S60 3rd Edition browser takes the mobile device prize

S60 3rd Edition browser takes the mobile device prize

Summary: Browsing on mobile devices currently relies a lot on the web page author to create a mobile version of their website. The S60 3rd Edition browser provides a good mobile browsing experience for virtually any website you like to visit, including bank sites and other secure websites.


s603rdbrowser.jpgI replaced my Treo 650 with the Nokia E61 and have absolutely no regrets as I have gained a much more stable, higher quality phone and better web browsing device. I have been talking up the excellent S60 3rd Edition web browser and then just found a link to a couple videos on Treo Today that show the Nokia E61 in comparison to a Treo 650 and its Blazer web browser. Even the Treo website admits the Nokia E61 is clearly the winner in the mobile browser wars. I have tried browsing on Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian devices over the last 9 years and I think the browsing on this new S60 3rd Edition browser is the BEST I have ever experienced.

Topic: Nokia

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