but much thinner, much bigger screen and a library of 300,000 apps. In that light, does it make sense to buy a fledgling tablet with no built-in e-mail or calendar, no cellular connection, no videochat, no Skype, no Notes app, no GPS app, no videochat, no Pandora radio"<br><br> Take one of your select list Crackberry : it's interesting that Crackberry in their summation Strikes section (i.e the Playbooks faults) do NOT even mention that on comparative tests (run by other reviewers) has the Playbook battery running out HOURS before the iPad. This is a MOBILE device and battery is big deal but Crackberry thinks it's not a 'strike'. from that already the review is useless. <br><br>if a device that is 45% the screen area as an iPad but costs as much, has much shorter battery life, few apps (running android in emulation), buggy and has no native email etc and no 3G = 7 then an iPad should be 15 out of 10!
  • say what

    playbook has a better O/S and hardware.....period. Apps will be caught up in a matter of a year. If you like have the ipad for your coffee table then get one. None of my friends carry their ipads around---they say its too large. And does anyone, anyone like the control button. I own an iphone 4-- to me thats not multitasking.