Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update roll out begins

Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update roll out begins

Summary: Samsung's Galaxy Note is doing quite well for a device that is a small tablet/large phone and the Android 4.0 update is reportedly starting to roll out now.


I reviewed the Galaxy Note and then joined the 5 million after buying my own. I just returned it after getting an HTC One X, but after seeing The Verge report that the ICS OTA is rolling out now I have a desire to pick another one up to check out the Galaxy Note Premium Suite.

I understand that Samsung is rolling this update out to those outside the U.S. and it will have to pass through AT&T before we see Note devices here get the update. In addition to Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, the update includes a new S Note app and S Memo widget. The S Note app includes support for things such as handwriting equations and having them solved via integrated Wolfram Alpha support. I have only seen videos of ICS with TouchWiz and would like to try it out to see how well it functions. Have any readers received the update on their Note and if so, what are your experiences with it?

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  • It is good the update is finally here, but Google will it is still half ...

    ... year late.

    There has to be some intellectual automatic mechanism to separate actual OS and TouchWiz et cetera to speed-up updates in the future.
  • Galaxy Note ICS
  • Will the Samsung Note come to Sprint?

    Will the Samsung Note come to Sprint?
  • Yep

    And all these other devices are getting it as well, guess all the zdnet whiners / bloggers can shut it now huh?
    • yep

      It has been awfully quiet around here!
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    More Details for Galaxy Note Here Please Find That :